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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm trying to update more frequently!
I did some suji-mori-like hair styling, took me about 20 minutes!
But I needed to hurry to the university so I couldn't fix it exactly as I wanted,
and I took the pic after school.. But it looks kinda OK right??

And I dunno what that green gay shit is suppose to be,
it looked nice in the picture tho, hahah!

And as always I've eaten som nice diet food.
Bacon weave, pretty simple stuff.
You have a lot of bacon, and just weave it together!

And you can basically fill it with whatever you want
(Except vegetables and stuff, we don't want that)
I picked two different sausages and two different kinds of cheese!

Roll 'em up homie!
Then I just put them in the oven for...
I don't know, I'm always freestylin' when I'm cookin'.
So i had it in until "it looks ready" !

100% fat free meal

And if somebody, for some reason have missed it..

My favorit ladies in 2NE1 released a new single.
This time their back to the sounds I personally like,
the more electro oriented fierce femme fatale style.
I personally think this is one of their better songs,
I love how badass it is, and not to mention the video.. OMG
Their best video, followed up by "Can't Nobody".
Everything about them and the video is absolutely
gorgeous, I love their clothes so much I'm gonna cross dress (hahaha lol)

I also think that 2NE1 has the most unique (a long with SNSD)
when it comes to k-pop, and that's why I like them.
Because I can always tell right away when it's 2NE1.
My fav female pop group since.. Their debut!
And my girls are still going strong.

And this is my waifu :3 <3

Sunday, June 26, 2011


jk, it's my tank top, but it's oversized!
And I also wore some.. T-shirt with a big ass hood (as you can see)
This is just a typical "don't bother fixing"-outfit!
And I love my cap, it's a official DIR EN GREY TOUR03 OVER THE VULGAR SHUDDER-cap!
So it's imported from Japan, heuheu

On Wednesday I went to see Flogging Molly with Patrik.
They wore OK, most of the songs sounded a like.
And the sound was TERRIBLE!
Couldn't barely hear the second guitar and shit,
but I think they're more fun live, if you're drunk lol!

And only a day after the release this arrived!

† DUM SPIRO SPERO promotion flyer
† Single cover† Sticker† CD-case† 1st press bonus item, photo† CD† DVD


I had extremely high expectations for this single.
And I actually got to hear it three days before the release,
somebody had a 320kbps rip (I don't care for less bitrate)
and I listened to it, and it completely blew my mind.

The 320kbps-rip was fucked up somehow, because when I got my hands
on the lossless version (ripped by myself) I got much more clear
and distinct bass and drums! A whole new experience.

This is their BEST single, it's even better than 「DOZING GREEN」
「DIFFERENT SENSE」 is a great display of what the band is capable of,
and it's so mixed, deep death grunts, high pitched squeals, melodic clean vocals, fierce drumming and even guitar solos! The song goes up and down, fast and slow without being misplaced.
This song is chaos and order. The vocals and the bass is the most impressive parts imo.
But I'm a vocal fag and I got a bass myself, maybe that's why.
This is one of the most impressive pieces of music I've ever heard.

And I also saw the full video on niconico douga, and the PV is just as amazing as the song.
「OBSCURE」 (Vulgar, 2003) was my favorit PV until now.
「DIFFERENT SENSE」 is visually amazing, I've only seen the video in bad quality,
waiting for a 1080p version so I can analyze it further.
Tentacles and octopuses are re-occurring all the time in the PV,
and as seen on the teaser you can se tentacles bulging out the east coast of Japan.
It's pretty clear that this video has a lot of references to the Fukoshima disaster.
For you who didn't know one of the most famous monsters of all time, Godzilla
is a result of the nuclear bombing of Japan. When the nuclear and radioactivity
created such a fiend that rises from the water.
And DIR EN GREY seem to use Kraken as "the result" of the disaster.
I don't know what it is about Japan and tentacles tho..

Check it out on YouTube!

And for the second track, 「罪と規制」 it's more of a sound experiment than a song.
This is probably the most evil sounding song I've ever heard.
I can only recognize one part from the original 「密と唾」(GAUZE, 1999)
The atmosphere of the song is so haunting, and the vocals are just insane.
If you haven't gotten the single, go and buy it NOW
(Btw, did I mention that I like DIR EN GREY? )

YEAH, and i also had a pizza this week.
Kebab pizza, my personal favorit!
And my town has the best hoho

Saturday, June 18, 2011


E3 was this week! So I had to eat my damn dinner in front of my laptop!
@ pic: Watching Nintendo's press conference
Nintendo was the best this year, by far! (followed by Sony)
Microsoft was the worst ever!


