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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Valentine's special です! This will be my second of three "Viivi-was-here-entries" haha, and luckily we manage to catch Valentine's day! I don't remember if I've ever celebrated Valentine's day before to be honest, maybe I have..? But nothing super-incredible-spectacular-people-will-talk-about-this-for-years kind of thing, just the regular with a twist. I personally don't believe that much it "traditions" that we need specific days to be "special" and caring towards each other, I believe that's something you should do everyday, or whenever you feel like it. But since it was Valentine's, what the hell!

~Fancy-pants-cam picture~

I've actually never had sushi in my own town before, so I've heard about two places, the place we went to first hade a huuuuge line, they said it would take 45 minutes to be able to order, at least, so fuck that place, we went to another (newer) sushi restaurant, and it was really nice. The staff wasn't very cheerful though, so that's a -, but apart from that it was nice for it's price. My meal (above) was only 9€ so I can't really complain, not the best nor the prettiest sushi I had, but it was good and well worth the price!

And there was nobody else in the restaurant either, maybe because it was located in the middle of town next to the biggest intersection so it's a bit hard to find proper parking spaces, but it was fine by me, I like it quiet!

Hahaha, so happy <3

And later we just went home to chillax, I was thinking of maybe go to the movies, but there wasn't any movie I wanted to see so that would be a waste of money, haha.

AAAWWW YEAAAH, that's right, since it was Valentine's we made it special and took one sushi to go, haha, so we could have some at home too, so worth it, I really wanna go back and have some more. The place was really nice!

Haha, we watch all of the Lord of the Rings-movies in extended format, I hadn't seen them in extended before, since I thought they wore a bit "meh". They're good movies, but not "OMG THE BEST" and they get a bit boring from time to time, but the "Making of", that's gold!
So if I'd had to rate the movies:
Fellowship of the Ring - 3/5
The Two Towers - 4/5
Return of the King 4,5/5

Random durrin'

Random hurrin'

And some really good news - Viivi actually likes some games!!1
And I had Worms: Armageddon on the N64, which is actually a game she likes so we played some worms, it was great to finally be able to play something with her!

I've also come to the conclusion that shorts and leggings is a badass combo, even for guys! And it's really nice when the weather is starting to get a little bit better! 

And this is when it all came clear to mee, I also need a pair of Doc Marten boots as well..!


Introducing Viivi to the Swedish style of life that I'm living. 

This is the Swedish "fika" done properly.

And some random pictures of us~

And yeah, a another thing..!
My bro Gene decided to enter BIG BANG's cover contest to get a chance to win a trip to Korea to check out YG Ent. and a lot of other cool stuff, he figured out the song by ear and decided to do a 7-stringed cover of their song "BLUE" from their latest album "ALIVE".

Just click her to vote for him!

He's currently number 1 (!) on their contest, so please just click the link to vote for him!
And spread the word if you want to, take care!


  1. Sen när sa jag att du fick ta mina brillor, ha?

  2. Snodde dem när du inte var hemma.

  3. i would rate you 2/5.