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Sunday, June 26, 2011


jk, it's my tank top, but it's oversized!
And I also wore some.. T-shirt with a big ass hood (as you can see)
This is just a typical "don't bother fixing"-outfit!
And I love my cap, it's a official DIR EN GREY TOUR03 OVER THE VULGAR SHUDDER-cap!
So it's imported from Japan, heuheu

On Wednesday I went to see Flogging Molly with Patrik.
They wore OK, most of the songs sounded a like.
And the sound was TERRIBLE!
Couldn't barely hear the second guitar and shit,
but I think they're more fun live, if you're drunk lol!

And only a day after the release this arrived!

† DUM SPIRO SPERO promotion flyer
† Single cover† Sticker† CD-case† 1st press bonus item, photo† CD† DVD


I had extremely high expectations for this single.
And I actually got to hear it three days before the release,
somebody had a 320kbps rip (I don't care for less bitrate)
and I listened to it, and it completely blew my mind.

The 320kbps-rip was fucked up somehow, because when I got my hands
on the lossless version (ripped by myself) I got much more clear
and distinct bass and drums! A whole new experience.

This is their BEST single, it's even better than 「DOZING GREEN」
「DIFFERENT SENSE」 is a great display of what the band is capable of,
and it's so mixed, deep death grunts, high pitched squeals, melodic clean vocals, fierce drumming and even guitar solos! The song goes up and down, fast and slow without being misplaced.
This song is chaos and order. The vocals and the bass is the most impressive parts imo.
But I'm a vocal fag and I got a bass myself, maybe that's why.
This is one of the most impressive pieces of music I've ever heard.

And I also saw the full video on niconico douga, and the PV is just as amazing as the song.
「OBSCURE」 (Vulgar, 2003) was my favorit PV until now.
「DIFFERENT SENSE」 is visually amazing, I've only seen the video in bad quality,
waiting for a 1080p version so I can analyze it further.
Tentacles and octopuses are re-occurring all the time in the PV,
and as seen on the teaser you can se tentacles bulging out the east coast of Japan.
It's pretty clear that this video has a lot of references to the Fukoshima disaster.
For you who didn't know one of the most famous monsters of all time, Godzilla
is a result of the nuclear bombing of Japan. When the nuclear and radioactivity
created such a fiend that rises from the water.
And DIR EN GREY seem to use Kraken as "the result" of the disaster.
I don't know what it is about Japan and tentacles tho..

Check it out on YouTube!

And for the second track, 「罪と規制」 it's more of a sound experiment than a song.
This is probably the most evil sounding song I've ever heard.
I can only recognize one part from the original 「密と唾」(GAUZE, 1999)
The atmosphere of the song is so haunting, and the vocals are just insane.
If you haven't gotten the single, go and buy it NOW
(Btw, did I mention that I like DIR EN GREY? )

YEAH, and i also had a pizza this week.
Kebab pizza, my personal favorit!
And my town has the best hoho


  1. Hey, is it possible to upload the FLAC version of DIFFERENT SENSE to mediafire?

  2. It is, but I don't use FLAC, because I'm an iTunes-user (and I have a Mac as well) I'm using Apple Lossless, wich in my opinion is better. Because it's more compact than FLAC, and it works better for me as an apple user.

  3. I downloaded it off itunes a couple of days ago and I gotta agree, it's eargasmic and just simply amazing owo

  4. I love your outfit! ^.^
    And I love Different Sense! So energetic and this song is like all sounds of Dir en Grey in one song. And the PV is awe*____*some. So good!
    I hope I'll be able to go to their concert in August (^-^)

  5. Alycie:
    Ikr! The song is completely amazing, I can't wait until I get my hands on the full length album! I still think it's weird that iTunes doesn't sell their songs in Apple Lossless, I mean, it's their own format and all!
    (Apple Lossless is the best sound quality you can get)

    Agree! It's everything in one song, without sounding misplaced or anything, me too! Where are you going to see them?

  6. The oversized hoodie looks nice. I would consider wearing it too. (I would of commented with my account but I dunno why it doesn't let me. Fix it!)