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Monday, May 23, 2011


For some reason my updates are a week late lol! 
Better blog more often.
(aka. this weekend I'm writing about now, wasn't the recent one, but the one before!)

Anyhow, went to Gotham City for a train change to get to Jimmy's!
Well, we actually went to Z's new place. Awesome house!
And U tried to fix my hair pretty fast, I wanted to start partyin' 
so I didn't spend so much time about it, but it turned out OK I think!

And as you already know, I do it like a boss!
Just a picture from the "balcony" and some people!

The pre-party was good, we also decided to cut Jimmy's hair!
It turned out kinda nice, and I manage to fall asleep in some bed for one hour! Haha
But then I we went to Gotham City again, to party at some K-pop/RnB/House club.
It was suppose to be shitload of people, according to the "attending"-list on Facebook.

But there was maybe.. 20-30 people there!? So we bailed and went to another place,
which also sucked lol! I should've stayed at Z's place instead of going "clubbing".

Funny thing tho; I was texting in japanese, and I had my cell phone infront of my face..

And I manage to walk into a street sign lol! Haha, hilarious.
Good thing there was no people around, haha.

Btw, one of my fav. musicians, check it out!


  1. your hair looked great! bummer about the clubbing so annoying when that happens xx

  2. Thank you!
    Ikr >_< I was superstoked, and there was a lot of people attending, but nobody showed up!? D: People should update more often so you'll know if they'll attend or not lol!

  3. Jack D! <3
    And i haaate it too when you go from a really nice pree-party to a crappy ass party later. Then you wished you stayed at the pree-party -_-'' hope you guys had somewhat fun anyways.

  4. too bad about the party eh D: ~ was it the aznxone pre summer whatever something thing? o:
    your hais is awesome and pictures without sunglasses are definitely a GO! (Y)

  5. Oh, you was!? Why didnät you tell me? xD
    haha, thanks!