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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I thought I'd make a 'smaller' entry. I think it might be a bit interesting, just to give you an image of me and what I like. So I decided to make an 'inspiration' entry, so it's basically a lot of shit that I want, and what I'd like to wear, haha.

And I've mentioned it a lot of times earlier, but my biggest inspiration is Dir en grey. It seems like everything I do is inspired or influenced by them. And when it comes to clothing, I don't mean their old V系-style, haha.
A question for you readers; when was these (above) pictures taken? (Some Dir en grey quiz for you readers)

And 京 is the one the influences and inspires me the most, and I have Toshiya as a second. He's probably the most unique dresser in Dir en grey, and he's also a fellow bass player.

I also like korean fashion a lot, and they usually have pretty reasonable prices when it comes to clothing. Japanese brands are much more expensive.


Probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing - Biker jacket, preferably studded!

Did I mention that I liked leather?

I'm also a fan of anything that has a lot of fabric, "big" clothing and draped.

And for the last, some thinspiration!

Not so much text this time. I just wanted to make something quick and new, since I haven't done anything like this before, so I just decided to show some stuff that I fancy.
Some thing that I didn't add that I'm "currently into" are gloves and hats. I want those really tight glossy gloves, and a pair of half-palm gloves as well! You know the ones that only covers your fingers (not the thumb) Well, that's all for this time, I'll promise to be back soon!

Anything special that you fancy when it comes to fashion?


  1. "A question for you readers; when was these (above) pictures taken?"

    My guess is something between 98' - 99' ? not sure tho, haha. but i love dir en grey!

  2. Yep! It's from May 1998 (JEALOUS)!

  3. I started listing Dir en Grey when they made the [KR]Cube MV. After the "Agitated scream of maggots" i have to say i lost interest in them. Then i heard about Kyo hurting himself on stage, i'm not that much into hurting and stuff. But i have to say, their music and style are a inspiration for everyone!As for the style, Biker jacket, Biker Boots, laces, studs, skulls. I have the feeling every girl have a day they want to dress like a princess and them wear punk clothes XD So i switch into skulls and pink.

  4. Oh, cool! I think it was around 2002 when I discovered them, I remember what a shock it was when I first heard "Child prey" and it was such a "heavy" song from them. And the surprise when I first heard "Agitated Screams of Maggots", dear God, I wasn't even sure it was from the right band, haha!

    I think the hurting was a good thing, because it took their performances to a whole new level and a new meaning, when you give it your all. Not just the music, but also the visualization and emotions grew stronger which increased then intensity.

    Hahaha, well I rarely wear pink, but I'm into "biker fashion" and everything else badass!

  5. Like the style hosts uses right? XD The jewelry... OMFG. I WANT ONE OF THAT BADASS RINGS FROM HOST BRANDS, SO FREAKING COOL♥

  6. haha yep! I do, I think they have really cool bling! Also a fan of Chrome Hearts, but they're really expensive.