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Friday, May 27, 2011


Last Friday,
I was really stoked because I was going to se Veronica Maggio live for the first time!
She played in Gotham City, so of couse I went to see her!
She's probably my favorit swedish musician (along with Watain and lifelover)
And I rarely get interested in swedish music, but she's amazing

I decided to try something different this time!
I've had straight hair for.. Over five years or so!
So i decided to try something crazy.

It's kinda fucked up in some places, but I did it on impulse.
Never done it before and I was in a hurry, but I think it turned out OK!
What do you think?

Before the show we decided to have some sparkling rosé wine
on a cliff in the sunset overlooking the free way, no homo.
I can't believe how gay that sounded.

I did a hipster picture for the lulz

▲ Take a picture (not with a real camera, use a cell phone)

▲ Apply a vintage filter (Photoshop>Curves>Red & blue)
▲ Apply text (Font-to-use: Helvetica)

We decided to go to the place one hour before she entered the stage...
But there was the biggest line I've ever seen!

We even had to walk in the road because the walk ways / side walks was FULL of people!

This isn't even 10% of all the people we saw.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes!!

I recorded some with my cell phone!

This was as far I got..
But I'll be seeing her two times in July,
front row then!

But I didn't miss the signing session!
"To Davy hugs Veronica Maggio"

You could also take a picture!
But other people flashed with their cameras too,
dunno why the would want a picture with me and her!?

Well, my hair looked fucked up, haha.

So i decided to show my true face.

Pictures from google etc
She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
Yeah, I'm in love with her.

One of my favorite songs from her latest album "Satan i Gatan"
with english lyrics so you can understand and shit.
You HAVE to listen, I'm forcing you.

Monday, May 23, 2011


For some reason my updates are a week late lol! 
Better blog more often.
(aka. this weekend I'm writing about now, wasn't the recent one, but the one before!)

Anyhow, went to Gotham City for a train change to get to Jimmy's!
Well, we actually went to Z's new place. Awesome house!
And U tried to fix my hair pretty fast, I wanted to start partyin' 
so I didn't spend so much time about it, but it turned out OK I think!

And as you already know, I do it like a boss!
Just a picture from the "balcony" and some people!

The pre-party was good, we also decided to cut Jimmy's hair!
It turned out kinda nice, and I manage to fall asleep in some bed for one hour! Haha
But then I we went to Gotham City again, to party at some K-pop/RnB/House club.
It was suppose to be shitload of people, according to the "attending"-list on Facebook.

But there was maybe.. 20-30 people there!? So we bailed and went to another place,
which also sucked lol! I should've stayed at Z's place instead of going "clubbing".

Funny thing tho; I was texting in japanese, and I had my cell phone infront of my face..

And I manage to walk into a street sign lol! Haha, hilarious.
Good thing there was no people around, haha.

Btw, one of my fav. musicians, check it out!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


'sup internet
Today's outfit, super fab right??? lol
Get money, get paid.
So I've mostly been working actually.
(As a secret agent space cowboy astronaught,
so I can't really tell you so much about it.
It's secret you know)

I look extremely yellow in this picture for some reason..
(INB4: You're asian)
It was Friday, and everybody knows what that means?
I tried out the new rosé wine that they got, good stuff!
And we decided to drink something crazy too,
so we got some cans of "kamikaze" but the soda
in it makes you feel really full, which is kinda bad..
But it tastes good!

As you might've noticed I talked about my diet
in the previous entry. It was late, I was hungry.
I actually planned to just have a pack of noodles or something.
But I found some good stuff in the fridge!
A manly midnight snack for real men (and women)
You can also do you're own version but this is my version
° 90 Gram burgers x 2
° Bacon - One package
° Fried eggs, both sides x2
° Kabanoss sausage x2
° Cheese - Enough to cover the burgers really good
° Onion - A half
° Ketchup
° Burger Dressing
° Mustard
° Pickles
° Hamburger bun

Great snack if you wanna eat something.
Gotta get in shape for the summer you know.
I had a leaf of sallad in it, but threw it away.
Didn't taste so good..

