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Friday, May 27, 2011


Last Friday,
I was really stoked because I was going to se Veronica Maggio live for the first time!
She played in Gotham City, so of couse I went to see her!
She's probably my favorit swedish musician (along with Watain and lifelover)
And I rarely get interested in swedish music, but she's amazing

I decided to try something different this time!
I've had straight hair for.. Over five years or so!
So i decided to try something crazy.

It's kinda fucked up in some places, but I did it on impulse.
Never done it before and I was in a hurry, but I think it turned out OK!
What do you think?

Before the show we decided to have some sparkling rosé wine
on a cliff in the sunset overlooking the free way, no homo.
I can't believe how gay that sounded.

I did a hipster picture for the lulz

▲ Take a picture (not with a real camera, use a cell phone)

▲ Apply a vintage filter (Photoshop>Curves>Red & blue)
▲ Apply text (Font-to-use: Helvetica)

We decided to go to the place one hour before she entered the stage...
But there was the biggest line I've ever seen!

We even had to walk in the road because the walk ways / side walks was FULL of people!

This isn't even 10% of all the people we saw.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes!!

I recorded some with my cell phone!

This was as far I got..
But I'll be seeing her two times in July,
front row then!

But I didn't miss the signing session!
"To Davy hugs Veronica Maggio"

You could also take a picture!
But other people flashed with their cameras too,
dunno why the would want a picture with me and her!?

Well, my hair looked fucked up, haha.

So i decided to show my true face.

Pictures from google etc
She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
Yeah, I'm in love with her.

One of my favorite songs from her latest album "Satan i Gatan"
with english lyrics so you can understand and shit.
You HAVE to listen, I'm forcing you.


  1. I just have to come here to say...I love what you're doing to g_s. XD I mean how can people get so easily provoked...well if they didn't it wouldn't be as much fun~

  2. Haha thanks! Ikr, people there go crazy about just anything I say, haha

  3. After stalking your blog a bit I'd nearly be tempted to ask which two Pokemon beasts you were about to reveal decades ago, since Pokemon has been my alltime fav game series ever since. But then again, I'd rather like to find out in a battle lol. You deserve some serious punishment for having massive prejudices - or acting that way. >:( A TRAINER CAN'T REFUSE TO FIGHT GROOOOAR. D-D-D-DUEL!

  4. Rag: Haha, I usually keep it a secret so I can get people by surprise! Haha, but I can say that i play.. Balanced!

    Rui: Thx bro!

  5. Would be more awesome with Hover hand!