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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Haha, oh wow.
I just saw on Krillebooi/Rahlenfeldt's blog, (very famous swedish blogger) that he actually
took the info I gave him, and a picture from my blog and posted on his blog.
Because he upload'd a picture on Facebook, and someone was wondering what he had on his bag.
So I told them about the "tail-thingy" and linked to my blog (höhö)
I wasn't actually about the stealing, but that he didn't give me any cred about it,
that's what got me upset about it.

INB4: "Did u even scanned thos pic ya self fgt??????"
No, I didn't. Find that shit on google.
And the information is from reading stuff on the internet,
as well as speaking to friends. But in this case I was obviously
the source, and that's why I think it's different.
Or else; Thanks google for the pics and info and all my friends!!11

So I decided to make a little stamp to put on my pictures!
So this motherfucker will be on every single goddamn picture I upload,
problem steal fag? Enjoy your content-aware if you want to.


  1. herregud, vem bryr sig? har du inget viktigare att spendera din tid på?

  2. Fail att hitta din blogg för första gången nu när du inte har några bilder uppe. :/

  3. yeah it's best to put a watermark on your pics if you're afraid of ppl using them without your permission :p (because everybody steals pics from each other online nowadays)

  4. BUT WHOA you shouldn't remove the photos before replacing them :/ because now ppl won't believe they were on your blog in the first place xD (sorry for double posting)

  5. Cykelpedal:
    Du bryr ju dig uppenbarligen så mycket att du går in på min blogg, läser, och sedan kommenterar. Har du inget viktigare att spendera din tid på?

    Haha, det kommer bilder snart!

    I knooow, but I probably wouldn't write about it if I was lying~
    But I'll start stamping the shit outta my future pics, haha!

  6. grr that must be so annoying good job about the stamps no more getting ripped of!

  7. Thank you all so much!

    I'm currently editing (a lot!) of pictures, so prepare for some big updates in the next few days!