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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Updating two days in a row!? Christmas sure is a time for miracles. But I'm trying to keep my updating so I'll get "in time" again. But this time it's a proper "blogger update" (food and outfits lol!)

Pappardelle with carbonara!

We actually went to Vapiano on the 19th, but since it was a Saturday night it was obviously fully booked, so we decided to go there today instead (28th) for lunch! The food was great, and the price was reasonable, I'd love to come back! Another cool thing was that you could see them making the food, which is nice. And I decided to pay attention so I could make it myself, haha!

And later we went to Stockman to check out some food, haha, Ok not right away, but a little later. Since we need to bring home some food so we wont starve. The bear meat was pretty cheap!

This is where I wanna go when I die.
To eat, not to be chopped up.

We decided to just walk around and check some stores, and when you find a full size mirror you have to do some camwhorin' haha. There was a sale on Weekday but they only had ugly hipster stuff that I can't imagen that people would actually wear.

H&M had hipster-kits!

I've never wanted an umbrella as much as I want this.
How badass isn't this fucking sword handle umbrella!?

Hurr, I'm a durr.

We later met up with Alex and Sini  and later on Tuomas showed up.
Here's our asses!

Shades don't remember Jacket Jeremy Scott Tank top ebay Necklaces Diavlo & Ghost of Harlem Braclets Gina Tricot (right, borrowed) Diavlo (left) Belt  twisty (borrowed) jeans Wrangler Boots Roshell

The jacket is customized with some extra studs, on the shoulders.
Lady gaga tank top.

And later we went to McDonald's for milkshakes and hamburgers, haha.

 Post-food depression.

Then back to Stockman for some fabulous food shopping.

Some good shopping, haha!
I got some facial products, a bow, viina and some sushi!

22€ sushi lol! Delicious.


  1. Jacket - Jeremy Scott

    What? What collection is that jacket from? Because i've never seen that one before and I have been following for Jeremy Scott's collections since forever... So is that authentic JS jacket or some fake?

  2. Don't know, got it this spring anyway!


  4. Those are some giant maki roooooolls.
    Omg I wanttt! Fun blog you have btw, I didn't know you wre a guy since you use a female avatar is gyaru secrets...