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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ok, haha, as you all might have noticed my updates are KINDA late.
But I'm trying to recap, I haven't really done THAT much interesting shit.
Mostly school and shit.

NES turned 25! Mine still works, no problems at all.
And eating some bacon,
and building a damn wall. Haha.
Yep, I'm a handy man, bitches love handy mans.

And some partyin partyin yeah, ofc.
This is how I roll!
Also; Amigos is the only beer that I REALLY like,
It's kinda hard to get, you need to make a special order,
at least here to get it. And I've only found it at one bar.
But damn, it's good. It's supposed to be tequila flavored beer.
But the funny thing is; It doesn't taste like beer NOR tequila.
Haha, really weird, but damn it's good.

No homo.

Lol, random cam whorin at school!
I'm also studying at three Universities at the same time lol!
This is at the place where I study fine arts and design.

And the most awesomest thing... My friend Fidde bought a HOUSE!
A goddamn house, and it's SO fresh.
No joke, everything is new. Shit is nice.

And if you move in somewhere.. It's time to party!
So I decided to get some things for their fridge lol!

Living room and kitchen,
But before the party we had to assemble some furniture and shit!
Can't party without proper furniture, amirite?

New hairstyle!

Full house bitches!

Hahaha, Jimmy decided to "vaska" 
"Vaska" is a term that means that you're just pouring something out in the sink.
("Vaska" comes from the word "vask" which is sink)
It's usually a thing brats do, they buy TWO bottles of champagne and ask the bartender to pour the other one out in the sink just because they "can afford it".
Because in most clubs it's not allowed so spray champagne all over the place, 
because it get's on furniture, the floor, bitches, bros, the ceiling etc and there's a huge mess.
So this is some new phenomenon they decided to do INSTEAD.
(Personally I don't understand it, since sprayin champagne is fun, pouring it out, not so much) 

ANYHOW, Jimmy decided to pour two beer into his underwear, haha crazya ss nigga.

Aftermath, probably the stickiest table EVER.
And a shit load of cans, bottles and everything.

Some REAL fucking kebab bitches!

Beautiful Veronica Maggio is coming back to Gotham!
And guess who decided to get tickets as soon as they were released!?
YEP, that's right.
I had my tickets for months now, so finally on the 5th of November
I'm going to se my beloved Veronica for the 4th time this year!
So incredibly stoked, gonna get front row.
I've missed her so much, she should come her at least twice a month lol!

One of my favorit tracks from her "Snälla bli min" (Please be mine)
with english subtitles, such a beautiful song. ENJOY
(and yes, you have to listen and read the lyrics) 

AND, I also manage to get ticket's to WATAIN's show in Gotham!
They rarely play here, so i grabbed one as fast as I could!
I've always missed their shows, even if their from my own country lol, 
they usually play outside!

WATAIN is by far my favorit black metal band, 
since they're one of the more ortodox bands in the genre,
and they put up a REAL show to embrace their atmosphere.
They build their own temple on stage and all the props.
And their music is really well written, and they have 
great lyrics as well, heavily influenced by the bands anti-cosmic beliefs.  

Skulls, animal heads, pyrotechnics, chains and crosses,
and dressed up and drenched in animal blood.
They want to stimulate all senses, not only vision and hearing but also the smell!
And it's suppose to reek of death when you enter, so I'm really excited!

I just hope that no one will throw up on me lol!  
They've also received a "grammis" (biggest music award here)
For their latest album "Lawless Darkness"!
I was really surprised since this kinds of bands rarely gets nominated in such awards.

And the funny thing is, I'm seeing WATAIN at the same place where Veronica plays, 
but the day AFTER! Yep, on the 6th of November.
Also, incredibility stoked.

Haha, quiet a mix of bands right?

For I am begotten of the virgin whore

as truth and torment, priest and warrior
now behold as I pervert and destroy their law
as the image of my philius moists the labia of Shekinah
for dark are the desires that dwell within my heart
and the Devil is in my kiss

My favorit track from their latest album "Lawless Darkness"

Does anyone of my readers like black metal as well?

Take care!

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