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Monday, September 5, 2011


-Part I-

I was actually going to update about the new DIR EN GREY album,
but since most of you probably don't really care about it, haha
I decided to write about the trip first.
(And I also need to take notes about all the songs etc)

Anyhow, I was going to London to see DIR EN GREY for the first time in TWO FUCKING YEARS.
I haven't been this stoked since.. I don't know! And I got like two hours of sleep lol.
Since I needed to sleep, i didn't sleep good lol.
I went to an airport outside of Gotham City to get on the plane to London, 
which I've never been to before (crazy, huh)

I have no idea what that kid was doing, 
I guess he had parents with him, but they didn't seem to care lol!

No cloud, nor squall shall hinder us!
(Lol, famous quote, do you know from where?
And don't even think of googling it)

If I knew that I wouldn't be eating anything for the next 19 hours,
I would've gotten something more lol!

After being lost on Heathrow for a while, I finally manage to get in to London!
King's Cross

After checking in to the hostel we went on a trip to Picadilly Circus,
to.. Just be there! But we made a wrong turn and got lost for HOURS

And because we got lost we got some sightseeing as a side effect, haha.

A lot of badass buildings and statues in London!

We went like.. Two hours in the opposite direction lol!

Trafalgar Square bitch.
Shitload of people!

AND FINALLY, we got to Picadilly Square.
Japanese Center was probably the best thing about London.
Cheap food and a lot of nice stuff.
BUT, no magazines for guys wtf!?
But they had some summer special with egg, so it was OK i guess.

Patrik bought some "food"; rice crackers and chocolate
Very tasty, but they didn't take the hunger away one bit

We met up with the rest of the crew, a lot of new people for me.
And the place we intended to go to was closed (it was like 11PM lol!)
But we found some chinese place, and the food was terrible lol.
I had some duck, which was dry as hell and i even found a bone!
And the vegetables was just huge chunks, and the rice was terrible as well.
Maybe it's because I'm asian that I'm kinda picky when it comes to asian food lol!
There was actually more people at the table to the left, but only girls, haha.
And our table, YEP.

Mato, Carin and Patrik !
And later le crew and Mairead went out for drinks
(Well, she's in the crew, but not.. main crew! Haha)
Very generous and nice lady.
I was surprised that you could drink outside on the street lol.
We can't do that where I live, unless it's a fence and shit around.
But In London everybody was standing outside bars and drinking!

666 † FUCK THE POLICE † 666

And, what's up with these bus stops anyway?
You have to wave a bus, to get it to stop.
And you're facing the wrong direction,
so you can't see when you're suppose to wave at the bus!?
This makes no sense at all.
(And because of the traffic we almost got killed all the time lol)

"Ryan Dunn died as he lived, with car parts up his ass"


That's all for part one, part two will be up later this week!


  1. I didnt realise you came to the UK to see Diru heh
    I always get lost in London D: D:

  2. Line: haha, why am I a dork?

    Sami: Oh, you didnt? haha
    The good thing was that taxi was cheap, so the second day we just took taxis and said where we wanted haha, so we wouldnt get lost!

  3. The magazines for guys are on the other side silly! just go round :) theres a section just as big! I'm so jealous though! I didn't have enough money for DEG this time :( just visited friends in the queue! x

  4. "No cloud, nor squall shall hinder us!"

    ^ ...From Final Fantasy IX, or am I completely mistaken? :D

  5. Tobi: I checked the other side too, but I guess I was unclear, I ment gyaru-related magazines for men! Because there was a lot for women bur none for men!

    Yep, it's a word play about the previous two installments in the FF-series!

  6. They usually have men's egg on the opposite side, and that's all. There is another Japanese book store in the building next door though :P

    Why didn't you get a british person to meet and show around ha!

  7. hahaha the kid was planking!!!!!!!!