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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi, as I promised I'm now going to do a Top 10-list 
(or did I say Top 5?)
Well, I was thinking about a Top 5 list at first, but it felt that a Top 5-list would be such obvious picks from me for those who know me/read my blog/follow me on twitter so it wouldn't bring any surprises, so I decided to do a Top 10-list instead, the smaller YouTube-videos are only songs and the bigger ones are music videos, just wanted to let you know!
So, let's go, this is my top 10 personal favorite albums and mini-albums of 2011!


Lifelover † Sjukdom
Depressive black metal/rock

1. Svart Galla
2. Led By Misfortune
3. Expandera
4. Homicidal Tendencies
5. Resignation
6. Doften Av Tomhet
7. Totus Anctus
8. Horans Hora
9. Bitterljuv Kakofoni
10. Becksvart Frustration
11. Nedvaknande
12. Instrumental Asylum
13. Utdrag
14. Karma

A swedish band on the 10th place, lifelover's forth album "Sjukdom" (disease), a very heavy and dark album as expected from lifelover, this is a perfect album for rainy days, not their best work, but a damn good work. If you would take the word "depression" and the rawest of emotions and make it into music, this is it.
My favorite track from the album: Totus Anctus


the god and the death stars † addle apple
Nagoya kei

1. the introduction
2. エレファント
3. apple addle
4. dumb house
5. 大麻
6. ロカ

They actually started out as a session band back 2006, but the members has been going back and forth over the year, they have that typical slower rock sound that is typical for the nagoya kei-genre, the current members are closely connected to 大祐 (ex. 蜉蝣、the studs etc., R.I.P). So if you're into music like the studs, deadman and 9GOATS BLACK OUT, you'll love this.
My favorite track from the album: addle apple


MEJIBRAY † Silvers.exe
(heavy) Indies/Visual kei

1. Silver
3. これを依存と呼ぶなら
4. Baby Crossing

Heavy hitters formed in Tokyo in the spring of 2011 with the core of VanessA, I was pretty sad when I heard that VanessA was going to disband, but it didn't take long until MEJIBRAY (Singer and bassist of VanessA) formed MEJIBRAY, they've released two singles and one mini-album during 2011.
They're one of the heavier visual kei-band, and probably the most unique and promising visual kei-singers out there, this singer is a fucking beast. One of the few visual kei hopes out there today!
My favorite track from the album: これを依存と呼ぶなら


(heavy) Indies/Visual kei

1. under a skin
2. bastard
3. heaven
3. 深き胎動
4. 終夜灯
5. closet in my room
6. フェル

First I just want to say that there's three 3s because it's a different track for the different versions of the album. アヲイ is a pretty old band, I have stuff from them that dates back to 2005, and I have a feeling they're on the rise now, they've realized very varying material over the years, some mini-albums are pure gold when the next can be pretty much shit. But this is their second mini-album from 2011 (the other being 「ア・カペラ」) 「CHILDREN」is very solid, and it gives a good insight on the band itself with the variety that the album shows, and a very talented singer as well, one of the few indie signer these days that knows how to go very low and deep to get that beastly vocals, and he's also great during the more pop-inspired rapid (and typical) visual kei choruses. A great mixture between high and low vocals. This is visual kei done right.
My favorite track from the album: bastard


東京事変 † 大発見

1.天国へようこそ For The Disc
2. 絶対値対相対値
3. 新しい文明開化
4. 電気のない都市
5. 海底に巣くう男
6. 禁じられた遊び
7. ドーパミント! BPM103
8. 恐るべき大人達
9. 21世紀宇宙の子
10. かつては男と女
11. 空が鳴っている
12. 風に肖って行け
13. 女の子は誰でも
14. 天国へようこそ For The Tube

I had a very hard time to place this album, since I've probably haven't listened to it enough. The album is very well thought out, probably too well for some people, so the album can seem biring at first, especially for new listeners. I know it took me a while to fall in love with their music. It's not as good as their previous album 「スポーツ」but this is a damn good album. 椎名林檎 smooth and 'jazzy' vocals are as stunning as always. There's a reason why they're always topping the lists in Japan, give it a spin!
My favorite track from the album: 女の子は誰でも


