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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok! This will be a pretty picture heavy update,
but people seem to like pics lol!
So, I'll post a weekend summary!

I had to go to Apple Store because my (10 months old) charger stopped working!?
So on Saturday I went to Jimmy, who also needed a new charger.
My pal FTC was moving, so we actually spent the whole Saturday moving his stuff.
Pretty nice view from his new apartment right?

The living room! Because his place is located on the top floor he gets a higher roof,
which is awesome! So many things lol

FTC's room. He also had a walk in closet!
Great lighting as well, can't wait until his having a moving in party lol

After we wore done moving we had some pizza,
which was cold..! Never buying pizza from that place again lol

Ok, outfit, kinda. Didn't really bother dressing up today, haha.

Went to MacForum in Gothenburg to get a new charger,
but for some reason the "service people" only works there at weekdays!?
And the bitch behind the desk couldn't give me a new fucking charger,
even thought I had all the papers, warranty and shit.
Pissed as shit!

I was so pissed that I had to eat..!
But they didn't have any grape soda or water melon..!?
But it was OK. Had some fucking coke instead.

Welcome to Sweden.

What the fuck is this!?

'sup Link

Mediamarkt had an Apple section as well!

So we decided to check out some overpriced stuff that we really needed in our lifes!
Unnecessary, expensive and gorgeous design!

I found some massage chair and a awesome calf-massues-thingy!
But it was like.. 140€, but it was awesome.
So i chilled for a couple of minutes.

I hade huuuge coke-cravings, so me and Jimmy went to buy everything except coke lol!

Gunnar Rocket Glasses
Astro a40 MLG* Edition 
*Mayor League Gaming

Maybe I should stop wondering why I'm forever alone!
Gaming glasses actually works, you can play for over 12 hours straight without 
your eyes BLEEDING or some shit, haha.
Also, killer headset. Marvelous sound.

Jk, Helghast army!

Killzone 3 had some familiar faces, mustaches and hair cuts!
Stalin & Hitler.

Killzone 3 had a new feature "Brutal Melee"
basically a melee kill, but insta kill and more gruesome!
Kinda hard to take a picture while actually performing one.
My fav kill is the one when he grabs the heads, 
and pushes his thumbs through the glasses into the eye sockets of a Higg!

I went back to MacForum on Monday, pissed as hell.
But I manage to get a new charger for free, luckily!
My warranty expires in two months, and a new one is like.. 80€ or something.


I also finished the main quest on Pokémon White!
Side quest right now, great game!

Hey, if you got Pokémon Black/White,
post it in the comment section!

I hope you're following me on twitter as well 

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