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Monday, July 25, 2011


le sky, yeah, I don't know if I've told you but I've mostly been working!
And.. We actually got pretty good weather for once!

Le cheesecake with straberries, no homo.

Some thai food~

Pretty much the same picture as the last time,
I haven't been taking new ones, because I've been busy.
haha, so I have "saved" some stuff for this update lol

Jeremy Scott jacket … DIR EN GREY 「UROBOROS」T-shirt

Because I wanted to add something... That might be interesting for once;
And I was fixing my eyebrows, so I.. Decided to do a "tutorial"-thingy.
Anyhow; This is the tools I usually have.

I use the scissor and the trimmer to trim the hair down,
I just brush my eyebros hair in the opposite direction to see which ones to cut.
And I use the tweezer for the hair I "don't need" like the hair that just seem to be wrong,
like very far out of the eyebrows, or between the eyebrows.

And then I use the pencil to draw the shape I want, and I use the razor to cut away the hair I don't want. I don't use the tweezer, because I might someday wanna have "real eyebrows"
 (You know, when you're a real grown up lol!)

And I've tried like.. Those razor things from Make Up Store etc,
but I personally don't like them, the blade is too thick for my taste.
The razors I use is superthin razor, because they cut the best imo.
But for the love of God don't cut your eyes!

This is how it looks when it's done,
and I just fill in them with the eyebrow pencil very lightly.
I usually pick a light brown or a blonde pencil for it.
Just to give the brow some nice shape/shade.
And make sure to sharpen the pencil to get a nice shape!
(They're like.. 3$/2$ from H&M lol!)

Haha, yeah. this is me with no nothing lol!
Just to show the brows.
I'm myself very satisfied with them.
And make sure to take care of them often,
it saves you the work and it's easier to get the same shape again!
(And I haven't shaved in a couple of days lol)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ok, I'm no good at updating lol.
I've mostly been working all day, 
so I haven't really had anytime over to do anything else lol.

I'm very stoked about the new Transformers-movie,
haven't seen it yet but I'm going to pretty soon!
So i watched the best Transformers movie of them all.

haha, ok, this picture is pretty funny.
It's my hair, 2004 and my hair today!
All real hair, none of that fake extensions stuff.

And because I'm a fatty, i also had a lot of food!
I need to stop that tho, haha.

I've gotten kinda inspired of 薫 「gu. DIR EN GREY」
hair lately, so I tried to do something similar, I liked it!

And during the weekend I also went to Gotham City
for some food and company.
I had some awesome sushi, i rarely eat it, don't know why.
Because I love it lol!

Some place in Gotham we went to, pretty OK place.
Not that expensive, and pretty nice outside!

OK, what do people want me to blog about,
I feel like my... "everyday life" is kinda boring lol,
tell me something you wanna know!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


and dudes.
Yeah, haven't been so good at updating, BUT,
I've been busy with my final exam essay thing.

I wrote about 15'000 characters analysis about a five-minute scene
 from the korean masterpiece "Oldboy"
It was supposed to be around 12'000 characters at max,

but I don't wanna "trim down" because it would make the text look weaker.
But I'm hoping it will do OK! I never thought I would have 
so much to say about a five-minute scene, haha!
You can also see small part of my movie collection,
great taste right!? And I'm also a sucker for badass editions.

They had some new whopper.. Cheese something, dunno really.
But nevertheless, it was awesome. Damn, i want one now lol.

On the bus to Gotham City! Reading the latest issue of LEVEL.
The biggest video game magazine in my country,
and I also went for the more curly hairstyle today!

Shitty PC in the background and glorious master race mac in the frontI was going to Patrik, because it was midsummer,
but we forgot to buy alcohol in time lol!
But it was OK, because there was "some beer in the fridge"
Some beer = TWO beers
And Andrei came buy later too, haven't seen him in months.

So yeah, we had more screens than beer, it kinda sucked, haha.
We wanted to party, or at least i wanted to, or drink at least.

But we played THY most evil game ever made;

One of those games you have to play once a year,

this game is packed with all the evil there is. 
Play it, you will feel the darkness devouring you.
SATAN is the first boss, just imagen what's next!

My first glass of whiskey in like.. A month!
Yeah, I've been so damn busy the whole month, haha
SOOOO, we drank some alcohol. Felt great, finally!
(Good thing I don't sound like an alcoholic)

AND, I also discovered a new band, one of the most amazing bands ever;
I have no idea why the text is fucked.
Can't fix it either.