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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


'sup bitches.

 I wanted to look outside my window to see if it was old outside, but I guess it was pretty cold since my fucking window was full of ice. Enjoy Sweden!

FINALLY, I got my stuff from YesAsia, I pre-ordered the new UROBOROS [Remastared & Extended] but after I placed the order the magazine I added (CD was $38 and it was $40 for free shipping so I added a magazine) was out of stock, so they had to re-stock that shit.

New packaging, or well, different at least. I got the limited version with a special sleeve!

Raised lettering, balling as shit.

The new remastered album is amazing, it takes UROBOROS to a whole new level. The album gotten much more depth now with the new mixing from Tue Madsen, the drum and bass is very clear and some of the "less good" songs from UROBOROS has grown a lot, "STUCK MAN" (and BUGABOO) which I thought was quite boring on the original release is now one of the better songs. It's defiantly worth the money, if you don't have it - get it!

Can't get more hipster than this, right?

I also made a new backdrop for BatAAr, but I only had two days to make the damn thing since I got it on such short notice, but I manage to pull it off! Here's a sneak peak of it, you'll see it later when they'll release the new band pictures. If you like metal and want something different, you should really check 'em out! Their latest PV - VAIN STRUCTURES

Hähä, yeah, Viivi came to visit me (I also realized that I don't have any pictures of us in this entry, haha, but they'll be in the next one..!)
We had a lovely (and expensive) meal at pizza hut!

Double Meat lovers pizza - For real men.

Swedish kebab! 
No red sauce on this motherfucker.

Kebab pizza special.
All pizzas should have fries on 'em.

A present I got from Viivi, I looooooove it!

And I also got a hat! Always wanted a hat, hats are my new thang.

Sooo, I've seen a lot of "you can't be gyaru" and all hat shit all over internet, so I decided to try to see if I could be gyaru, since I think it's something that everybody could be if they just put some effort in it, so here's the result..!

I borrowed a wig since my hair doesn't really fit the "gyaru profile" haha.

And I decided to do only half of my face (half-assed haha) so you can see the difference!

So yeah, if I can be gyaru, I'm pretty sure any girl can be it too haha. 

And I also took some picture with a "real" camera. It's not really that hard, just practice. You can't let a guy be better than you, right? Haha.

What I needed for this look:

° Foundation
° Concealer
° Eyebrow pencil
° Mascara
° Eyeshadows (Four different ones)
° Liquid eyeliner
° Solid eyeliner
° Fake lashes (top & bottom)
° Blush
°Circle lenses

And a close-up so you can judge it a bit more! 
(Like the line under my eye or some other nitpicking!)

Haha, I'll be back soon, take care!


  1. gorgeous makeup! Thank you! I myself think that it isn't so hard to do a proper make up. makeup isn't something you need to do in 5 mins everyday. you can learn and have fun with it. time is just plus! :D PLUS THE FRIES& PIZZA COMBO IM IN HEAVEN.

  2. Haha, thank you! I agree, it's not that hard to pull of decent make up if you just think a little and/or do some research if you're not sure on how to do it. (There's a million videos of everything on YouTube if you're unsure on how to pull it off)

    And I agree, pizza with fries is amazing! (except for your body haha)

  3. so hard to diet while following your blogXDD damn you showed how it's done to every whiny bitch that claims they can't do gyaru lolol. keep going!

  4. Haha, well I know it's hard to go on a diet (I'm eating all this crap haha!)
    Haha, that was my point, there's really no excuses more than people being lazy when they say that they can't for x reasons!

  5. I looked at first in this picture where you had red hairs that it was one of Vivi's pic.......... Lol

  6. OH MAN, that makeup is awesome! Hopefully that'll inspire some gals out there to try a bit harder :D

    Also: loving your effin' cool new hat and that bling Viivi gave you. Is it somekind accessory attached on a belt?

  7. Haha thank you! Yeah, it's all about taking the time to do it properly, most people just seem lazy.

    It's a "regular" chain that you snap on to the belt loops, and the "cross" is detachable as well, so you can use it as a key chain or whatever!

  8. I just LOVE how you're a guy but do this shit better than a fuckload of girls. Oh jesus, can I just love you for this?

    Also, mfw DAT CHAIN.

  9. Haha sure you can, haha!

    Ikr?? The chain is off da' chain!

  10. Holy shit ur a guy but you make a more awesome & pretty gyaru than most of the selfproclaimed gyaru LOL

    plz beware of rapists when u go out like that bwhahahahaha

  11. I've grown up watching and reading Dragon Ball, I know how to handle hostile situations!

  12. you look super cute with moustache :3