2NE1 † 2nd Mini Album
(korean) pop

1. 내가 제일 나가
3. Lonely
4. Hate You
5. Don't Cry
6. Don't Stop the Music

2NE1 is back with their second mini-album and they hit harder then ever this time, this is just as good (if not better) than their first mini-album. The only thing that really bothers me with korean releases in general is that they name all their singles/albums/mini-albums just simple "3rd single", "2nd mini album" "4th album" and so on, why? It's boring. Just put one of the track names as a title if you're lazy.
And the album cover is shit too, but the content is gold. My favorite korean act ( along with Drunken Tiger and OUTSIDER). All the songs are great, and I'm happy they finally put "Don't Stop the Music" on a release so I can enjoy it in proper quality. Korean pop music at it's best.
My favorite track from the album: 내가 제일  나가


Fair To Midland † Arrows & Anchors
Progressive/experimental metal

1. Heavens To Murgatroyd
2. Whiskey And Ritalin
3. Musical Chairs
4. Uh-Oh
5. Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow
6. A Loophole In Limbo
7. Typhoid Mary Sends Her Best
8. Short Haired Tornado
9. The Upset At Bailey Bridge
10. Rikki Tikki Tavi
11. Golden Parachutes
12. Bright Bulbs And Sharp Tools
13. Coppertank Island
14. Three Foolproof Ways To Buy The Farm
15. The Greener Grass

After four years Fair To Midland is finally back with a new album, just as magical as their previous album. A very solid album, well worth the wait. Darrow is one of the more unique vocals in the experimental metal world, especially his capability to veiled the higher notes. For those who enjoy a bit more "corish" metal but still wants something that is original you have to check them out! Nobody can tell a fairytale like Fair To Midland.
My favorite track from the album: Whiskey And Ritalin


Lady Gaga † Born This Way

(Electro) pop

1. Marry The Night
2. Born This Way
3. Government Hooker
4. Judas
5. Americano
6. Hair
7. Sheiße
8. Bloody Mary
9. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
10. Bad Kids
11. Fashion of His Love
12. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love
13. Heavy Metal Lover
14. Electric Chapel
15. The Queen
16. Yoü And I
17. The Edge Of Glory

This is probably a bigger surprise to me than it is to you, if you would've asked me about this half a year ago it probably wouldn't even make the list. I thought the album was a huge let down when I first heard it, "Judas" was good, "Hair" was good but the rest just felt uninspired and rushed. But the more I listen to the album the more I fall in love with it. This album has taken me a lot of listening to actually really like, especially the more "obscure" tracks. I remember hating "The Edge Of Glory" when I first heard it, but now it's one of my favorite tracks on the whole album. Not as good as "THE FAME MONS†ER" but it's a good and more personal album.
My favorite track from the album: Hair


Veronica Maggio † Satan I Gatan

1. Satan i gatan
2. Välkommen in
3. Jag kommer
4. Mitt hjärta blöder
5. Vi kommer alltid ha Paris
6. Inga kläder
7. Alla mina låtar
8. Snälla bli min
9. Sju sorger
10. Finns det en så finns det flera
11. Lördagen den femtonde mars

If you haven't noticed, she's my favorite swedish artist, haha. Her album "Satan I Gatan" is the best pop album I've ever heard, her previous album "Och vinnaren är..." was great, but this is beyond great. The album is solid as a rock, and all the lyrics have a quiete unique popsound that really gets me, and her smooth jazz influenced voice to top it all off. This album feels much more personal than her previous works, since she had much more freedom to write about herself and her life, about growing up, lost friends, broken hearts and to be a teenager. It feels like this album is about who she was ten years (that would be my age) ago and her whole life was a head and she just wanted to live for the day and do what teenagers do, the everyday life. I guess that's why it's so appealing to such a wide crowd.
My favorite track from the album: Inga Kläder


Experimental metal

1. 狂骨の鳴り
5. 「欲巣にDREAMBOX」あるいは成熟の理念と冷たい雨
6. 獣慾
7. 滴る朦朧
12. 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇
14. 流転の塔

I assume nobody's surprised with my pick for the best album of 2011, it's actually the best album ever made. I've never heard anything close to this, I remember when hearing 「URORBOROS」 for the first time back in 2008, I couldn't ever imagen who anything could sound better than what that album did, but DIR EN GREY once again proved me wrong. 「DUM SPIRO SPERO」is their greatest work so far, the album (as the title mentions) resembles hope, for something more, something better.

