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Monday, November 14, 2011


Today, well, last Saturday it was time to see Veronica again!
AND, this update is only a week late! Lol, such improvement from my side.
So this was the fourth time this year that I'm going to see Veronica~

Had to look pretty today for obvious reasons, hähä.
But no accessories, I don't like stuff that can get stuck in people hair and God
know what, I wasn't expecting a rough crowd, but you never know!

And some basic cooking tips from me, how you take
food to the next level by simple things!
And as you can see this is nothing fancy, I got the "idea" right before I was going
to eat it lol, messy lay-up (is it called "lay-up" ?)  and boring angle etc.

Any how, for some reason I'm kinda hooked on mushrooms atm,
so i had some boring pad thai (fried noodles, thai style)
and I just... Fried some sliced bacon and sliced mushrooms!
And then add it to the meal, ta-dah.
As you already probably know; Bacon is the secret to all my "meal enhancements"

I got there one hour before they opened to doors, 
because I wanted to make sure I got a nice spot,
and I picked a spot at the rail,
but not in the middle as many people seem to do,
I picked a spot slightly left,
between the monitors and switchboards!
I mean, she probably wont climb over the monitors,
so if she's going to get close to the audience..
Where would she go..? håhåhå,
I'm such a genius   

And it was SOLD OUT! 

I took some HD footage from the gig!
This was one of the better songs from this gig,
or well, almost every song was amazing, but this was a little extra!
It's one of the three singles from her previous album "Och vinnaren är..." 
(And the winner is...) and one of my favorite tracks
from that album. The song is called "17 år" (17 years)
A song about being 17 and don't wanna be the one
whom is left in the same old town.

I tried to translate the lyrics into English, but it sounded retarded, haha.

And I was really satisfied with my spot!
I was also the only one who got a high five,
and lot of eye contact, maybe she recognized me..?
Would be badass.
Also: How can somebody be so beautiful? Goddamn

^ GPOY ^
Haha, every fucking time!

She had a different setlist this time!
When I saw her in Gotham, Trollhättan (Problem, Manhattan?) and Örebro
she had the same setlist all three times, but this time there were
two other songs..!

"Inga Kläder" (No clothes) from "Satan I Gatan" (2011) and 
"Dumpa Mig" (Dump me) From "Vatten & Bröd" (2006)

And "Inga Kläder" is my favorite song by her!
And I manage to get it on video, HD footage ofc.
Beautiful live performance of a beautiful song.

"I'll never forger your secrets
That you are sacred although no one knows it
Sure, you can shrug and play cool
And although you think you succeeded, I know anyhow

And you try to keep a straight face
So you can hover above the ground

Sure you can pretend and laugh like nothing happened
But I know everything about you, because you used to be mine
But hey, you're someone else now
But when you strip down and undress it's all the same"

Tried to give you some kind of translation,
since the song might not speak as clearly to people who doesn't understand the lyrics.
But anyway, one of the most beautiful songs I know!

Her performance was great, tho i felt it was a little bit
better in Örebro, the microphone had some minor problem with
acoustic feedback when she went in front of the monitors.
But over all the show was great, and the lighting as well!
And she smiled and waved at me when she got of the stage,
at least I'm gonna tell myself that. HAH.

Too bad she won't have any gigs near me (aka. less than 4 hours train ride)
for this tour, too bad, since I'll have to wait until next year to see her again.
Can't wait to see her again!
You should all go on iTunes and by her latest album "Satan I Gatan"
It's fucking brilliant.

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