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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


'sup bitches.

 I wanted to look outside my window to see if it was old outside, but I guess it was pretty cold since my fucking window was full of ice. Enjoy Sweden!

FINALLY, I got my stuff from YesAsia, I pre-ordered the new UROBOROS [Remastared & Extended] but after I placed the order the magazine I added (CD was $38 and it was $40 for free shipping so I added a magazine) was out of stock, so they had to re-stock that shit.

New packaging, or well, different at least. I got the limited version with a special sleeve!

Raised lettering, balling as shit.

The new remastered album is amazing, it takes UROBOROS to a whole new level. The album gotten much more depth now with the new mixing from Tue Madsen, the drum and bass is very clear and some of the "less good" songs from UROBOROS has grown a lot, "STUCK MAN" (and BUGABOO) which I thought was quite boring on the original release is now one of the better songs. It's defiantly worth the money, if you don't have it - get it!

Can't get more hipster than this, right?

I also made a new backdrop for BatAAr, but I only had two days to make the damn thing since I got it on such short notice, but I manage to pull it off! Here's a sneak peak of it, you'll see it later when they'll release the new band pictures. If you like metal and want something different, you should really check 'em out! Their latest PV - VAIN STRUCTURES

Hähä, yeah, Viivi came to visit me (I also realized that I don't have any pictures of us in this entry, haha, but they'll be in the next one..!)
We had a lovely (and expensive) meal at pizza hut!

Double Meat lovers pizza - For real men.

Swedish kebab! 
No red sauce on this motherfucker.

Kebab pizza special.
All pizzas should have fries on 'em.

A present I got from Viivi, I looooooove it!

And I also got a hat! Always wanted a hat, hats are my new thang.

Sooo, I've seen a lot of "you can't be gyaru" and all hat shit all over internet, so I decided to try to see if I could be gyaru, since I think it's something that everybody could be if they just put some effort in it, so here's the result..!

I borrowed a wig since my hair doesn't really fit the "gyaru profile" haha.

And I decided to do only half of my face (half-assed haha) so you can see the difference!

So yeah, if I can be gyaru, I'm pretty sure any girl can be it too haha. 

And I also took some picture with a "real" camera. It's not really that hard, just practice. You can't let a guy be better than you, right? Haha.

What I needed for this look:

° Foundation
° Concealer
° Eyebrow pencil
° Mascara
° Eyeshadows (Four different ones)
° Liquid eyeliner
° Solid eyeliner
° Fake lashes (top & bottom)
° Blush
°Circle lenses

And a close-up so you can judge it a bit more! 
(Like the line under my eye or some other nitpicking!)

Haha, I'll be back soon, take care!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is pretty much.. All of January in one post lol!

I have a pasta phase now, I don't know why, I just need to eat pasta all the time, haha.

Lol! Got high increasing cushions from men's egg, I really needed 3 cm extra so it was a good thing!

Some of my avant-garde cooking!

My Skyrim character, I've spent a lot of time on Skyrim during January. Yes, I play as a bitch.

The next day lol! Did some major farming and grinding to get the best gear, and it was actually more fun than I expected, not at all as tiresome as some games might be, and I also got Lydia some badass Ebony gear, and then she got lost somewhere in Blackreach..?! Fucking bitch lost all my stuff lol.

I was cleaning my room and I found a lot of old boxes! For some reason it seemed like I had to destroy the fucking boxes as a kid, I have no idea why. And back then I only saw the boxes as packaging and not something that you'd save, I'm so happy I found them, this looks a million times better!
And SNES games lack the labels on the top and sides, so It's super hard to find the game you want since you have to pull out every damn game to check, NES didn't have that problem.

Trying to hook up a proper sound system in my room, since my monitor has shit for speakers lol.

AAAAWWWW YEAAAAH, all in place. As you can see I always has a lot of ladies over. (or not)

More pasta and some egg rolls!

Nobody cares about the laws of physics in Skyrim.

Cool death bro.
He also continues to lay there, even when the new Thane was sitting in the throne lol, love the bugs.

And one of the missions for the Companions was glitched so I had to START OVER(!) to get it, and so I did, I need them trophies. Do u rike my axe? That shit is wicked.

It's not a real blog entry if you don't post pictures of yourself right? Here's my foot and a part of my leg.

My new Skyrim character! Can you see who it resembles? Haha

@ The store!
Normal guy, normal walk.
This is just me, casually shopping for some groceries.

And yeah, the chips was on sale this week, so I got 4lbs / 2 kg! Always shop smart!

AAAAAAAAWWW YEAAAAAAAH, that sweet platinum trophy. This game was probably the longest I've played on the PS3, very time consuming but I did it in maybe... 15 days? And here's my Skyrim stats for my finished game(s):

Time: 173 hours
Level: 59 (and 8)
Race: Nord
Class: Warrior
Armor Rating: 1288
Damage: 279 + 262 (+Fire damage, paralyze, stamina absorb)
Last trophy: Reader (Read 50 skills books)
Maxed out skills (100): Heavy armor, light armor, block, speech, lock picking, sneak
(and 91/89 in one-handed and archery)

Do you play any Skyrim? If, what class, race, level etc!

Monday, February 13, 2012


GRYS pt. 2
This is the second half of the Christmas/New Years week, probably gonna be less text and more pictures since I (as always) need to speed things up haha.

