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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Oh shi-, it's less than a week until Christmas and I'm going to post a "wish list" like everybody else lol!
So this is the main things I want for Christmas:

1. A new suit, I really want one of those "glossy" "host suits".
2. A new wallet
3. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (The US limited edition W/ Artbook)
4. Skyrim
5. A new bag!
6. I don't know what it's called, but that hair thing! Headband maybe?
7. A chain, for pants and stuff.
8. TIGHT gloves, haha. The tighter the better.
9. A hat! I don't own a hat and I'd really like to have one
10. A pimp ring
11. A bigass scarf
12. Jeans/pants, I'd like something similar to leather or those glossy/metallic/waxed paint looking jeans, I don't really know what their called
13. Another chain, for blazers and pants.
14. A sequin blazer

Quite short entry, but hey, three updates on three days! Going pretty well now, still I have a lot to blog about, so stay tuned!


  1. Ahh sweet wishlist, man. I think dem pants are just like coated jeans or something. I have similar pants and gotta love em since i have 3 cats.. No more hairy jeans lol

  2. Skyrim seems to be a pretty good game, i want it too ! =D ...but i will take it in a xbox 360 version !
    you have told in a post that you didn't see any reason to buy a xbox 360 instead of a ps3 but there is one reason for me : xbox is cheaper than ps3 ! xD
    plus, even if ps3 graphism are prettier, and 360 don't read bluray, i don't mind : for me, the most important is the quality of the GAMES =)

    maybe i would buy a playstation if there were more rpg on it (i LOVE rpg), but it seems much games are on the two game console (less exclusivities) so my choice will be for an xbox =)

    ps/ sorry if my english isn't very good, i'm french ! x3

  3. Anon:
    Oh yeah, coated sounds like the proper name, i had no idea what they where called, and cat hair proof pants are the best, haha!

    Most people I know actually had their Xbox broken (RROD) and had to buy new ones, I dont know anybody who has the same Xbox as the one they bought first, and two Xboxes is more expensive than one PS3!

    And I agree, I dont put graphics first, it's always the game it self, but PS3 have games like Metal Gear Solid so it was pretty easy buy for me, i dont care for the Xbox exclusives.

    Haha, no problem, always fun to get comments!

  4. this is all so passé.

  5. Clothing and video games are passé?
    Cool story bro.

  6. Wow what a nice wishlist!

    Such great sense of style hope you get everything on the list asap!


  7. Pretty cool wishlist!

    your new blog design is really great! I like it a lot!

  8. When you were talking about Viivi helping you make a brand new layout which was gonna be all grand and stuff, I thought it was gonna be something truthfully different. In reality this just seems to be a copy of hers, with a different color theme and someone else's photo in the header, like it is everytime when she helps her friends with this stuff. Don't you mind it screams Viivi's name rather than yours? I mean, this is supposed to look like a blog ran by you after all. Personally when I come here I feel like I enter Viivi's side blog or something. :/ I'm just surprised no one minds that Viivi doesn't help them make a layout more signature to them.

  9. whaaaat are you really 155kg? you must have a lot of muscles. :--O

  10. 4, 5, 6, 10, 12 and 13 can run into my life now. Like RIGHT now. *o*

    need moisturizing... :c