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Saturday, November 5, 2011


And now I'm trying to sum it all up,  I'll catch up lol!
I've been doing a lot, well, not really, haha!
But I've bought some clothing, partyin, some gig and vidya.
Pretty much the same as always, haha.
So, after this I'll be up-to-date! YAAAAAY
Fun as shit and all that

Nice that it doesn't take a month between updates, right? Lol
Anyhow, I've been a lot in Gotham with Patrik,
and his band BatAAr had a gig at a bar called Stars'n'Bars!
So I tagged a long to their rehearsal place, for the dress rehearsal.

Patrik (gu) & Tobbe (dr)

We also manage to hook up the computer to all the TVs in the bar,
so they could show their... Whatever it was, some visual stuff synced to the songs they play!
And of the TV in the background wasn't turned on when I took the picture lol!
No one can escape!

BatAAr ripped the place a new one,
pretty so-so- sound, but a great performance.

So, when is the tram leaving..?

Halloween, bitches.
So, I tried some girly-girl make-up!

Also; No editing except change of colors, 
you mad bro?

WÔÔÔÔW, super vk and all that.
Haha, and the Halloween is the only night when people won't call you gay!!!

Le club, pretty boring, really boring actually, haha.
And we missed happy hour, boohoo. :-(

Davy G's cooking-tips: Basic pizza customization. 
OK, you know those deep frozen pizzas?
This is a great way of making them better;
° Bacon
° Cheese
Just add a lot of cheese on top, then a full bacon layer and then cheese over it
and put that motherfucker in the oven! 
Enjoy your delicious pizza and some chest pain.

That's right nigga, Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition
I've been waiting years for this game!
And I decided to go balls-to-the-walls and get the badass edition.
Arkham Asylum was the first game to give the name Batman justice,
and this game is actually better than the first one, and longer!
I've alredy beaten it twice, I did it in.. Three or four days, haha!

But this is my Game of the Year so-far, and the only game that i feel
can threaten AC is Uncharted 3, haven't played it yet.
But a friend of mien got it so I'm gonna try to play it ASAP.
Been really stoked about the new Uncharted as well,
one of the most solid franchises of this console generation!

Got a lot of bonus content in my Collectors Edition!
And there was also sale on crisps, haha, 1€/bag,
so ofc you have to get some right???

I even got some more shit!
I got men's egg and I decided to try out Gatsby, since I think that would work with my hair.
I decided to get the moving rubber 「grunge matt」I was thinking
of getting the pink one first, since that worked, but this one should be
better for longer hair, and I have kinda long hair..

And I also got some clothing and stuff, but the fucking customs are ridiculous, 
100€ only in customs!? PLEASE, that shit is bullshit.
Well, anyhow as you can see, I fucking love colors.

The thing about japanese stuff that i love is that it's not made for fat people.
Haha, if I would by a shirt her that's long enough over the arms, 
it would be like a fucking tent, for real, and I can't afford buying tailored shirts all the time.
And it's real diamonds ofc, only the best for me etc. 

And I got a weird ass vest, at first i didn't even know how I was suppose to wear it, 
haha. Just a lot of fabric all over the place! But after a while I figured it out lol!
They should include a manual or something for this shit..

AND this is how it looks on me, I actually tried to have my sister taking
pictures of me wearing them, but it only looked retarded haha.
So I'm gonna use the very interesting mirror shot instead!!!

AND I also got some bling-bling, and the ring was actually TOO big.
So weird, I always assume that I need the biggest size on asian stuff, since I'm 188/6'2"
But turns out it's different for rings, so I'm probably gonna reshape it.
Better to have a 0-shaped ring than it flying away when I move my hands lol.
And some badass bracelet, don't really know what it is.. Maybe.. Nah, I dunno.
And a badass Dracula-necklace, looking pimp and all that.

And yeah, I got ONE new lens, since I manage to drop one in the sink at 
a friends place! So I tried to find a similar pattern, but I didn't find one in the same color.
So I piked another color, always wanted to try a violet lens. 
And it doesn't really look different when wearing them, since the color of this one didn't 
give me as much effect as expected, but it works with the gray one!

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