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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok! This will be a pretty picture heavy update,
but people seem to like pics lol!
So, I'll post a weekend summary!

I had to go to Apple Store because my (10 months old) charger stopped working!?
So on Saturday I went to Jimmy, who also needed a new charger.
My pal FTC was moving, so we actually spent the whole Saturday moving his stuff.
Pretty nice view from his new apartment right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ok, how do I make the "click to read more"-thingy?
Because I have a shit load of pics, and I don't want it to be on the whole first page.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Friday, March 25, 2011


I haven't done so much today, I mostly played Pokémon.
Heading for the last gym right now!

 And I've started working on a header for Rebecca !
It's going good so far! I think I got the idea, hopefully she liked what I've done so far.
I'm most worried about the "logo" 
But hopefully it'll turn out great!

Yeah, I also got a package with some clothes..!
So I did some came whorin', because that's how I roll!
But more about the clothes later~


Thursday, March 24, 2011



Finally, this is probably what most of you was waiting for.
I decided to make one up date for each day,
and it might be pretty picture (and text) heavy updates.
But I'm trying to progress through each day, 
and I will try to link as many people as I can.

I might also use some pictures that some of you shared,
you will of course be credited in the update.
And if you don't want me to use any photos,
please put it in the comment section.
And the same if you wan't me to remove anything.

Today's update is only pics that I've taken myself, 

In my restless dreams...
I see that town.. Silent Hill.
You promised to take me there again some day...
But you never did.

Didn't really care to dress up or anything today.
I was going to sit on a goddamn bus for like.. 3 hours..!
Sunglasses, scarf and a hat is probably the best things ever invented lol!

And it was hot as FUCK on the bus!? I have no idea why.
Well, it's winter with snow and shit outside.
But when you only got a T-shirt on and it's still hot,
it's probably too hot. So that kinda sucked! 
Didn't manage to sleep either, I was half asleep the whole trip.

Our room! I shared a room with Rebecca, Anker Hotel in the heart of Oslo!
It was only like.. 7 minutes away from the central station with the tram.
And it was located 2 minutes away from a tram station. Perfect location!
And a very nice room as well!

Our view from the 10th floor! It's probably beautiful in the summer~

Me and Rebecca met up with Kohta (who stayed at a Hostle) and then with Eivind!
We needed to do some sightseeing in Oslo, and he showed us around town.

The opera house!

And before heading to Monica's we stopped for some coffee!
I had a "cheap" coffee for 28NOK! (3,61€)
The only thing I don't like about Norway is the prices lol, damn oil-country.


I had to check it out! 

At Monica's we had tacos, drank some and sang som karaoke!
I realized that I couldn't sing karaoke at all,
but I was good at rapping? Ice, ice, baby~!

Left to Right;
Rebecca L, someone I don't remember the name of.., Eivind, MariaIngvild, Monica, Laura and my roomie!


Sascha and Viivi also joined us later, but I don't have any pics of them..!?
I have no idea why lol!
Me, Kohta, Rebecca A, Ingvild and I don't remember the name of.. home around.. 3:30 AM
I think. I had a great night, but the big day was tomorrow. Not much sleep that night~

Stay tuned for part II!


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Haha, oh wow.
I just saw on Krillebooi/Rahlenfeldt's blog, (very famous swedish blogger) that he actually
took the info I gave him, and a picture from my blog and posted on his blog.
Because he upload'd a picture on Facebook, and someone was wondering what he had on his bag.
So I told them about the "tail-thingy" and linked to my blog (höhö)
I wasn't actually about the stealing, but that he didn't give me any cred about it,
that's what got me upset about it.

INB4: "Did u even scanned thos pic ya self fgt??????"
No, I didn't. Find that shit on google.
And the information is from reading stuff on the internet,
as well as speaking to friends. But in this case I was obviously
the source, and that's why I think it's different.
Or else; Thanks google for the pics and info and all my friends!!11

So I decided to make a little stamp to put on my pictures!
So this motherfucker will be on every single goddamn picture I upload,
problem steal fag? Enjoy your content-aware if you want to.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm working on the Olso update, right now I'm doing my "stamp"
I decided to put a stamp on my pics, if someone would decide to steal some shit lol!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi, I've been extremely lazy when it comes to updating!
I guess you alla wanna read about the meet up in Oslo?
Well, stay tuned, I'll update soon.
This is somewhat of a summary of the week, will upload som pics
from past weeks later, anyhow..!


Got 「ポッケモンスターホウィト」 today!
I haven't really started, I've just picked a starter Pokémon, been busy talking to Viivi all week~
But I've done some breeding on my SoulSilver and Platinum so I can transfer them to my White.
Some people might consider it cheating, but I want my team all the time. Not just grind in the end to get the Pokémons I want. I got two beasts coming up! I'll revile it later!


Yeah, and I also got some snacks today, Koh-kae.
Peanuts covered in "thai tom spicy flavor" and some green peas with a wasabi-shell!
Very popular snacks in Thailand!


