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Sunday, May 15, 2011


LADY GAGA finally released her music video for JUDAS
It's so far the only good song she have released this year.
And the video is amazing! I wanna get myself a crown of thorns now lol!

It's also been over a year since I last saw her, I'm hoping she'll be back soon!
I liked the video very much, the dance, the outfits, except that she had fucked make-up
sometimes in the video, but the message was good!


And now to a more serious issue....
If you gotta be gyaru, you gotta be skinny!
So, people often seem to think that I'm pretty slim,
so I'm gonna share my secret diet with you...

WHAT UP KEBAB 'N' FRIES!?Yeah, this is what I eat to keep looking good.
Kebab, french fries, kebab sauce and some green bullshit.
And afterwards I usually take a nap because I'm so full.
And then I drink coffee!
Tastes like heaven! True story.

My lil' sis picked the "Kebab roll" which also is a great choice!
It's pretty much the same, but you have bread instead of the fries.
And it's a lot of sauce, and it usually pours out of the roll.
I don't recommend eating this in public,
Unless you're fucking crazy and don't care if you look like a jackass!

So, that's my secret to keep myself on a under 18 BMI
You can calculate your BMI here to see if
you should follow my advice and get in shape!

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING


  1. HAHAHAHA, oh god... kebab for diet? ; D sure.. healthy shit, bro!

    Some of those girls look seriously deform! HAHAHA!

    And don't even get me started on Gaga. Yuck~

  2. haha i always wondered if you were japanese or what, i guess you're thai/swedish like your sister??

  3. I REALLY like that song <3<3 I love her <3

  4. so disgusting how skinny this girls can be!
    i found your blog yesterday and btw you're hot hehe.