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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I always seem to start my entries with pictures of food..

As you might know ICO and Shadow of the Colossus got a HD remake for the PS Triple a while ago, and I haven't actually played ICO before. So I decided to give it a try, not ~omg so amazing~ but still a damn good game. And I manage to clear it under four hours on my first playthrough!

I decided to get myself something nice, so I got myself a bracelet that I wanted..! I also need some new bling, and I think this one was really nice!

Apparently somebody else happen to have the same one...

AND, I also got this. I bought a ticket for the show in Helsinki as well, but they had realsed too many tickets than they actually had, so there was a lot of angry phone calls and I eventually got my money back (102€) and no fucking ticket, and the exchange rate had changed so I got less money back lol.

I got the ticket for Stockholm a week later through the pre-sale if you have American Express, which apparently worked with the Finish gig as well, good thing I got to know that after the release.
Not how I'm flashing my official MONSTER BALL TOUR T-shirt, lol.

#GRYSLYV Patrik's refrigerator, with all the ingredients for a healthy life style.

Lol, blurred peoples face since there was a lot of hurr durr going on, and I don't want them to be upset lol! Played some game, "pre-party game" or something like that. Anyway, it was Carin's birthday so me and P. decided to host it, since we're nice (and didn't really know what would be a proper gift haha)

Fuck, you got anxiety attacks just by looking into this room hahaha, this is how fabulous we live. And this isn't just one day, this is how ALL the days are. This is the true essence of "GRYSLYV".

Dundun pasta!

Tacos och vin med bästa tjejerna <3

I noticed that there was faces all over the train...!! And I also discovered one of the best new chips flavors! This is the best tastes since "50% less fat" from 2008. Grilaan Chëzz, bachlaan pödadis, Amrcn Bebepque & Chëzz X Chiri (That's how it's pronounced and written)

This is a picture of some serious business, but what it is, that's a secret..!

Oh yeah, I don't remember if I've mentioned it. But some of you might have noticed it anyway, if you're using istagram (one of my favorite apps) you can follow me there @VINUSHKA


  1. Where did you bought the bracelet? So pretty! And again, the food XD I will not be surprised if you have a heart attack or something! LOL

    1. I got it from ebay! Just type in "Chrome Hearts bracelet" and it will show up!
      Hahaha yeah, me too, I should've had a heart attack already LOL!

  2. HOLY CRAP. MTFK. All of them looks so pretty, but the price... OMFG. Sorry for all the swearing, they are all so pretty, but seriously, the price kills me! Some of them have a nice price, but i guess they are fake or something?

    1. Not necessary fake! Some of them are on auctions so people have to bid on them, so the price might seem low! But the ones that are cheap and "buy it now" are probably fake!