We had a board game night, which turned more into a drinking game night, haha. 

But some of the games where so goddamn complicated, like a 50 pages long rule book and God knows what, so we set the game up and didn't play it, hahaha. It's probably fun but you'll need to know the rules lol. Maybe we should have some "homework" to learn it and then play it, though it had an epic soundtrack!

And the big day.. New years eve..! And we stayed home until it had passed twelve, hahaha, since it would be so much shit going on before, haha.
(And this is kinda how we lived for a week...)

And as always.. V.I.P, line cutting etc. And we got in for free so we saved like.. 25€, which is always nice! 

It's always nice to be on the balcony!

There's no New Years Eve without the cops!

 For some reason we decided to buy the whole food supply at Burger King, and got so full we barely manage to get home lol!

Have you ever wondered what's the best compilation album ever made? Look no further!

Hahaha, yep, again.

AAAAWWW yeaah, got my new monitor! A 24", Game Boy for reference, but then I realized that most people probably doesn't even know how big a Game Boy is.....

And I got a fabulous bag...!

Here's a great example that shows you why you should take a picture of your food before cutting it into pieces.

Mad combo brah.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Lol, February and I'm blogging about Christmas. Trying to speed things up (as always) ahaha

This is my Christmas tree anyway, and a few presents!

My favorite gifts! As I kid I didn't wanna get socks, but socks is actually a very underrated gift. Since you'll always need socks (unless you're always wearing tights) but this is something you'll always need, and they break so it's a good thing when you don't have to buy them yourself! (Not that I do, but it minimizes the risks of doing it hahaha)
And I always wear thing black socks, for the simple reason that they're neutral in color, doesn't appear as dirty as white ones, and I'm usually wearing dark clothing. There's a few times when I use different socks, like during summer and I have low-top shoes and need ancle socks. And another perk is that you'll never need to search for the other one, since they all look the same. I also buy underwear in black, but thin pinstripes works as well. I don't wear stupid patterns nor colors.

I also love my new lenses! I had grey and purple before, and I wanted really clear blue lenses. Great for a more aryan look or if you're going to some nazi party.

A bit more wavy hair than usually, I really wanna get a proper curling iron.. I also tried some different make up and wore my new lenses!

I need to buy more necklaces, it's not enough!!!!1

My number one partner in crime - Patrik !

We hit the club at Christmas, and we where (of course) on the V.I.P-list! So we didn't need to pay the entrance fee and we could cut the line. I hate waiting, so it's always nice to just go to the door and get in right away!


Manage to get some free drinks! (So I took a picture of one of the DJs instead)

And for some goddamn reason we stayed until 4 AM

Sharon. Ligger på golvet, exakt där judar ska vara.
I know Lidl always advertise about being cheap and not spend money on unnecessary things that would rack up the prices, 
but for God's sake, can't you at least get a shelf or something...? This was just standing there on the floor lol!

Ok, now I'm going to show you what RAUNCH and GRYSLYV is,
it's pretty similar to the picture above, only much worse!
And alcohol is also needed, strong liqueur to get the buzz on and weak liqueur (>15%) for just drinking .

Hahaha, looks nice right?! Chips, dip, vodka, bag-in-box wine, coke bottles, internet and video games.
This is how real men hang out with each other, watching movies and shock sites is also a common activity.
And you'll "never be the same again" after each "Raunch" wich started at Christmas in 2007!

Ouff, got some dirty textes from Catherine..! 

We've also come to the conclusion that Nathan Drake might be the most wicked psychopath there is. He kills people without hastening, he just runs up behind people and break their necks, he has probably killed hundreds of men because he wants some treasure, that he's not even sure if it exists!
And a second later he's laughing and smiling with he's friends like nothing happened, even though he just killed a handfull of people, which all probably had family and friends. But he feels no remorse. Nathan Drake is a monster.
But the Uncharted trilogy is also one of the best games ever made, the pure essences of adventure games! I'm not sure wich game is my favorite, but I think Uncharted 2 is my favorite, since it's mostly in Asia and I'm more interested in their culture and history.

Two of the best games from 2011! You won't regret playing them!

I also met one of my best friends who's been away for month, it was great seeing him again! Me, Patrik and Andrei is the trinity of GRYS and father of Raunch, haha.  And he also got some neat new business cards!

And some motherfucking kebabpizza! The best pizza, hands down. But it's very different from town to town, and I personally think my town has the best ones for sure. What makes it's so good is the sauce, which is unique everywhere you go, or at least should be.
The pre-made ones you can buy is usually never as good as real kebab sauce. And I forgot to take a picture before eating haha, that's why there's a hole in the pizza lol!
And this was only part one, stay tuned for the next part which is the other half of this wicked week!


A little quick editing, the weirdest coincidence ever is that it was 15 years ago the worlds greatest band and video game was formed / released (2nd Feb & 31st Jan). Without Final Fantasy VII and Dir en grey I have no idea what kind of person I would be today. The game and the band has a much bigger impact and influence on me than I could ever imagen.
15 years and their both they're still the best, by far.

1997 - 2011
 (first and latest official pictures of the band.)

Original packaging of FF VII from 1997. This game changed my life in so many ways.