This album is their heaviest so far, with an almost ten minute intro (「狂骨の鳴り」 combined with 「THE BLOSSOMING BEELZEBUB」) before it really starts, don't get me wrong, personally I think that 「THE BLOSSOMING BEELZEBUB」is the best track on the album, but it's also a bit hard to grasp, since the song doesn't really have and chorus, hooks or any fast segments of brutality, the song is very "free", the song is like water. It just flows, like some sort of energy. But when we hit the third track (and previous single)「DIFFERENT SENSE」you can really feel the evolution of DIR EN GREY since it has everything, 京 shows of his amazing voice, he's hitting higher notes than ever, and lower than ever, the song goes from fast to slow in a perfect harmony, the song even passes the five minute mark and there's not a single second that feels drawn out or boring. It's an incredible mixture of everything, high, low vocals, double vocal tracks, seven stringed guitar solos from both Die and 薫 and a very clear drum and bass backing by Shinya and Toshiya. And this is just the beginning. This album has everything, and it's a lot about an atmosphere, of creating something very dark and heavy.

The album is over an hour long (not including the songs from special editions) but all of the songs feel necessary, there's no dull moments during this album. You're constantly on your toes for what comes next, and nothing seems to be misplaced throughout any of the songs, everything fits in perfectly. One of the things that makes this albums so great is the work of Tue Madsen who was in charge of the mastering and mixing of the album, he really brings out the drum and bass line. The bass and drums are cristal clear throughout the whole album and this is what takes it to another level. DIR EN GREY are once again proving why they're the best.
My favorite track from the album: THE BLOSSOMING BEELZEBUB

I knew this entry was going to be long, but it's not as much text as it might seem (it's mostly listings and videos/pictures). And I really tried to keep it short, I could go into every segment of each song of each album and analyse it, but nobody would read that, so I tried to keep it as short as possible but still try to give you an image of what the album is like. I'll post some pictures of my own copy of「DUM SPIRO SPERO」below.

Deluxe Limited Edition
2CD † 1DVD † 2LP
¥12600 (+shipping + customs)



As you can see I have quiet a small DIR EN GREY collection, mostly because I only want the first press limited Japanese editions of everything, I don't have everything in limited. But I'm trying to get as rare presses as possible for the collection, that's why It's pretty small since it's hard to get your hands on, no to mention how expensive it is. And I'm only buy in mint condition. So if there's missing any commercial flyers, obi or even the plastic wrapper around it it's a no from me. I want it to be perfect. That's why it's not a big, yet. Hopefully I'll have their entire discography.

And a question for you readers; What's your favorite albums from last year? 


  1. Damn, your taste in music is amazing. Also, I can't put to words how much I envy your Dir en grey collection (and the limited DSS). Nice work, man.

  2. Thank you! A friend of mine have all their music related releases and a lot of DVDs and old VHS's so I guess that's why I don't see my collection as that big, haha.

  3. Dir en grey. I love 'em.
    I'm so envy with your collection, aah... Dum Spiro Spero. It's really expensive when I don't have much money.

  4. Thanks!
    Yeah it was, but UROBOROS was actually even more expensive, the price for the Deluxe limited edition was the same as for the DUM SPIRO SPERO-album, but they re-released the album [REMASTERED & EXPANDED] this year so that was ~40$ extra!

  5. yeah, I know. And they started punch my pocket, hahaha. Uroboros is like the ultimate album, because they are released into the blu-ray too. Oh God.

  6. Out of all last year I would say my most loved ablums were Takasago Army by Chthonic, DUM SPIRO SPERO as well and American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch