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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I wasn't suppose to do this entry, but I've saw that I've already had edited the pictures so I figured what the hell, Viivi have already blogged about it but, yeah. Gonna do it anyway since I've already done "all the work" with the pictures lol! Anyway, since I was a bit disappointed about the event, due to miscommunication (or just bad fucking communication) I won't be name droppin' the clinic haha.
Yeah, take that. 

The best thing - Free food, I probably ate the most haha. Since I'm a guy, people don't care if I eat a lot, haha. Girls can't do that, people might think they're fatties..! And I didn't know any of the bloggers, and they all looked the same lol! The food was really good, but they said there would be sushi, it was good. But it wasn't sushi, a little upset about that..

And the girl who worked there looked like ducks lol, I guess they got a lot of that free botox! Me and Vii was the only ones that didn't take any, and some young girls who didn't looks like hookers. (It sounds really mean, but you know what I mean, those girls who always dress a bit slutty to get free drinks at bars lol!)


Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day, and tell the world that everything's okay.
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back, till things are brighter, I'm the Man In Black.

We took a taxi, so we didn't need to walk two blocks lol!

And the club was packed when we got there!

And we got one free beer, a bit cheap... 

And there was some.. Entertainment..?

'sup, I paid... nothing! But the thing that sucked, was that nobody told me until 22:45, and it was only free beer/wine until 23, so that sucked. I could've gotten annihilated if I knew this from the start lol. 
So that was the main reason I got pissed, but the host of the event was buying some wine, but still, you can't take as much as you want lol. So yeah, I got pissed about that.

The event was for OnePiece, and the creators was there, they liked me since I was Swedish lol!
They're Norwegian, I personally think OnePiece's are extremely tacky, "roffigt" as I would say.
There's several things and behavior that I would consider "roffigt", it's not a real word, so you can't really translate it, but I guess "tacky" is the best word to describe it.
Other things that is "roffigt" is crocs, so the ultimate combo would be to wear crocs and a OnePiece in public, that's the top of "roffighet".

Middle-aged men dropping it like it's hot lol!

Bye-bye V.I.P 
They said it would be packed with celebraties, but they only celebrities there was Viivi's friends lol!
I was a bit disappointed in the lack of communication as I said, not the food as they said there would be, no celebraties and not telling us about the open bar.

Bye-bye regular people

Pineapple burger!!!
One of the best thing about Finland lol, a bit of a gamling, since it was pineapple on it. But daaaamn, it was good. It's a bout 4€, get it!

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