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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm trying to update more frequently!
I did some suji-mori-like hair styling, took me about 20 minutes!
But I needed to hurry to the university so I couldn't fix it exactly as I wanted,
and I took the pic after school.. But it looks kinda OK right??

And I dunno what that green gay shit is suppose to be,
it looked nice in the picture tho, hahah!

And as always I've eaten som nice diet food.
Bacon weave, pretty simple stuff.
You have a lot of bacon, and just weave it together!

And you can basically fill it with whatever you want
(Except vegetables and stuff, we don't want that)
I picked two different sausages and two different kinds of cheese!

Roll 'em up homie!
Then I just put them in the oven for...
I don't know, I'm always freestylin' when I'm cookin'.
So i had it in until "it looks ready" !

100% fat free meal

And if somebody, for some reason have missed it..

My favorit ladies in 2NE1 released a new single.
This time their back to the sounds I personally like,
the more electro oriented fierce femme fatale style.
I personally think this is one of their better songs,
I love how badass it is, and not to mention the video.. OMG
Their best video, followed up by "Can't Nobody".
Everything about them and the video is absolutely
gorgeous, I love their clothes so much I'm gonna cross dress (hahaha lol)

I also think that 2NE1 has the most unique (a long with SNSD)
when it comes to k-pop, and that's why I like them.
Because I can always tell right away when it's 2NE1.
My fav female pop group since.. Their debut!
And my girls are still going strong.

And this is my waifu :3 <3


  1. That looks like something from 'Epic Mealtime' .. lol But still looks good. Too bad im not very fond with bacon.

  2. I love your hair! *_*
    And I'm a vegetarian, but these pictures...*hungry*
    I love I am the Best so much! That's their best song I think. I want to see you in a 2ne1 inspired outfit! XDDD

  3. lol omg sure 2ne1 rules but wtf is unique in SNSD? nigga u high?

  4. i'm gonna marry 2ne1 (all of them) though i'm a girl but sorry boy <3 life is hhaaaard. Muahhahah.

  5. Maria May:
    Haha, the bacon weave is EpicMealTime-inspired yes, but I've always made food like.. Stacking a lot of food, haha!
    You're not!? Bacon is the best, it's probably the best invention since the wheel.

    Oh, you are? Haha, well I'm.. The opposite! Haha, can't live without MEEEEAAAT. I wanna have a lot of accessories and stuff that they got, buy they're always using luxury brands, often Jeremy Scott and Chrome Hearts, which is ridiculously expensive!

    Well, they're not as the regular kpop groups, or the regular every-day-pop-song. They have their own style I think, not the typical femme fatale/sexy/vamp-style that most groups seem to have, they keep their own more happy and cute pop style, which I admire. So, nigga im not high. I dont like drugs lol!

    Hahaha, challenge accepted!

    Sailor Moon:
    SLUT, ätit upp för längesen! om nom

  6. Gosh I love your hair-styles! TEACH ME :D

    Bacon *__* That looks so healthy and nutritious~

    2NE1 is definitely my favourite Korean girl group~ So strong, independent, and unique!

  7. Thank you!
    Well, the technique is pretty simple, you only need to practice!
    You have to straighten your hair, tease it to get volume, then spray the bottom of the parts you've teased, then separate the hair into smaller "strings" or whatever you should call it, haha, then just use the iron to get it in the right shape/flat.
    And you can add some extra hairspray and wax to make it hold better!

  8. "Put them in the oven until cooked through and the bacon is golden and crispy." Saves you from the bother of thinking time. Probably around 10 minutes.

  9. y do u take so much care of ur hair r u like gay or somethin

  10. Anon 9:20PM:
    Oh, yeah im just guessing the time, when it "looks ready" haha

    Anon 9:41PM:
    because bitches LOVE that nice hair.

  11. heuheuheu gayhair :---)r u liek gay or sumthin??
    nope, me gusta din hår.

  12. BUT, gay guys me gusta my hair too, heuheuheu
    me gusta Viivi