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Sunday, November 27, 2011


6th NOV

Shiiet, a bit late, since I've been a bit busy håhå.
Well, 13 Years of Watain

was about to begin, and one of their few gigs in Gotham.
First time for me seeing them so I was incredibly stoked!


At the merch table!

They had a really fancy table, the Stockholm poster was actually
better looking than the one for Gotham, 120 ex limited screen prints.
I wanted one, but I couldn't really find any room for it
so I skipped it, and got something else instead!

Blacked Death Metal

And the second act was In Solitude!
A great heavy metal band from Uppsala.

And then, the Lawless Darkness was unchained!
M1 Malfeitor
M2 Storm of the Antichrist
M3 Four Thrones
M4 Devil's Blood
M5 Reaping Death
M6 Lawless Darkness
M7 Total Funeral
M8 Stellarvore
M9 On Horns Impaled
E1 Waters of Ain


Blessed by the shunned Gods.

Let us welcome the Bringer of Ends with open arms.

Majesties of lawless darkness,
in our hearts thy thrones prepared

I manage to capture the Satanic Ritual and Four Thornes!
Available in HD, give it a watch!

Go fuck your Jewish God!

I am the son of Darkness and Death.

To the waters of Ain, where no circles confine.
To the twilight of time, to the death.

Towards the setting sun and the end of the world.

Temple of Watain

Drop by drop, curse by curse
until all three cups are filled.

I decided to add some color to my wardrobe so I decided to get a grey T-shirt!
Motive and lyrics from "Devil's Blood". 
The show was amazing, I wish the venue could've been a bit smaller though. 
Since I didn't really feel the stench of death and rotting blood/meat because the venue was quite big. (~2000ppl). But if you checked the video I took you can really feel the atmosphere Watain created. 
All the fire, props, the blood, the bones, skulls, incense and smell of death. 

They crated an amazing show and atmosphere in there. One of the best shows I've ever seen. 
I will definably see them again when I get the chance. 
And Erik's live performance was great as well, he had a certain way of moving/walking wich made the show even more.. Magical(..?) 

When they got up on stage and the fire started burning, and the blood was spat out and the drums started to roar like thunder you transferred into another world. You where somewhere else. And there was only fire and chaos surrounding you. 
I don't know where I went, but I was released from this prison of flesh.

...Sworn to the Dark,
to the Death and far beyond.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



I decided to do another movie review, since I have seen some movies lol.
And that my "real" update needs som editing before uploading,
and this is an easy and fast way to do a entry.
Still on the horror track, and since it was Halloween,
I decided to pick up on of the most notorious horror icons; Michael Myers.

(2007, Horror, Rob Zombie)

I don't know if everybody is familiar with the remakes,
or with Rob Zombie's other movies. 
(The Devil's Rejects, 2003 is a great movie for instance)
A re-make is always something risky, because people
expect it to be a certain way, but in my opinion there's no point,
at all, to do a re-make if you're just doing your own versions of the previous movie.

I personally like this movie, I expected shit (I'm happy Michael Bay didn't direct it lol!) 
This movie focuses a lot more on Michael's childhood than the original movie did.
Which I think was a nice twist, since the first one doesn't put many minutes into it,
it takes almost half the movie until we see the grown up Michael.

Though, the back story seems so.. Light. How do you become crazy?
You have a dysfunctional family and you get bullied at school of course!
And I don't know why they have such harsh language, I think it's too much

and it doesn't add anything to the movie. And Michael is a very mysterious character,
and they're telling a little, so he's not so mysterious as he was before,
yet you don't really get enough information to really learn anything.

Another thing that bothered me was that some scenes
are almost complete rip-offs, like the one with
the hipster dude who gets stabbed unto a wall
with a knife and stays mounted. Michael is using a knife, not a sword,
how long do they think the blade is? It's like it's getting 30cm longer
just for that specific scene because he needs to be mounted.

