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Saturday, May 7, 2011


'sup bitches
Haha, great opening line right?

I went by train for five hours to meet up with Domyoji for another Hosting job!
【ホストクラブ 】
And I decided to do some cam whoring lol!
Smile and be happy!

I went for a more casual look!

My hair is still looking pretty good, 
took the picture ten hours after fixing it lol!

This is how my face actually looks like!
With my homeboy Domyoji

Played some pool before leaving!

Tried a new burger at McDonalds!

But I haven't eaten since.. 4PM on Thursday,
 and I ate the burger around 11AM on Saturday lol!

Been working hard lol, no time to eat!

We actually sold out WAY faster than expected, 
we thought that we would be having to bring stuff home, but we didn't!
Ballin' !

Manly drink

And on Saturday I went back to Gotham City
Because it was Vaborg/Vappu/Walpurgis Night we HAD to drink lol!
Crazy night, and I'm gonna give you my recipe for my manly drink:
2/3 bourbon
1/3 Coke
Stir the drink with a KNIFE

Oh, a lot of cam whorin' this time lol
Better calm down lol!


  1. MANLY DRINK! I have had way too many terrible experiences with whiskey. NEVER again >_<"

  2. Damn, I'm so jealous of your style~

  3. hell your hair looks amazing! *-*

  4. 나니: Oh, you do? Haha, I love bourbon tho!

    Kimiko_x: Oh, you are? But you're a girl..? haha, I think my style is kinda.. guyish, or well, I hope ppl think so, but thanks!

    Asuka; Thx!

    Monica: Yep! Stir it with a sharp knife for extra manliness!

  5. Your funny, hahaha. And your hair looks amazing, I thought it was a wig when I first saw it lol wtf. Why don't you try adding some golden or chestnut colored highlights? I think it would look awesomeee on you :D!

  6. Oh, i've never wore a wig actually, or extensions, haha!
    Maybe! I wanna try some new color for my hair, but I dunno what to get!
    Thank you! :-D

  7. this is really awkward but i'm soo curious what do you like in a girl! i am not looking to get with you (obviously anon) but you're really cute and its like when you know teen girls obsess over tiger beat interviews haha

  8. Haha, oh, the funny thing is that I don't really know it myself, unless I say "Pretty girls with a good sense of humor and pretty similar interestes".
    I have no idea what the last part of the comment (about Tiger Beat) is suppose to mean but..

    I can honestly say that ゆまち (japanese egg-model) and Christina Hendricks (American actress) are both in my "top list" of "types of girl" even tho they're not similar in anyway.

  9. tiger beat is a hearthrob magazine for tweens in america, it has interviews with pop stars about who they like

    haha that is very interesting, thanks for answering :) i think you are the cutest gyaruo to post on eg, i think you really have the style down

  10. Oh, yeah, I googled it and found out, haha!
    No problem! Thank you so much!