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Sunday, June 3, 2012


In the late April of 2012.

BatAAr (like them on Facebook..!) had a photoshoot so I did some behind the scenes work as always, and I got paid with food so it was all cool, haha. My food and Simon getting his make and hair done! Lol, Simons hair was a secret for a long time, but since the new picture are finally up I can post pictures of him, haha. 

Simon and Seb !

Our photographer Emelie , Patrik and Seb!

Some of the outfits and shoes that were used and not used, and shooting of the band picture.

Let there be light!

Johan Judo and Waprik

Photos by Emelie Lager | Make-up by Alexandra Brand

Finally starting to get some decent weather! Me, Patrik and Simon went for a beer and some secret talk..!
Well, mostly because of beer.

Our food supply was starting to look a bit empty..!

So we went to get some more! And I also decided to try the weaker Corona that they sell in super markets, to be honest it really tasted like water. Terrible! Tho, the regular one are great.

I accidentally smiled so I had to edit that out.

Today (well, that day) was "Valborg" (Vappu in Finnish I believe) and Walpurgis in English. Well, the basics is "it's soon summer, let's drink" and it's mostly famous for teenager having their first "fylla" (being drunk for the first time) a nice tradition but also a horrible for some! Especially for people who work with cleaning up parks. Since everybody (except me and Patrik, we're too cool) goes to parks and drinks there during the day and then later they go to clubs, private parties or whatever"

Me and some bling bling!

Drink tip: Fill half a bottle with Jack Daniels, the rest with Coca-Cola and stir it as fast as you can. Enjoy!

We didn't have any alcohol at all at first, but after a few calls we manage to get a hold of somebody that offered to buy us alcohol without any charge..! (aka for free) the person came buy and left lol. Haha, everything went better than expected!

Me and P on the tram.
We met up with Andrei and Mandrean and headed into town. And the "good photos" are taken by Andrei, haha.

Me and MacLee at Noxx Nightclub

A very shocked guy in the background

P and MacLee

Fumar mata and not a single fuck where given that night.
We went to Slottsskogen at first (big ass park) and picked up some people, then later we went to Noxx, since we where with Andrei we got in for free and we didn't even need to hang in our jackets, so that was great. I hate to use the wardrobe since it takes such time lol. And then Rockbaren before we got home. We hate that place, still we go there. Makes no sense at all.

And the days when we were just chillin' we played som Super Metroid, we're both big fans of the game. Though have't finished it yet, we'll probably do that when we see eachother again!
So that's April, May was pretty boring but I'll write about that too haha, see ya!

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  1. OMFG. A PHOTO WITH NO GLASSES ON! That's something that you don't see everyday! XD I just had Jack Daniels... like once >: Really want to try more. And again the super nutritious food! :D

    1. Hahaha, didn't think about that. But yeah, I usually wear glasses lol! (But since I see myself without them everyday I guess I don't think about it that much!)
      I love JD, mixed or just straight up!

  2. You have a really healthy lifestyle :D

    1. Thank you! A healthy lifestyle has always been a part of me.