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Monday, November 14, 2011


I did some small editing, I cut the past update in two,
since it was so ridiculously long.
So hopefully somebody would care to read it, haha! 

Oh, yeah, I was also thinking of adding a new category fot my blog..

Movie reviews!
There'll also be album reviews too.

Since movies are a big part of my life,
and I've also been studying Film Studies at a University
I thought I might write about movies I've seen.
And I try to watch at least three - four movies a week.
So why now include it in my blog?
And just a heads up, it will be reviews of movies I watch,
So there will also be bad movies which I'll probably won't recommend, haha.
And the length of the reviews might differ.
I've actually written a five pages long analysis of a movie scene that only lasts a few minutes,
and if it's a boring straight forward movie, that won't be necessary.
And since I'm doing more than one movie this time, 
It'll be shorter.

So, this week I decided to watch all the Wrong Turn movies.
Since I saw a friend talking about the latest one on twitter lol!
I haven't seen them before, so I decided to give it a shot!

Wrong Turn 
(2003, Horror, Rob Schmidt)

The first thing I notice is that Schmidt obviously is a Wes Craven-fan.
This movie is basically "The Hills Have Eyes" (1977)
but instead of being in the mountains (or hills if you will) 
they're now in the forrest, in North Carolina if I'm not completely wrong.
The movie does nothing new or controversial. 

A couple of teenagers, that get's their car stuck in barbwire,
and are now stuck in the woods with inbreed disfigured cannibal hillbillies.
And their inbreed and disfigured because of some chemicals in the water.
This movie is actually better than the original "The Hills Have Eyes" but wore than the remake.

The movie relied on pop-up horror and follows a basic horror movie dramaturgy.
But the effects are pretty good, and there's a lot of gore for those who like it.
I personally do, quite entertaining violence and this movie got a lot of guts (literally.)


Wrong Turn 2: Dead End 
(2007, Horror, Joe Lynch)

The same concept as before, cannibal hillbillies in the woods. 
But this time it's a bunch of people starring in some "Survival" reality show.

This movie is actually better than expected, but still pretty bad.
It's pretty much the same as the first one, but this time
it got more balls and more gore, they're taking the gore up a notch,
which I think is good.

The movie also stars Henry Rollins, which is the most interesting
character of them all. All the other characters are extremely boring
and you kinda want them to get killed, haha.

But this is no brainer either, just straight forward and bloody.


Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead 
(2009, Horror, Declan O'Brein)

This time there's a little twist,
it's about a convict convoy who gets rammed of the road,
with a lot of dangerous convicts that are chained together,
and there's one crazy hillbilly in the woods.
And they have to survive.

We follow a group of missing teenagers, convicts and some cops.
And in the woods they find some armord truck, which contains a lot of cash.
And the convicts got hold of the guns after the accident.
So they decide to take the cash.

And you just follow them through the night with the hillbilly showing up and
picking them off one at the time.
Oh wait, there's actually two, one grown up and a kid!
The movie is boring, and the only thing I like is the chopped of limbs,
that's the only good effects, and only good thing about this movie.

And they also insist on doing too advanced traps, which they'll have
to do the effects in CGI, and the CGI is so cheap it looks terrible.
Even I do better green screen work, this ruins everything.
Because the movie changes too much.
Boring characters, boring story, worthless effects etc.
And everything about this movie is so illogical
that you wonder if the characters are retarded or not.

I hope that O'Brein won't make any more movies, ever.


Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings 
(2011, Horror, Declan O'Brein)

So much for those hopes!
Another shitfest by O'Brein.
And it was about time for a pre-qual, all horror movies
seem to get a pre-qual after a couple of movies.

This movie takes you back, to a sanatorium 
(not a "sanitarium"!).
The difference being that a sanatorium and a sanitarium
is that the sanatorium is suppose to keep these "people"
locked away from the rest of society, while a sanitarium
is suppose to take care and heal crazy persons.
The sanatorium keeps them locked up.

Anyhow, I thought it might be interesting, 
but this is only for a very short amount of time and we're back
in "our time" again. This time it's in the winter,
a bunch of college kids who goes out with their snowmobiles,
get's lost, find a abandoned sanatorium (which they think is a hospital)
and spends the night there because of a snow storm.

They joke around, drink, smoke pot and have sex, like ALL
teenagers do, and there's very stereotypical characters.
And because this is a pre-qual we know that the hillbilly freaks won't die.
Since they're starring in the first movie.
So only the kids will get killed.

This movie is not that gory as the first two,
and the killings are pretty damn boring as well.
And everything they do seems extremely illogical as well.
Who picks a pair of scissors before a FUCKING HATCHET
if you're going to kill a motherfucker? Apparently these kids do.

And they even manage to get the hillbillies locked up,
and one guy wants to burn them alive, but some girl says they can't do that.
Even tho they ripped the head of one of their friends right infront of them.

They're alone, in the middle of nowhere, and there's no way to reach
the outside world, and they have the chance to kill
the three cannibals that killed their friend
right infront of them, but that would be "too sad"
so what do they do?

They take turns watching them, and of course somebody falls asleep,
they break out, and all hell brakes lose and now everybody is going to die.
Yay, fucking kids. Kill a motherfucker when you can.
I'm not sure if this movie is wore than the 3rd, but it's shit, that's for sure.


I guess this was one of those weird weeks!
Anyone else that uses last.fm as well?
If you're interested in what I'm listening to just click on this link right here
And I'm also going to try to keep it more simple,
with more frequent updates, and not such long entries.
Keep it nice and simple.

See ya.

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