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Sunday, November 27, 2011


6th NOV

Shiiet, a bit late, since I've been a bit busy håhå.
Well, 13 Years of Watain

was about to begin, and one of their few gigs in Gotham.
First time for me seeing them so I was incredibly stoked!


At the merch table!

They had a really fancy table, the Stockholm poster was actually
better looking than the one for Gotham, 120 ex limited screen prints.
I wanted one, but I couldn't really find any room for it
so I skipped it, and got something else instead!

Blacked Death Metal

And the second act was In Solitude!
A great heavy metal band from Uppsala.

And then, the Lawless Darkness was unchained!
M1 Malfeitor
M2 Storm of the Antichrist
M3 Four Thrones
M4 Devil's Blood
M5 Reaping Death
M6 Lawless Darkness
M7 Total Funeral
M8 Stellarvore
M9 On Horns Impaled
E1 Waters of Ain


Blessed by the shunned Gods.

Let us welcome the Bringer of Ends with open arms.

Majesties of lawless darkness,
in our hearts thy thrones prepared

I manage to capture the Satanic Ritual and Four Thornes!
Available in HD, give it a watch!

Go fuck your Jewish God!

I am the son of Darkness and Death.

To the waters of Ain, where no circles confine.
To the twilight of time, to the death.

Towards the setting sun and the end of the world.

Temple of Watain

Drop by drop, curse by curse
until all three cups are filled.

I decided to add some color to my wardrobe so I decided to get a grey T-shirt!
Motive and lyrics from "Devil's Blood". 
The show was amazing, I wish the venue could've been a bit smaller though. 
Since I didn't really feel the stench of death and rotting blood/meat because the venue was quite big. (~2000ppl). But if you checked the video I took you can really feel the atmosphere Watain created. 
All the fire, props, the blood, the bones, skulls, incense and smell of death. 

They crated an amazing show and atmosphere in there. One of the best shows I've ever seen. 
I will definably see them again when I get the chance. 
And Erik's live performance was great as well, he had a certain way of moving/walking wich made the show even more.. Magical(..?) 

When they got up on stage and the fire started burning, and the blood was spat out and the drums started to roar like thunder you transferred into another world. You where somewhere else. And there was only fire and chaos surrounding you. 
I don't know where I went, but I was released from this prison of flesh.

...Sworn to the Dark,
to the Death and far beyond.


  1. retarded band. nothing more hilarious than watching grown men playing with fire and claiming to pledge their allegiance with the 'dark side'. corny shit playacting.

  2. Bands who dedicate themselves to their music is retarded? Ok.