I also started at ANOTHER university,
and I saw that they're using the glorious master race PC!
Studying 200% and shit

Camwhoran at school lol! I did a more curly look today~
do u rike it!?

The new university is built pretty recently so they have very fresh
and up-to-date interior as well as exterior!
I love this place, beautiful building.
(and I put the stamp over the ppl lol) 

A view from one of the entrance, this is probably my fav. place
Lol sounds so gay, but I like architecture OK???

Hahahah, this is how my hair usually looks like when I'm at home! 8-)

I love bacon.
ALSO; DIR EN GREY released the album cover and track list for their 8th
  1. 狂骨の鳴り
  4. AMON
  5. 「欲巣にDREAMBOX」あるいは成熟の理念と冷たい雨
  6. 獣慾
  7. 滴る朦朧
  8. LOTUS
  11. 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇
  13. 流転の塔

I have (of course) been trying to analyze the mening of the song names,
and don't know if you wanna hear what I think about them, I could go on for hours lol!
Or well, write a smaller book about it, maybe I'll get back to that later lol!
Unless you wanna hear it??

And it's also very soon the 22nd!
And you know what that means?

I got the limited 1st press pre-booked since day one.
I'm so extremely stoked about the release of this single.
I feel only buy hearing the previews that this is a new level.

This feels like a great taste of the 「DUM SPIRO SPERO」-level.
This also contains the preview of the B-side tracks!
The remake of 「罪の罰」 now known as 「罪の規制」
and a live recording of 「RED SOIL」

And Versailles also released a new album,
but more about that another time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Long time no see, I've been very busy the last week!
I got my finals, and because I'm not so good at planning stuff

I ended up doing stuff for 20 weeks in one week lol!
Barely had time to breathe lol!
And thanks to Sara who helped me with it!
ok, jk gonna start studying next week again, just a break for this week again

Manly man work and some super fancy dining lol!

I also got my lenses, gray. I have some better pictures.
But they're taken with another camera, might upload them later!
And I have very yellow light in my bathroom as you can see lol

Diet! Yeah, I was hungry. So I made a little burger
This is what I eat to slim down, real manly size burgers.

I decided to pick another hairstyle today!
I don't know what it's called, but it's basically just bobby pins holding up
my hair, haha, and some messy hairdo. I did it in a rush!

Rebecca was in town so I decided to meet her for a couple of drinks! shitload of alcoholIt was really great to see her again, but we got a few horrible pics.
So I won't post them, haha!

I'll promise to make another update before this week ends!
I got some super fun fun fun stuff to blog about!

OH, almost forgot, I got a "challenge" or whatever from Line !
Yeah, I stole the pic from her too, I hope it's OK? haha

1. How old am I? I'm old enough.
2. I have a devil may care-attitude
3. One of the best things in the world is potato chips. 
You know those fancy people who talks about wine and stuff? 
I'm like that, but when it comes to chips!
4. I don't have any extensions, even tho many people think so.
It's probably over 60cm at the longest part, you'll get a pic next time!
5. I love advertising and commercials
6. My hero is Batman (He's better than Jesus)
7. I love video games, and I think i got a pretty descent console collection.
(Stationary; NES, SNES, N64, GC, PSX, PS2, PS3, Xbox, X360 † Handheld; GB, GBC, GBA, NDSlite, PSP1000) 
8. I love to have things, like comcis, video games, movies, CDs etc. Even if I can download, I buy things. I usually download before buying so I know that it's good stuff! And I always pick the badass ultimate special editions and such.9. I've met and got an autograph from ex-Versailles bassist Jasmine You10. And the best thing in the world is food, not to cook, just to eat. 

Friday, June 10, 2011



'sup Gz
Well, I haven't been updating for a while

Why? Because it's heading towards summer and that means...

Yep, that's right, so I have been studying all day,
not to mention that I also attend a new school as well.
So right now I'm studying 200% ! (= 80 hours/week) which means 16 hours a day.
Because you're "free" on weekends (ahaha yeah right)

And I have a lot of final exams, I'm studying all the time.

And for you who doesn't know; I'm studying japanese and Film Studies!
And I also reached 150 followers - Thank you!
You guys are awesome, I'll try to upload some camwhore pic this weekend!
(Isn't that the stuff that people like..?

I wanna know what YOU wanna read about,

if you have any suggestions of stuff that might be fun,
Don't hesitate to leave a comment!