And the Halloween theme is used too much, and at wrong times,
even when he's a kid. I personally associate the theme with "killer Michael"
as a grown up, he even talks as a kid, and hasn't become the killer.
But the girls in the movie is like the original, totally ditzy. 
So I think it's a bit off, and they play "Love Hurts" ?
When I saw it saw a clip before watching the movie, I thought it was a joke.
But a funny thing is that they're actually paying tribute, to a tribute!
Yes, they're showing "The Thing From Another World" (1951)
as the movie that they're watching in this film.
Would have been cooler to show Carpenter's own re-make though.

So, after half the movie Michael is a grown up, 
and he's HUGE. He looks like a fucking giant now,
compared to the "regular guy" he was in Carpenter's movies.
In the original Michael was silent, like an assassin.
You never knew when he was coming, but now he's a beast.
He stabs people like crazy, and even uses blunt objects to smash
them to bits. There's a lot more blood and violence, but I like it.

I think Zombie did a pretty good job with this movie.

It's not the best in the series, but not the worst.
It's a pretty decent re-make, that i think you should watch! 


(2009, Horror, Rob Zombie)

This is a sequel, and not a re-make!
And this movie is the most original in it's own way.
There's a lot of dream sequences and other aspects that has never been
seen in this franchises before. This movie doesn't have the "Halloween-feeling"
that I usually get, this movie is way too dark, literally dark.
I watched it in blu-ray and fully lit screen, and still I could barely see
what was going on. (The only movie that is darker is probably AvP 2)
The main characters have completely changed, Laurie is now
fucked up traumatized and Loomis is being accused for
making money of the victims with his books about Michael.
I guess he wanted to keep the characters fresh and new,
but I personally thing they're so boring.
And I just want to smash Lauries fucking face in.
Can't stand that bitch anymore.

A Michael himself mostly walks around like a hobo
and brutally kills people, there's no mercy.
He stabs people so many times I lost count, and some good 'ol head bashing
and face stomping. And what I think is the worst part about the movie is the end.
You see Michaels face completely lit up, without the mask and he TALKS.
Yes, Michael fucking Myers talks. And what does he say..?
"DIE!" I mean, come on! How simple can you get?
And WHY did he need to say that? I didn't even have a purpose.
And Michael looks a lot like Rob Zombie himself unmasked,
even though it says he's played by another actor.

This movie was, different, too different.
I didn't like it at all, it's way too long and dark.
This is also the latest installment, so you can actually skip this one.
You'll only get upset.


Phew, two reviews entries in a row.
I'll try to write a "regular" soon!
And to watch the rest of the Halloween movies.

An yeah, I'm also going on a little trip this week..!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I did some small editing, I cut the past update in two,
since it was so ridiculously long.
So hopefully somebody would care to read it, haha! 

Oh, yeah, I was also thinking of adding a new category fot my blog..

Movie reviews!
There'll also be album reviews too.

Since movies are a big part of my life,
and I've also been studying Film Studies at a University
I thought I might write about movies I've seen.
And I try to watch at least three - four movies a week.
So why now include it in my blog?
And just a heads up, it will be reviews of movies I watch,
So there will also be bad movies which I'll probably won't recommend, haha.
And the length of the reviews might differ.
I've actually written a five pages long analysis of a movie scene that only lasts a few minutes,
and if it's a boring straight forward movie, that won't be necessary.
And since I'm doing more than one movie this time, 
It'll be shorter.

So, this week I decided to watch all the Wrong Turn movies.
Since I saw a friend talking about the latest one on twitter lol!
I haven't seen them before, so I decided to give it a shot!

Wrong Turn 
(2003, Horror, Rob Schmidt)

The first thing I notice is that Schmidt obviously is a Wes Craven-fan.
This movie is basically "The Hills Have Eyes" (1977)
but instead of being in the mountains (or hills if you will) 
they're now in the forrest, in North Carolina if I'm not completely wrong.
The movie does nothing new or controversial. 

