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Saturday, October 8, 2011


-Part IV-

Lol, I'm really fast with the updating!!!

Ok, another badass thing about Finland; Glass bottles and manly 1litre cans!
That's some really manly shit.

Couldn't decided if I wanted straight or curly hair lol!
(Also; Official Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour Tee!)

Had some lunch with some pretty girl I met!

I wish I was this good with the ladies, he's fucking pimp.
Look at those damn pants brah

Went to the Apple Store to check out some stuff and to teach her that Mac is the only way to go.

For crippled, old and fat people!

Tsirbula made me some dinner, om nom 

Stole this from Viivi lol! Or well, I took the pictures with my laptop,
gave them to her and stole them from her blog, so I guess they're technically mine LOL!

She got some free facial masks from.. Some place, and we decided to do a review
(Or well, she had to, but I didn't, but I'm a nice fucking guy so I did it too!)

And the thing I wanted to write wasn't appropriate in her blog,
but I don't have any rules in my blog. Since I am the Alpha and Omega, 
the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End and all that.

SO, what i think; The masks didn't do shit.
More than make my face moist lol!
But it was (judging by the packaging) something aimed towards younger girls,
and men have more rough skin so I guess that's why it didn't have any effect for me.
Viivi has her "real" review on her blog if you're interested in that!

(And as you can see I'm very badass, fuck the police)

I have no idea whom is in charge of the discrimination laws in Finland,
but this shit ain't fucking OK.
You can't be straight? What's wrong with straight people?
This is so fucking gay I don't even!

Champagne and manly whiskey for the manly man.
Thank you Elina for the drinks! Awfully kind of her.

Probably the best picture I took, hahaha

Spinning around and kicking out drinks in the club lol!
Jopo & Elina

Olli fucking hates this place.

Picture unrelated
Ok, a funny thing, when I blog I don't really know what to write.
It probably has something to do with my updates now seeming to be two months late LOL
But, and writing shit is what I do, but I still seem to have a hard time
making interesting entries.
Maybe I should write more bullshit, and not just explaining the obvious in pictures, 
hm.. Well, we'll see!

I also have some album reviews to do..! Now that's interesting.

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