Oh, btw, look what I got! In VBR, but more about that later!

I noticed that Scheiße (DJ White Shadow Muggler) remix if wrong tagged.

Fixed it now, but I don't care to change the picture to a correct one.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


LADY GAGA finally released her music video for JUDAS
It's so far the only good song she have released this year.
And the video is amazing! I wanna get myself a crown of thorns now lol!

It's also been over a year since I last saw her, I'm hoping she'll be back soon!
I liked the video very much, the dance, the outfits, except that she had fucked make-up
sometimes in the video, but the message was good!


And now to a more serious issue....
If you gotta be gyaru, you gotta be skinny!
So, people often seem to think that I'm pretty slim,
so I'm gonna share my secret diet with you...

WHAT UP KEBAB 'N' FRIES!?Yeah, this is what I eat to keep looking good.
Kebab, french fries, kebab sauce and some green bullshit.
And afterwards I usually take a nap because I'm so full.
And then I drink coffee!
Tastes like heaven! True story.

My lil' sis picked the "Kebab roll" which also is a great choice!
It's pretty much the same, but you have bread instead of the fries.
And it's a lot of sauce, and it usually pours out of the roll.
I don't recommend eating this in public,
Unless you're fucking crazy and don't care if you look like a jackass!

So, that's my secret to keep myself on a under 18 BMI
You can calculate your BMI here to see if
you should follow my advice and get in shape!

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING

Saturday, May 7, 2011


'sup bitches
Haha, great opening line right?

I went by train for five hours to meet up with Domyoji for another Hosting job!
【ホストクラブ 】
And I decided to do some cam whoring lol!
Smile and be happy!

I went for a more casual look!

My hair is still looking pretty good, 
took the picture ten hours after fixing it lol!

This is how my face actually looks like!
With my homeboy Domyoji

Played some pool before leaving!

Tried a new burger at McDonalds!

But I haven't eaten since.. 4PM on Thursday,
 and I ate the burger around 11AM on Saturday lol!

Been working hard lol, no time to eat!

We actually sold out WAY faster than expected, 
we thought that we would be having to bring stuff home, but we didn't!
Ballin' !

Manly drink

And on Saturday I went back to Gotham City
Because it was Vaborg/Vappu/Walpurgis Night we HAD to drink lol!
Crazy night, and I'm gonna give you my recipe for my manly drink:
2/3 bourbon
1/3 Coke
Stir the drink with a KNIFE

Oh, a lot of cam whorin' this time lol
Better calm down lol!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Oh hi, I haven't updated for a while~
BUT, I've been away hosting for the weekend with 道明寺海斗 !
(Yeah, he's finally started tweeting! Follow him too lol)

It went WAAAY better than expected, we bought 24 cans,
and expected to maybe sell 15 of them, but we sold out six hours before closing time!
We should've bought more lol! But it was a nice weekend, and I also won some
video game competition lol.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, haven't played the game for AGES.
But I guess I still got some skills in me! The "prize" was mostly symbolic,
I picked some small pillow with some anime guy on it lol, gonna sell it on some convention lololol!

I'll just have to edit some pictures from the weekend before uploading them~

And there was also "Valborg", VAPPU, May Day, whatever it's called.
To take it short; Nice weather, people drink alcohol lol.
Here's a hilarious video clip about "The best thing about Valborg"

You need to understand swedish to get this video, but I can write what he says.
"What about drinking on May Day?"
"Well, it's the best thing about May Day, to drink until you're dead drunk!"

I now realized it didn't sound funny at all when I wrote it,
but, it was shown on the news lol!

And now, to the funniest thing, or at least I think so.
I saw that somebody made a secret about me and posted it on gyaru_secrets

Thought the pic was hilarious, and I'm taking it as a compliment.
But ofc people are hating, but I don't really care, it amuses me!
Funny thing is that some people consider me being a great galo, while other are "u r not galo at all stpd vk fag" haha, but I guess people who are hating (for some reason) always call people ugly even tho they're not! And a link below so you can follow the after math!

And pictures from the weekend will soon pop up on the blog!
Editing them right now, stay tuned~!