A couple of teenagers, that get's their car stuck in barbwire,
and are now stuck in the woods with inbreed disfigured cannibal hillbillies.
And their inbreed and disfigured because of some chemicals in the water.
This movie is actually better than the original "The Hills Have Eyes" but wore than the remake.

The movie relied on pop-up horror and follows a basic horror movie dramaturgy.
But the effects are pretty good, and there's a lot of gore for those who like it.
I personally do, quite entertaining violence and this movie got a lot of guts (literally.)


Wrong Turn 2: Dead End 
(2007, Horror, Joe Lynch)

The same concept as before, cannibal hillbillies in the woods. 
But this time it's a bunch of people starring in some "Survival" reality show.

This movie is actually better than expected, but still pretty bad.
It's pretty much the same as the first one, but this time
it got more balls and more gore, they're taking the gore up a notch,
which I think is good.

The movie also stars Henry Rollins, which is the most interesting
character of them all. All the other characters are extremely boring
and you kinda want them to get killed, haha.

But this is no brainer either, just straight forward and bloody.


Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead 
(2009, Horror, Declan O'Brein)

This time there's a little twist,
it's about a convict convoy who gets rammed of the road,
with a lot of dangerous convicts that are chained together,
and there's one crazy hillbilly in the woods.
And they have to survive.

We follow a group of missing teenagers, convicts and some cops.
And in the woods they find some armord truck, which contains a lot of cash.
And the convicts got hold of the guns after the accident.
So they decide to take the cash.

And you just follow them through the night with the hillbilly showing up and
picking them off one at the time.
Oh wait, there's actually two, one grown up and a kid!
The movie is boring, and the only thing I like is the chopped of limbs,
that's the only good effects, and only good thing about this movie.

And they also insist on doing too advanced traps, which they'll have
to do the effects in CGI, and the CGI is so cheap it looks terrible.
Even I do better green screen work, this ruins everything.
Because the movie changes too much.
Boring characters, boring story, worthless effects etc.
And everything about this movie is so illogical
that you wonder if the characters are retarded or not.

I hope that O'Brein won't make any more movies, ever.


Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings 
(2011, Horror, Declan O'Brein)

So much for those hopes!
Another shitfest by O'Brein.
And it was about time for a pre-qual, all horror movies
seem to get a pre-qual after a couple of movies.

This movie takes you back, to a sanatorium 
(not a "sanitarium"!).
The difference being that a sanatorium and a sanitarium
is that the sanatorium is suppose to keep these "people"
locked away from the rest of society, while a sanitarium
is suppose to take care and heal crazy persons.
The sanatorium keeps them locked up.

Anyhow, I thought it might be interesting, 
but this is only for a very short amount of time and we're back
in "our time" again. This time it's in the winter,
a bunch of college kids who goes out with their snowmobiles,
get's lost, find a abandoned sanatorium (which they think is a hospital)
and spends the night there because of a snow storm.

They joke around, drink, smoke pot and have sex, like ALL
teenagers do, and there's very stereotypical characters.
And because this is a pre-qual we know that the hillbilly freaks won't die.
Since they're starring in the first movie.
So only the kids will get killed.

This movie is not that gory as the first two,
and the killings are pretty damn boring as well.
And everything they do seems extremely illogical as well.
Who picks a pair of scissors before a FUCKING HATCHET
if you're going to kill a motherfucker? Apparently these kids do.

And they even manage to get the hillbillies locked up,
and one guy wants to burn them alive, but some girl says they can't do that.
Even tho they ripped the head of one of their friends right infront of them.

They're alone, in the middle of nowhere, and there's no way to reach
the outside world, and they have the chance to kill
the three cannibals that killed their friend
right infront of them, but that would be "too sad"
so what do they do?

They take turns watching them, and of course somebody falls asleep,
they break out, and all hell brakes lose and now everybody is going to die.
Yay, fucking kids. Kill a motherfucker when you can.
I'm not sure if this movie is wore than the 3rd, but it's shit, that's for sure.