And as you can see I don't play so many games on my DS, except for Pokémon!
I always pre-order as soon as there's a new game coming out. 
(Main series game, I don't really care about the spin offs)


And yesterday i got my tail! It's very もこもこ, wwww

If you wanna play some time, just hit me with your friend codes!
The Oslo update will pop up soon, stay tuned!


Friday, March 4, 2011



Just got out of the shower, I'll be heading for my bus in about an hour.
Still stressed, I kinda felt like a HAD to update.
I'll be in Oslo around 13:50 / 1:50 PM!




I promised Monica that I'll finish the new header before Oslo, and so I did!
I made five new different designs, or, it's more of a re-design. But it turned
out great! I also got some help of my lil' sis! Haha, she's actually pretty talented.
Hopefully she'll be an art director some day!

I packed my bags as well, around 12 AM lol, always late with everything.
Gonna sleep soon, getting up really early tomorrow, I'll be leaving home before 10 AM.
So time to sleep, gonna meet up with Kohta first, and then pick up Becca when she arrives,
and then check in to the hotel. She's the boss! Haha.

Will I see you in Oslo?

Thursday, March 3, 2011



One day until Oslo! I ha a ひらがな/カタカナ test today, felt like a boss.
Haven't packed my suitcase yet, and I got some stuff to do, homework etc.
Stressed out, as always. Hah, but when I leave for Oslo everything will 
probably feel good again! I heard people like pictures, here's a pic!
(haha, I'm so lazy that I didn't bother to fix both sides of my head, haha)



I'm so stressed right now.
I've been doing several kana sheets, because I have a test tomorrow.
I feel like a wreck, and I need to fix five more tasks, because I'm going
away this weekend. Maybe I should bring my laptop?

But I did some shopping to feel good, haha!
I spent maybe around.. $300?

I needed (yes, needed) a biker jacket,
and I found this studded biker jacket with leopard print on the inside!
The fucking jacket ever, from korean deepstyle.
And I bough a pair of jeans from "Paris Story" (also a korean brand)
I wanted a pair that wasn't skinny, but not baggy either.

The most important thing when it comes to jeans for me is
(of course) how the fabric "folds" so they look good.
This jeans will look killer with a pair of boots (as you can see)



I also got a shirt from RUBIK (japanese brand)
the model even got a gyaru-oh hairstyle!
So and the draping on the cowl is amazing.
Couldn't find any more pictures of it though!


And I also got a fox tail, one of the gyaru-must-haves!
I picked out a gray/white one for myself, a big one!
The bigger and fluffier the better I'd say.
15" long, and some nice pretty natural looking color,
I'll come back with more pictures when it arrives!

So what do you think? Pretty neet stuff right?
I got this thing that I'm having problem finding stuff in "regular" stores,
because I think South Korea and Japan is waaay better when it comes to street fashion.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011



I filled in some papers today for my subscription of men's EGG! 
It'll cost me 666 SEK for 6 issues of the magazine,
I guess that's pretty OK for being a japanese magazine.

men's EGG is the ギャル男 (gyaru-o)-version of EGG.
ギャル男 is basically the male version of ギャル (gyaru)


澤本 幸秀 is one of the magazines top models!


Yeah, I also cut my hair today!
Gotta have a freah haircut for the ギャル-meet-up in Oslo this weekend!
Also, my outfit ideas are probably gonna be solved pretty soon,
got some neat coords!

Yeah, I'm also stressed as hell!
I promised to fix the last things for Monica's blog before I get to Oslo.
Got a shitload of homework and a TEST on Thursday, and i'm leaving on Friday.
Tomorrow better be good, gonna work to death! Need to get this shit done.
Damn, time to sleep!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A little quick update, I made some changes in my blog! 
I added a special widget to the right, "Follow Me!" so you can now follow my blog by using Bloglovin !
Just hit the button and start following, you can also connect on the with the "Google friend connect" And not to mention all other pages that I use as well, right under my header.
Do you have a blog? Post a comment and I'll check it out!


→ → → → → → → → → → → → 



Another picture from ConFusion! Me and Rebecca, from the fashion show.
The picture is taken by Bernhard Hettman.
Already Tuesday, going to Oslo and Friday.
Becca will also be my roomie and sidekick in Oslo!

Haven't really done anything special today,
I had three japanese classes today.
I'm studying over the internet, so I don't have to "get ready" for school, haha.
When I attended japanese classes in Gothenburg I had to wake up like.. Three hours before class!
And it was pretty expensive (and tiresome) to travel.

Yeah, and one thing that bugs me is that I can't find my Lady Gaga tanktop!
I've been searching through the whole house, maybe I forgot it somewhere!?
Goddamn, I need it. Still haven't figured out my outfits for Oslo.

Scarf - NK
Blazer - Brothers
Asymmetric T-shirt - deepstyle
Bracelet - deepstyle
Clock - Japan
Jeans - Carlings
Faux Tail - Monki 「point」
Pin - deepstyle   「point」