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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Swedens biggest blogger Kenza posted a outfit picture today,
wearing a faux tail (!), I've actually never seen this in Sweden before.
Some people claim that they've seen them in "regular" stores in Sweden,
I haven't though.

Never seen it before as in never outside the ギャル/gal community.
I honestly don't know what to feel about this, with over 1 200 000 visitors a day
this might catch on to some people.

I bet the whole gal community is going all hipster about this.
° What's your opinion about the faux tail going mainstream?

Also, thanks to Sara for this, saw it on her blog.


  1. My opinion? None. End of discussion.

  2. "I bet the whole gal community is going all hipster about this." Haha best comment ever. The gals should find a new trend, this is getting a bit old anyways.

    Actually Louis Vuitton had fox tails as an accesory for bags in a collection not long ago (sometime in 2010), so the trend has spread a lot allready. And you can see the item in korean fashion too. And they did sell faux fox tails on H&M.

  3. Fox tails as a mainstream trend is great, it's one step for Sweden getting better taste in fashion :D I like it.
    H&M has small tails, not very nice imo but still! Then Monki has great ones <3 LOVE THOSE!

  4. It's been a trend outside of the galworld for quuiiite a long time. Maybe you're just blind

  5. Ingvild: I remember seing them from LV, but I didn't really pay any attention to it, because I haven't really seen it like a mayor "point" somewhere else.

    Sofia: I haven't actually seen them at H&M or Monki, but then again I haven't been to one in a long time. Or maybe it's the bigger stores that gets them?

    Anon: Well, I wrote that I haven't, because it's not a mainstream trend in Sweden, and I haven't been looking for other "worlds" that have them.
    But it's still not a mainstream thing here.
    So if they've been everywhere you might share some link with me?
    And man up and write your goddamn name instead of being a huge anon douche bag.