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Wednesday, November 16, 2011



I decided to do another movie review, since I have seen some movies lol.
And that my "real" update needs som editing before uploading,
and this is an easy and fast way to do a entry.
Still on the horror track, and since it was Halloween,
I decided to pick up on of the most notorious horror icons; Michael Myers.

(2007, Horror, Rob Zombie)

I don't know if everybody is familiar with the remakes,
or with Rob Zombie's other movies. 
(The Devil's Rejects, 2003 is a great movie for instance)
A re-make is always something risky, because people
expect it to be a certain way, but in my opinion there's no point,
at all, to do a re-make if you're just doing your own versions of the previous movie.

I personally like this movie, I expected shit (I'm happy Michael Bay didn't direct it lol!) 
This movie focuses a lot more on Michael's childhood than the original movie did.
Which I think was a nice twist, since the first one doesn't put many minutes into it,
it takes almost half the movie until we see the grown up Michael.

Though, the back story seems so.. Light. How do you become crazy?
You have a dysfunctional family and you get bullied at school of course!
And I don't know why they have such harsh language, I think it's too much

and it doesn't add anything to the movie. And Michael is a very mysterious character,
and they're telling a little, so he's not so mysterious as he was before,
yet you don't really get enough information to really learn anything.

Another thing that bothered me was that some scenes
are almost complete rip-offs, like the one with
the hipster dude who gets stabbed unto a wall
with a knife and stays mounted. Michael is using a knife, not a sword,
how long do they think the blade is? It's like it's getting 30cm longer
just for that specific scene because he needs to be mounted.

And the Halloween theme is used too much, and at wrong times,
even when he's a kid. I personally associate the theme with "killer Michael"
as a grown up, he even talks as a kid, and hasn't become the killer.
But the girls in the movie is like the original, totally ditzy. 
So I think it's a bit off, and they play "Love Hurts" ?
When I saw it saw a clip before watching the movie, I thought it was a joke.
But a funny thing is that they're actually paying tribute, to a tribute!
Yes, they're showing "The Thing From Another World" (1951)
as the movie that they're watching in this film.
Would have been cooler to show Carpenter's own re-make though.

So, after half the movie Michael is a grown up, 
and he's HUGE. He looks like a fucking giant now,
compared to the "regular guy" he was in Carpenter's movies.
In the original Michael was silent, like an assassin.
You never knew when he was coming, but now he's a beast.
He stabs people like crazy, and even uses blunt objects to smash
them to bits. There's a lot more blood and violence, but I like it.

I think Zombie did a pretty good job with this movie.

It's not the best in the series, but not the worst.
It's a pretty decent re-make, that i think you should watch! 


(2009, Horror, Rob Zombie)

This is a sequel, and not a re-make!
And this movie is the most original in it's own way.
There's a lot of dream sequences and other aspects that has never been
seen in this franchises before. This movie doesn't have the "Halloween-feeling"
that I usually get, this movie is way too dark, literally dark.
I watched it in blu-ray and fully lit screen, and still I could barely see
what was going on. (The only movie that is darker is probably AvP 2)
The main characters have completely changed, Laurie is now
fucked up traumatized and Loomis is being accused for
making money of the victims with his books about Michael.
I guess he wanted to keep the characters fresh and new,
but I personally thing they're so boring.
And I just want to smash Lauries fucking face in.
Can't stand that bitch anymore.

A Michael himself mostly walks around like a hobo
and brutally kills people, there's no mercy.
He stabs people so many times I lost count, and some good 'ol head bashing
and face stomping. And what I think is the worst part about the movie is the end.
You see Michaels face completely lit up, without the mask and he TALKS.
Yes, Michael fucking Myers talks. And what does he say..?
"DIE!" I mean, come on! How simple can you get?
And WHY did he need to say that? I didn't even have a purpose.
And Michael looks a lot like Rob Zombie himself unmasked,
even though it says he's played by another actor.

This movie was, different, too different.
I didn't like it at all, it's way too long and dark.
This is also the latest installment, so you can actually skip this one.
You'll only get upset.


Phew, two reviews entries in a row.
I'll try to write a "regular" soon!
And to watch the rest of the Halloween movies.

An yeah, I'm also going on a little trip this week..!

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