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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I felt that I needed to have the DIR EN GREY discography in Apple Lossless wich basically means that you get the sound in a format that doesn't "break down" the quality of the sound.
And it takes less space than .flac.
= The best sound quality I can get
Some of my DIR EN GREY CDs!

I guess a lot of people doesn't really care about it, but I do, at least when it comes to DIR EN GREY.
I (try to) get everything else in 320kbps, I can't stand lower quality, haha.
(The free Spotify service is in 128kbps)
But there's one thing with Apple Lossless that sucks, it's the size of the files!
But as you can see the bit rate is insane, around 1000 kbps!

Only the 「UROBOROS」 album takes up 700MB!

I don't have everything in Apple Lossless yet, far from, but I'm guessing it'll be around 10-11 GB for their discography. The bad thing is that I can't fit so much into my iPhone! I only have the 16GB version. But the sound is amazing!

I personally strongly recommend doing it, it's very easy!
° You need to have iTunes
° iTunes> General> Import Settings> Import Using> Apple Lossless Encoder
° Done!

And from now on, everytime you put in a CD, it will ask you if you wanna import it.
And then you just accept it, and it will import it in Apple Lossless!
You can also change it to various of other formats / quality,
but I never recommend anything lower than 320 kbps

Possibly the best album art ever
And for those who didn't know where I got my twitter nick, now you know!

Some of the amazing art from the 「UROBOROS」booklet

Possibly two of my favorit album covers.
I picked and old one, 「FILTH」(2001) and a (pretty) new one 「DOZING GREEN」(2007)
「FILTH」Art Direction & Art Design by: Koji Yoda, Yoshifumi Matsuyama
「DOZING GREEN」Illustration & Art Design by: Takato Yamamoto, Koji Yoda

I hoep this entry wasn't too boring, haha!
° Do you like DIR EN GREY? 
° What's your favorit band/artist?
° What kind of music do you listen to?

If you wanna know more about what I listen to you can always check out my Last.fm account !

Monday, April 25, 2011


I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people following me!
I just passed the 100-followers bar yesterday, feels great!
I hope you're following me on TWITTER too!

And don't forget to check out my links just under the header!
Stay tuned for more updates, I promise to blog more often!
Thank you!
And don't forget to comment!
I usually check all the blogs of commenting people!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hi, just a little update.
If you read my previous post (before the editing)
you might've read about URL changes.

But I decided to keep it like this until I've made som proper designs for the
"re-launch" of the blog. But, you don't have to worry, i got both the URLs
taken, and they will redirect to the one I'm using!

And yeah, i got the March issue of men's egg a couple of weeks ago!
So, because I don't wanna have some lame update without pics,
I took some lol!

The cover! 

田中大地 for JACK ROSE!
One of the most famous egg male models.

Badass clothing.

Maybe this might be a good looks for the summer?
I need some new swimming gear lol.

A saw a One Piece tribute/parody in the magazine,
One Piece is a very famous (and good) manga!

And it's not a real magazine for men if there isn't any naked girls lol!
Best part of the magazine, YEEAH, haha lol jk.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hi! Just a quick update, I've made some changes around here!

Or well, I changed my URL's for my Tumblr. and my Formspring !
And the links in the 「FOLLOW ME」 section beneath my header is fixed too!
So everything is working as "it should" now.

BUT my TWITTER is still the same as before!
Some one-tweet-only-retard got the name I wanted lol.

And, I see I got a lot of new followers,
thank you so much!

Please spread the word to your friends,
and leave a comment and I'll follow you back!

I hope you all appreciate my blog so far,
new design is on the way!


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Haha, I'm feeling kinda' lazy for not doing any proper updates but..
Here's another outfit picture, from the past weekend lol!

And if you haven't already seen it, here's a video of how we make food in my country!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Another outfit picture from the weekend!
I think that me and 道明寺海斗 changed clothes like.. three times a day? lol
Anyway, for the ホストクラブ, I needed something more fancy!

Blazer: Riley
Shirt: Riley
Cravat: 109
Pin: deepstyle
Bracelet: deepstyle
Chains: SHOCK
Belt: -Thailand-

I've also been listening a lot to 己龍 the last days!
One of the current ヴィスアル系 bands that still got it!
Extremely tacky PV, but the song is good!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Long time since I updated lol!
I was at a convention this weekend, working as a ホスト!
I took a few outfit pictures~
This one if of me and 道明寺海斗 !

Jacket: Jeremy Scott
Shirt: deepstyle
Tail: eBay
Boots: Vagabond
Accessories: SHOCK / deepstyle / Random stores

道明寺海斗 is mostly wearing clothing from 109!
And my scarf from NK.

And we're holding a kebabpizza,
 because that's what you need to eat if you wanna look good!

I also hope that you're following, can't be cool if you don't. 
Just sayin'

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Jacket ☆ Jeremy Scott
Shirt Don't remember
T-shirt ☆ QUOLOMO -aki hoshino x yone-
Sunglasses ☆ Don't remember
Necklaces ☆ H&M|Glitter
Tail ☆ eBay
Chains ☆ SHOCK

I got harem jeans, that's why my legs look so damn fat, haha!