I guess this was one of those weird weeks!
Anyone else that uses last.fm as well?
If you're interested in what I'm listening to just click on this link right here
And I'm also going to try to keep it more simple,
with more frequent updates, and not such long entries.
Keep it nice and simple.

See ya.


Today, well, last Saturday it was time to see Veronica again!
AND, this update is only a week late! Lol, such improvement from my side.
So this was the fourth time this year that I'm going to see Veronica~

Had to look pretty today for obvious reasons, hähä.
But no accessories, I don't like stuff that can get stuck in people hair and God
know what, I wasn't expecting a rough crowd, but you never know!

And some basic cooking tips from me, how you take
food to the next level by simple things!
And as you can see this is nothing fancy, I got the "idea" right before I was going
to eat it lol, messy lay-up (is it called "lay-up" ?)  and boring angle etc.

Any how, for some reason I'm kinda hooked on mushrooms atm,
so i had some boring pad thai (fried noodles, thai style)
and I just... Fried some sliced bacon and sliced mushrooms!
And then add it to the meal, ta-dah.
As you already probably know; Bacon is the secret to all my "meal enhancements"

I got there one hour before they opened to doors, 
because I wanted to make sure I got a nice spot,
and I picked a spot at the rail,
but not in the middle as many people seem to do,
I picked a spot slightly left,
between the monitors and switchboards!
I mean, she probably wont climb over the monitors,
so if she's going to get close to the audience..
Where would she go..? håhåhå,
I'm such a genius   

And it was SOLD OUT! 

I took some HD footage from the gig!
This was one of the better songs from this gig,
or well, almost every song was amazing, but this was a little extra!
It's one of the three singles from her previous album "Och vinnaren är..." 
(And the winner is...) and one of my favorite tracks
from that album. The song is called "17 år" (17 years)
A song about being 17 and don't wanna be the one
whom is left in the same old town.

I tried to translate the lyrics into English, but it sounded retarded, haha.

And I was really satisfied with my spot!
I was also the only one who got a high five,
and lot of eye contact, maybe she recognized me..?
Would be badass.
Also: How can somebody be so beautiful? Goddamn

^ GPOY ^
Haha, every fucking time!

She had a different setlist this time!
When I saw her in Gotham, Trollhättan (Problem, Manhattan?) and Örebro
she had the same setlist all three times, but this time there were
two other songs..!

"Inga Kläder" (No clothes) from "Satan I Gatan" (2011) and 
"Dumpa Mig" (Dump me) From "Vatten & Bröd" (2006)

And "Inga Kläder" is my favorite song by her!
And I manage to get it on video, HD footage ofc.
Beautiful live performance of a beautiful song.

"I'll never forger your secrets
That you are sacred although no one knows it
Sure, you can shrug and play cool
And although you think you succeeded, I know anyhow

And you try to keep a straight face
So you can hover above the ground

Sure you can pretend and laugh like nothing happened
But I know everything about you, because you used to be mine
But hey, you're someone else now
But when you strip down and undress it's all the same"

Tried to give you some kind of translation,
since the song might not speak as clearly to people who doesn't understand the lyrics.
But anyway, one of the most beautiful songs I know!

Her performance was great, tho i felt it was a little bit
better in Örebro, the microphone had some minor problem with
acoustic feedback when she went in front of the monitors.
But over all the show was great, and the lighting as well!
And she smiled and waved at me when she got of the stage,
at least I'm gonna tell myself that. HAH.

Too bad she won't have any gigs near me (aka. less than 4 hours train ride)
for this tour, too bad, since I'll have to wait until next year to see her again.
Can't wait to see her again!
You should all go on iTunes and by her latest album "Satan I Gatan"
It's fucking brilliant.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


And now I'm trying to sum it all up,  I'll catch up lol!
I've been doing a lot, well, not really, haha!
But I've bought some clothing, partyin, some gig and vidya.
Pretty much the same as always, haha.
So, after this I'll be up-to-date! YAAAAAY
Fun as shit and all that

Nice that it doesn't take a month between updates, right? Lol
Anyhow, I've been a lot in Gotham with Patrik,
and his band BatAAr had a gig at a bar called Stars'n'Bars!
So I tagged a long to their rehearsal place, for the dress rehearsal.

