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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Shit, haven't blogged for a while. I've been pretty busy actually..!

I also cut my hair, as you might see, or not, haha.

Been cutting some shit down like a real man.

There's also been "raunch", I don't really know how to describe it. But I guess the best way is to descirbe it as "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" except that we don't do crazy shit outdoors, we usually play video games instead. This is a picture of "the hobo's bed"

Some of Patrik's stuff that he has at home, he has most of his stuff at the rehearsal place.

And half of his impressing Dir en grey collection! Some VHS's like 「楓」 ~if trans・・・~ are still in the original plastic!

Probably a better look at my hair, guess who's the inspiration?!

Borrowed two HD collection games from Patrik, amazing games! And a made some sushi for myself.

Photos courtesy of Emelie Lager
That's a bit of the backdrop that I designed for BatAAr !

BatAAr had a gig in Stockholm together with Overworld (debut gig) and some other band, that.. I don't remember there name, haha. Anyhow, so we got up around 09 I think to start packing and head to Stockholm!

Felix (ba)

I did the make up, hair and roadie work. I also recorded the whole gig, so there will only be screen caps since I can't operate two cameras at the same time.

Simon (g) & Patrik (g)

And older backdrop, we went home after the gig and was back in Gotham around 05AM!
Here's a video about the whole trip, behind the scenes and the gig itself, enjoy!
Just hit CC to add subtitles!

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