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Monday, February 13, 2012


GRYS pt. 2
This is the second half of the Christmas/New Years week, probably gonna be less text and more pictures since I (as always) need to speed things up haha.

We had a board game night, which turned more into a drinking game night, haha. 

But some of the games where so goddamn complicated, like a 50 pages long rule book and God knows what, so we set the game up and didn't play it, hahaha. It's probably fun but you'll need to know the rules lol. Maybe we should have some "homework" to learn it and then play it, though it had an epic soundtrack!

And the big day.. New years eve..! And we stayed home until it had passed twelve, hahaha, since it would be so much shit going on before, haha.
(And this is kinda how we lived for a week...)

And as always.. V.I.P, line cutting etc. And we got in for free so we saved like.. 25€, which is always nice! 

It's always nice to be on the balcony!

There's no New Years Eve without the cops!

 For some reason we decided to buy the whole food supply at Burger King, and got so full we barely manage to get home lol!

Have you ever wondered what's the best compilation album ever made? Look no further!

Hahaha, yep, again.

AAAAWWW yeaah, got my new monitor! A 24", Game Boy for reference, but then I realized that most people probably doesn't even know how big a Game Boy is.....

And I got a fabulous bag...!

Here's a great example that shows you why you should take a picture of your food before cutting it into pieces.

Mad combo brah.


  1. Oh shit, I have one of those game boys! Also have the pink GBC xD

    Man, that screen is SWEET and all that fast food your eating makes me wanna eat till I become a landwhale. Fuck.

  2. Haha, cool! I have GBC too! A completely transparent one (only released in Asia)

    Haha Ikr, that's the worse part, I wish healthy food was as good / fast food was healthy haha. Then I would probably be the healthiest person in the world lol!