Patrik (gu) & Tobbe (dr)

We also manage to hook up the computer to all the TVs in the bar,
so they could show their... Whatever it was, some visual stuff synced to the songs they play!
And of the TV in the background wasn't turned on when I took the picture lol!
No one can escape!

BatAAr ripped the place a new one,
pretty so-so- sound, but a great performance.

So, when is the tram leaving..?

Halloween, bitches.
So, I tried some girly-girl make-up!

Also; No editing except change of colors, 
you mad bro?

WÔÔÔÔW, super vk and all that.
Haha, and the Halloween is the only night when people won't call you gay!!!

Le club, pretty boring, really boring actually, haha.
And we missed happy hour, boohoo. :-(

Davy G's cooking-tips: Basic pizza customization. 
OK, you know those deep frozen pizzas?
This is a great way of making them better;
° Bacon
° Cheese
Just add a lot of cheese on top, then a full bacon layer and then cheese over it
and put that motherfucker in the oven! 
Enjoy your delicious pizza and some chest pain.

That's right nigga, Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition
I've been waiting years for this game!
And I decided to go balls-to-the-walls and get the badass edition.
Arkham Asylum was the first game to give the name Batman justice,
and this game is actually better than the first one, and longer!
I've alredy beaten it twice, I did it in.. Three or four days, haha!

But this is my Game of the Year so-far, and the only game that i feel
can threaten AC is Uncharted 3, haven't played it yet.
But a friend of mien got it so I'm gonna try to play it ASAP.
Been really stoked about the new Uncharted as well,
one of the most solid franchises of this console generation!

Got a lot of bonus content in my Collectors Edition!
And there was also sale on crisps, haha, 1€/bag,
so ofc you have to get some right???

I even got some more shit!
I got men's egg and I decided to try out Gatsby, since I think that would work with my hair.
I decided to get the moving rubber 「grunge matt」I was thinking
of getting the pink one first, since that worked, but this one should be
better for longer hair, and I have kinda long hair..

And I also got some clothing and stuff, but the fucking customs are ridiculous, 
100€ only in customs!? PLEASE, that shit is bullshit.
Well, anyhow as you can see, I fucking love colors.

The thing about japanese stuff that i love is that it's not made for fat people.
Haha, if I would by a shirt her that's long enough over the arms, 
it would be like a fucking tent, for real, and I can't afford buying tailored shirts all the time.
And it's real diamonds ofc, only the best for me etc. 

And I got a weird ass vest, at first i didn't even know how I was suppose to wear it, 
haha. Just a lot of fabric all over the place! But after a while I figured it out lol!
They should include a manual or something for this shit..

AND this is how it looks on me, I actually tried to have my sister taking
pictures of me wearing them, but it only looked retarded haha.
So I'm gonna use the very interesting mirror shot instead!!!

AND I also got some bling-bling, and the ring was actually TOO big.
So weird, I always assume that I need the biggest size on asian stuff, since I'm 188/6'2"
But turns out it's different for rings, so I'm probably gonna reshape it.
Better to have a 0-shaped ring than it flying away when I move my hands lol.
And some badass bracelet, don't really know what it is.. Maybe.. Nah, I dunno.
And a badass Dracula-necklace, looking pimp and all that.

And yeah, I got ONE new lens, since I manage to drop one in the sink at 
a friends place! So I tried to find a similar pattern, but I didn't find one in the same color.
So I piked another color, always wanted to try a violet lens. 
And it doesn't really look different when wearing them, since the color of this one didn't 
give me as much effect as expected, but it works with the gray one!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ok, haha, as you all might have noticed my updates are KINDA late.
But I'm trying to recap, I haven't really done THAT much interesting shit.
Mostly school and shit.

