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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Viivi was watching Moomin in bed, haha. She couldn't access the page on her laptop since it "knew" she wasn't in Finland, but the app didn't seem to have a clue. \o/

Since it was winter sports holiday they asked some kids on the street if they did any sports during the break and the little boy answered "No, I play video games." hahahaha. 

On le train to Gotham~

Since there's no Burger King in Finland we had to get some, they're fries is what makes them superior to McDonald's imo, they're really cripsy and have a nicer texture.

My face looked weird :-D

Some store that Viivi liked to hangout, haha, I've never been there before actually. 
Even if I've been to Gotham a million times, haha.

Jacket: F4 | Shirt: deepstyle | Vest: Roshell | Chain: Gift | Pants/short: Self customized |Leggings: Gina Tricot | Boots: Roshell | Bag: Style Homme | Tail: Japan

I bought a new skull ring, since my other one is at Sofia's place and she won't send it to me >:-(
I always coat my rings with transparent nail polish, since the color on cheaper rings tend to fade, so to avoid the fading and to get blue/green circles around your fingers transparent nail polish is a great "cover" !

I also had to introduce Viivi to the finest of the finest, the award winning Sibylla in my town! 
(I was there like.. 3-4/week when I went to high school, so I was V.I.P hahaha) the best burgers ever. No joke, these looks smashed because it's a take away, but daaamn they're good.

Cheese and bacon!

;---; <3

Semlor, bitches!

Boohoo, driving Viivi to the airport ;-; mayor traffic jam sine it was around 7-8 AM..

Want to know how to improve your life? Ok, here we go - Microwaved bacon!

Yes, it actually works. But not if you're into that really crispy bacon though.
But if you like it less crisp this is a great way. 
Add some paper towels to a plate (to soak up the grease) and then the bacon strips and just run it in the microwave for about five minutes on high effect (I used 900W) and it's all done!

Tastes like oven/pan fried bacon! Super easy and really goo, the best thing is that you don't need to think about cleaning and watch it, just put it in the microwave and wait!

Some kladdkaka and my Michael Jackson-inspired look!

Got some magazines in the mail..!

Found these two love birds in the couple section! 「men's egg 1 Jan 2012」

I found some new sunglasses at home, haha, I actually want a pair of Dita Midnight Special, but I don't have 750€ to spend on sunglasses, so I took these that I found in some drawer, hahaha!
Oh yeah, I also cut my hair short..!

There's a lot of fancy stuff from CocoLulu, Moon Blue, Juicy Couture and official the GazettE merchandise! Just to mention a few things, check it out if you want some great deals!


  1. I can't believe you bought a new ring. This one doesn't feel special anymore.

  2. I can't believe you left Stockholm when I was coming there for the first time in two years! >:-(
    The one at your place is in silver, this one is in gold. I want the silver one back ;-;

  3. You're too big, too tall to act and dress like Kyo or any other japanese rocker, please stop x.x

  4. As long as the clothing fits I'm not.