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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As you all might have noticed I haven't updated in a while.
Because I'm on... Vacation! 
But I have a shitload of stuff to update about,
 I'll be home at the end of this week!

(And if you can't wait for that you can always check Viivi's blog ~)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Now we're more up to date lol!
This update is about the 27th of July lol!
I'm going to see my beautiful Veronica Maggio for the third time this year!

Without any make up, lenses and all that, all natural lol!
y u hatin!?

On the train to Örebro! It takes about three hours for me to get there.
I was mostly listening to music and being half asleep, haha.

AND, it was the first time I was on a double-decker train!
Pretty badass, the interior design was gorgeous.
Everything was so clean and fresh, awesome!

I also took a terrible underexposed tourist picture!

Becca met me at the train station, then we went to a friend of her,
I got to see some of Örebro and she picked up some make-up that she had forgotten 
at her place, haha. And then we went back to Becca's place!
Me, Becca and her boyfriend, Hyochan decided to get something to drink and some food!

These new "Express machines" are awesome. Never tried them before.
You have a touch screen, you pick everything you want, put your credit card in the slot.
You pay for it, and it sends a message to the kitchen so they can prepare your food and 
you just go and pick it up! So you don't have to wait in a line, order and then get the food!
Really convenient!

Supreme meal and a discount uchiwa from a hostess club.

Me and lovely Rebecca!
(And my new cut hair!)

The line might have been like.. 50 meters or something!
Good thing I got us on the guest list = No line
Walking right in, like a boss.

Le club!
It was really crowded, I don't think you could get a square meter by yourself
anywhere in the club lol! THAT crowded, but the club was really nice.
And they had a great DJ! Which doesn't happen that often lol!

I stole this picture from Rebecca, I hope it was OK lol!
Yeah, my hair kinda.. BROKE, haha.
But it was like.. 25°C OUTSIDE, and indoors, sweet mother of God.
I can't even describe the heat. I was MELTING.

Just chillin', front row ofc.
Pretty big place!

Bad picture, but I just wanted to show you how close I was!

Another picture I stole from Becca, haha.

That smile alone was worth the six hour trip, no doubt.

Eyes were meeting, hands were touching.
I've never been this happy in years, the show was amazing!
And I'm hoping that she would recognize me,
i was the only one touching! H3h3.
Aaw, so happy indeed.

The setlist was a bit shorter, but the intensity and intimacy of the show
was unbelievable. I usually don't care about this kind of music.
But her jazz-like voice and pop tunes go so well together,
and there's also something in her lyrics which I can relate to.
There's always a messages or a story behind every word she says.
That's why I think she's so amazing, not to mention how beautiful she is!

But, now I won't be seeing her until September..!
But I'll be seeing DIR EN GREY twice in August so I'll be OK!


Still in July, and, this most be one of the most tragic things ever.
I'm not talking about Norway, but about the death of Amy Winehouse.
I've been waiting to hear her live, or at least a new album,
and now she's gone. She's one of my all time favorite artists.

Even if you don't like her music, you can't deny that her voice was 
made out of gold. She had so much potential and talent.
And now it's all gone, but I've heard a rumor about ~12 unreleased songs.
I can only hope it's true.

Inb4: "wats tragic about another junkie dyin lol"
Even tho she did too much drugs and less music,
there's a lot of potential that have been wasted.
I wished she'd go to rehab, but she said "no, no, no"
and it breaks my heart that it went this far.
I'm actually going to find her flat in Camden and just, be there for a while.

Good night, sweet princess.
I will always love you.

So, enough about the sad stuff, now for something way more awesome;
I booked some flights to England and Finland!
Yep, I'll be seeing DIR EN GREY in London and in Helsinki!
So I'll be in London from 11th - 13th, then I'll be leaving for Helsinki 
and staying there until the 28th (of August)

I haven't seen DIR EN GREY since 2009 so this is going to be amazing!
And I'll have a little vacation of the side in Finland as well, h3h3.

I have no idea why it's so low res, don't they want people to see the merch?? lol
And there'll probably be some more stuff for sale as well.
But it's expensive as SHIT, £35/€45 for a goddamn T-SHIRT
Does it look like I'm made of gold and diamonds!? 
Shiiet DIR EN GREY take all my money.

And there's also been a reveal of the deluxe limited edition..!
It looks completely amazing.
And the booklet is suppose to be 56 pages and like a "story book"
Can't wait until I get mine! Not to mention the lossless quality.
I'm not gonna reveal my thoughts of the album yet..!

And, DIR EN GREY just passed the 20'000 plays limit on my Last.fm
(girugämesh is terrible now, they where good until 2008)

Haha, and yeah, my bangs were kinda long..!

So I decided to do some cutting..!
Pictures will appear in the next entry!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I haven't updated in a while, so I'm planning to update a lot now.
(Gonna try out that queuing-thing)
This is actually a post about the 16th & 17th of July lol!
But I hope it's OK. A lot of work recently and haven't had time for bloggan.

I tried to take a picture from a horrible angle,
and it turned out horrible, haha!

Friday: Champagne and • Saturday: Scotch and ham
Ham is the new thing, you always need to have some ham if you're going to drink!


 And for the second time this year I went to see lovely Veronica Maggio !
Her gig was completely amazing, her voice was solid gold as always.
And I did some recordings as well!

Her song "Måndagsbarn" (lit. Monday child)
from her second album "Och vinnaren är.." 
Great, great song!

And one of the most beautiful songs ever made; "Snälla bli min" (lit. Please be mine)
from her latest album "Satan i Gatan" it's also available in HD.
But I skipped HD for the other videos because it took over an hour to upload lol!

I (as always) sung a long in all her songs, haha.
But this was the last song of the encore,
and her most popular song "Jag Kommer" (lit. I'm coming)
The whole audience sang a long, loud, it was an amazing experience!