NES turned 25! Mine still works, no problems at all.
And eating some bacon,
and building a damn wall. Haha.
Yep, I'm a handy man, bitches love handy mans.

And some partyin partyin yeah, ofc.
This is how I roll!
Also; Amigos is the only beer that I REALLY like,
It's kinda hard to get, you need to make a special order,
at least here to get it. And I've only found it at one bar.
But damn, it's good. It's supposed to be tequila flavored beer.
But the funny thing is; It doesn't taste like beer NOR tequila.
Haha, really weird, but damn it's good.

No homo.

Lol, random cam whorin at school!
I'm also studying at three Universities at the same time lol!
This is at the place where I study fine arts and design.

And the most awesomest thing... My friend Fidde bought a HOUSE!
A goddamn house, and it's SO fresh.
No joke, everything is new. Shit is nice.

And if you move in somewhere.. It's time to party!
So I decided to get some things for their fridge lol!

Living room and kitchen,
But before the party we had to assemble some furniture and shit!
Can't party without proper furniture, amirite?

New hairstyle!

Full house bitches!

Hahaha, Jimmy decided to "vaska" 
"Vaska" is a term that means that you're just pouring something out in the sink.
("Vaska" comes from the word "vask" which is sink)
It's usually a thing brats do, they buy TWO bottles of champagne and ask the bartender to pour the other one out in the sink just because they "can afford it".
Because in most clubs it's not allowed so spray champagne all over the place, 
because it get's on furniture, the floor, bitches, bros, the ceiling etc and there's a huge mess.
So this is some new phenomenon they decided to do INSTEAD.
(Personally I don't understand it, since sprayin champagne is fun, pouring it out, not so much) 

ANYHOW, Jimmy decided to pour two beer into his underwear, haha crazya ss nigga.

Aftermath, probably the stickiest table EVER.
And a shit load of cans, bottles and everything.

Some REAL fucking kebab bitches!

Beautiful Veronica Maggio is coming back to Gotham!
And guess who decided to get tickets as soon as they were released!?
YEP, that's right.
I had my tickets for months now, so finally on the 5th of November
I'm going to se my beloved Veronica for the 4th time this year!
So incredibly stoked, gonna get front row.
I've missed her so much, she should come her at least twice a month lol!

One of my favorit tracks from her "Snälla bli min" (Please be mine)
with english subtitles, such a beautiful song. ENJOY
(and yes, you have to listen and read the lyrics) 

AND, I also manage to get ticket's to WATAIN's show in Gotham!
They rarely play here, so i grabbed one as fast as I could!
I've always missed their shows, even if their from my own country lol, 
they usually play outside!

WATAIN is by far my favorit black metal band, 
since they're one of the more ortodox bands in the genre,
and they put up a REAL show to embrace their atmosphere.
They build their own temple on stage and all the props.
And their music is really well written, and they have 
great lyrics as well, heavily influenced by the bands anti-cosmic beliefs.  

Skulls, animal heads, pyrotechnics, chains and crosses,
and dressed up and drenched in animal blood.
They want to stimulate all senses, not only vision and hearing but also the smell!
And it's suppose to reek of death when you enter, so I'm really excited!

I just hope that no one will throw up on me lol!  
They've also received a "grammis" (biggest music award here)
For their latest album "Lawless Darkness"!
I was really surprised since this kinds of bands rarely gets nominated in such awards.

And the funny thing is, I'm seeing WATAIN at the same place where Veronica plays, 
but the day AFTER! Yep, on the 6th of November.
Also, incredibility stoked.

Haha, quiet a mix of bands right?

For I am begotten of the virgin whore

as truth and torment, priest and warrior
now behold as I pervert and destroy their law
as the image of my philius moists the labia of Shekinah
for dark are the desires that dwell within my heart
and the Devil is in my kiss

My favorit track from their latest album "Lawless Darkness"

Does anyone of my readers like black metal as well?

Take care!