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Friday, February 25, 2011



4th Mini Album

BIG BANG is back with their 4th mini album,
they haven't released anything since their last single
I would rather see a full album than a mini album,
since the long "break".
"SOMEBODY TO LOVE" was also already
featured on the "BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER"-single.
But as "SOMEBODY TO LUV" 「japanese version」
And this time it's in korean.

I think the whole album is pretty solid.
It's my favorite BIG BANG release, followed by the 「ガラガラGO!!」single.
Usually they only got one song that's soooo good and the rest is pretty lame.
But this is pretty solid, and got a high standard through the whole album.

My personal favorites so far is "HANDS UP" and "CAFE"
But the title track "TONIGHT" is a close 3rd. 
But I'd rather see a full length album, because of the long break.
And yes, I'm aware that GD & T.O.P had a album released,
and so did SEUNGRI, but I didn't really cared for it.

T.O.P is actually the only member that I think  should release a
solo album, because of that voice. And as always I like T.O.P's parts
the best on the new album. I wish they'd made "CAFE" a T.O.P solo,
the other parts just feels... Weird somehow.

The intro was pretty basic, nothing special. A good intro,
but nothing special about it.

"HANDS UP" is so far my fav. track, feels like a typical "feel good song"
and it's pretty "party" and a good amount of auto tuning that feels just right,
except the part when the auto tune T.O.P. But I think the song would be better
if they put more rap into it, the chorus is actually the worst part.
The verses are great.

"TONIGHT" is the title track of the album, even though they didn't release 
the album name until the day the album was released! I was actually pissed
that it was "named" "4th Mini Album", but luckily they announced the name.
I think the PV (Yes, I say promotional video and not music video. Wish it was called PV all over the world) will make the song more excited, so I can associate it with something.
The song is actually pretty slow over all, but got some nice beats that you could
actually move to, the song isn't a smash hit, I though (and hoped) it would be
just as good as "ガラガラGO!!", "거짓말" (Lies) or "하루 하루" (Day by Day/Haru Haru)
But it wasn't, BIG BANG I am disappoint.

"SOMEBODY TO LOVE" is one of their better songs, I actually liked the original 
more than "BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER" (which was the title track for the latest single)
I haven't  really decided which one I like the most, I usually like the korean versions better.
When it comes to pop-music and hip-hop I prefer korean over japanese,
it's something about the music and the language that goes very well together.

"WHAT IS RIGHT" is my least favorite track on the album.
The chorus is extremely tacky, "What is right, and what is wrong?" 
Man that's really deep and creative writing. Oh wait, it's not.
Naah, I don't like this song. The only part I (really) like about this song
is the short rap-session by T.O.P in the second half of the song.
The rest of the song is just, lame.

"CAFE" I already talk a bit about it, but anyhow.
A slow song, with some nice piano. T.O.P
is the "main singer" (rapper) in this song. I'd rather have this as a solo for him,
the high pitch-parts with GD  feels very misplaced and stupid.
I don't wanna hear that, and I don't think anyone actually likes it.
The other guys joins in as well, but I can't really hear who it is, haha.
GD and T.O.P is the only ones I can identify right away.
This is still the best track a long with "HANDS UP" and it would
be the best by far if it was a "T.O.P solo", unfortunately it's not.

Over all, a good and solid mini album.
The best by BIG BANG so far.
(Best as in high quality songs through out the whole album)
You should really check it out!

Damn, intended to only write a few lines about the album,
haha, but It turned out a bit longer.
Hopefully someone will read it.