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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Pretty fast update, still in April.

I've been having food (obviously lol) to the left is some glorious "Sibylla", if you have that in your country you should really have some! My favorite fast food chain (if they're considered one lol, they make the food when you order anyway) and I decided to make some sushi for myself. None of that pussy ass 10 pieces, fucking 40-50 pieces for myself, as it should be.

And I FINALLY got my Adidas Firebird pants, so now I have a full suit, haha. Took me a few years, but it's finally complete. Feels good man, and the obvious reason why I got them to the right.

Some more cooking lol, some pasta sauce thing to the left I believe. I'm very avantgarde when it comes to my cooking, I always experiment and try new things, and I don't have any exact measurements, I just try shit and see what happens, haha. And I also made some tamagoyaki to the right (You know the egg in sushi) it's really good! It works to eat by itself too, or just as an omelette mixture. Unfortunate I don't have any of those fancy squared shaped pans, but a regular pan works as well.

Me wearing the very limited BatAAr T-shirt designed by Patrik ! Only 25 copies in white and 25 in black, if you want one maybe you could contact them and ask for one, they're about 11€ I believe.

Grave digger | Business as usual

Went to see some bands play at a local bar, hardcore gig, and had a few beers. 

Hearts Alive and I AM HUNGER

Hahaha, funniest thing, some super drunk old lady (Maybe ~45+ ?) got arrested. They asked her to leave the bar (for being too drunk, and it closed in half an hour so whatever) and she started fighting and they had to drag her out of the bar but she still was causing trouble so the bouncers had to hold her down and call the police lol! It was hilarious.

Lol some more food!

And a lot of people have been talking about that "new" and original movie called "The Hunger Games", casuals. 

Started to play Metal Gear Solid HD Collection! MGS3 is one of my all time favorite games, and I played through it maybe three time to get all the trophies, haha. Probably played through it about ten times on the original PS2 (which I own as well)

If you haven't noticed it before, when you check EVA's medical history you can see that she had breast enhancement surgery, haha.

Big Boss, the manliest of all men.

First and second play through, I manage to miss one of those kerotans and since there's no check list or anything you pretty much HAVE to play through the whole game again to get all of them, so the second time went a little faster.

Platinum! My 26th I believe.

I've also started watching ゲームセンターCX! This episode was about Street Fighter II, my first fighting game, got it maybe around '93/'94 and I've played it hundreds of hours. So I'm (obviously) a Street Fighter fan when it comes to fighting games. My own copy of the game to the right!

° What's your favorite fighting game?

The main reason why I like ゲームセンターCX is because of the host of the show 課長有野 (Kachou Arino, Chief Arino) and of course all the retro games he's playing, a lot of games that I haven't played and a lot of them that I have played. So for me as a "gamer" who has always been living together with video games it's really interesting. And that I seem to relate to much to Arino, even though he's a middle-aged Japanese man, hahaha. Here's just some examples of situations that I can relate to.

Oh yeah, I always played through Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, it's my least favorite in the series actually, it's a great game, but not as good as the rest in the series. And you have to play through the game at least five times for platinum, no thanks lol!

Still have two entries about april I believe, they'll soon be up!


  1. Your sushi looks so funny! XD Sorry but when i saw this, i couldn't resist laughing!lol As for the Battle Royale, did you know that people are calling "The Hunger Games" as "Super Cheesy Softcore BR"? I watched the movies so many times and i also got the manga♥ Which is MUCH HARDCORE than the movie! Did you ever read it?

  2. Haha, well I'm no sushi master. But it tasted good lol! Oh, didn't know, only heard how "new" and "interesting" The Hunger Games was. I've read the book, the manga and seen the movie a million times! I prefer the book and the manga though, the movie is great but far from as violent and nasty as the book/manga!