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Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is pretty much.. All of January in one post lol!

I have a pasta phase now, I don't know why, I just need to eat pasta all the time, haha.

Lol! Got high increasing cushions from men's egg, I really needed 3 cm extra so it was a good thing!

Some of my avant-garde cooking!

My Skyrim character, I've spent a lot of time on Skyrim during January. Yes, I play as a bitch.

The next day lol! Did some major farming and grinding to get the best gear, and it was actually more fun than I expected, not at all as tiresome as some games might be, and I also got Lydia some badass Ebony gear, and then she got lost somewhere in Blackreach..?! Fucking bitch lost all my stuff lol.

I was cleaning my room and I found a lot of old boxes! For some reason it seemed like I had to destroy the fucking boxes as a kid, I have no idea why. And back then I only saw the boxes as packaging and not something that you'd save, I'm so happy I found them, this looks a million times better!
And SNES games lack the labels on the top and sides, so It's super hard to find the game you want since you have to pull out every damn game to check, NES didn't have that problem.

Trying to hook up a proper sound system in my room, since my monitor has shit for speakers lol.

AAAAWWWW YEAAAAH, all in place. As you can see I always has a lot of ladies over. (or not)

More pasta and some egg rolls!

Nobody cares about the laws of physics in Skyrim.

Cool death bro.
He also continues to lay there, even when the new Thane was sitting in the throne lol, love the bugs.

And one of the missions for the Companions was glitched so I had to START OVER(!) to get it, and so I did, I need them trophies. Do u rike my axe? That shit is wicked.

It's not a real blog entry if you don't post pictures of yourself right? Here's my foot and a part of my leg.

My new Skyrim character! Can you see who it resembles? Haha

@ The store!
Normal guy, normal walk.
This is just me, casually shopping for some groceries.

And yeah, the chips was on sale this week, so I got 4lbs / 2 kg! Always shop smart!

AAAAAAAAWWW YEAAAAAAAH, that sweet platinum trophy. This game was probably the longest I've played on the PS3, very time consuming but I did it in maybe... 15 days? And here's my Skyrim stats for my finished game(s):

Time: 173 hours
Level: 59 (and 8)
Race: Nord
Class: Warrior
Armor Rating: 1288
Damage: 279 + 262 (+Fire damage, paralyze, stamina absorb)
Last trophy: Reader (Read 50 skills books)
Maxed out skills (100): Heavy armor, light armor, block, speech, lock picking, sneak
(and 91/89 in one-handed and archery)

Do you play any Skyrim? If, what class, race, level etc!


  1. Normal guy, normal walk... omg xD
    I laughed so much!

    Great picture!

  2. haha shopping pic made my day :'D i just bought skyrim and its a cool geme, sheme cuz i wanted to ride on dragon not to kill it :'((

  3. Awesome armor there. And that is one hell of Dagamage and stamina!
    How are you on magic skill? And most important, how are your lock pick skills? ;D

    I also play Skyrim but I have not been able to play as much as I wanted since I've been busy. (Just playing all night long, crawling into bed at 7 am, it's the kind of game that is fucking addictive once you start playing)

    I my self play with a heavily modded lvl 20 (I should really play more, fucking real life interfearing and all) warrior Nord though as I say about everything is modded. From the body, cupsize, face to hairpacks and armors. I actually just installed a new armor but it's one of those bitch armors you have to smith your self after entering it into the system. I tried modding a dark elf but their uglyness is beyond fixing. You can see my character here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/modules/members/index.php?id=3712660 (just go to images)

    I'm currently retreiving the elder scroll to Paarthurnax but I have to figure a way to get rid of the bounty on my head because I kind of went on a killing spree in Solitude earlier. (didn't want to pay for my shit and had not learned the placing baskets on peopele's heads so you can steal all the shit. You should try it if you have not tried it yet, it works and you can get away with stealing EVERYTHING as long as the person has his/her head covered with a basket = if you play on PC like me keep E pressed on a basket and move basket over someone's head)

    Are you on nexus as well? It's the best place for mods and stuff if you are interested in that or info with bugs in general since I got stuck a while ago because of a known bug in the game.

    I guess Eivind will start uploading screens on skyrim nexus soon as well when he is back from "Got Skyrim for Valentine, never heard from again" (nah he's busy questing and building a house to mod into the game)

  4. Ah, a long comment, finally! Haha, oh, yeah, I forgot to mention my best stats (but I've added them to the entry now)
    And I'm maxed out (100) in Heavy-, light armor, block, speech and lock picking! And almost in one-handed and archery!

    The best way to get rid of a bounty is to go to another reach (in your case maybe to Whiterun or something) and when you come back the guards won't attack you right away, and they'll come up to you and "You have committed a crime against Skyrim and her people" (I don't know what speech level you have, but I have 100) and I can always pick something along the lines of "Can't you just look the other way this time" and they do so, and they won't chase you any more! And this works everytime, so the next time they're after you, do the same thing again, at least that's what I do.

    Nope, I'm playing it on console, not sure if Nexus is PC only though!

  5. Haha yeah sorry, I usually visit vivi's blog every now and then. I got redirected here by accident when reading her blog but when I saw your Skyrim post I just had to comment.

    You're lucky, I wish I had a PS3 to play it on because I just like laying relaxed on a sofa with the controllers in my hand, surrounded by snacks and drinks a lot more than sitting stiff behind a pc and finger cramps of using A W S D keys all the time. Then again the pro's about a pc is that you can mod.

    Also congrats on maxing out, Impressive! I still have a little while to go bit I am high on two handed weapons so far and am focusing on archery since it's kind of useful when getting dragons and trolls. I prefer to shoot some poisoned arrows at biiiig things first before getting face to face into battle! I'll deff. try to work on the guards with my speech skills. I also really need to level my stamina and damage up. Getting there but not fast enough yet.

    So far I really enjoy Skryim but I am a bit annoyed how hostile the women in it are. Like you are on a quest or just go into a bar, minding your own business, just PASSING a random woman and you get accused of hitting on her man or that she is not interested in starting a conversation with you. Say what? I don't know who your man is and I am not intersted in talking to you. And if you try to teach that bitch some manners and send her back to her kitchen where she belongs you get guards on your back...oh well I guess all one can do is eat more sweet rolls and go on!

    How far are you in the quest right now? I assume you are almost done? Also is Skyrim the first elderscroll game you are playing or have you played others like Oblivion or Morrowind before aswell?

  6. Oh, cool! I'm glad you found my blog!
    Yep, PS3 is really comfy to play, but the mods would be cool though!

    Well my arrow hits about ~250 and has fire + paralyze (in case they dont die, they freeze for five seconds allowing me to hit them again) and with the sneak I do x2 damage! I kan kill a giant with one sneak-arrow!

    I'm done with the main quest, and done all the side quests (not all, since it's infinite but like Dark Brotherhood, Thives guild etc) I manage to get all trophies on the game as well.

    I actually wrote a guide about how to max out heavy- light armor and block if you wanna read it, it's not the fastest, but it's the easiest way by far.