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Thursday, June 21, 2012


A bit of a filler entry..! Since I haven't been doing that much, but it has still been about a month.

I cut my hair (again) and now it's starting to get the right shape! I just need to let it grow out a bit more, probably a few inches until I'm satisfied with it. But it's getting there!

Had some Sibylla (best burger chain in Sweden) and played some Dude of Bro: Modern Shootan 3. I manage to finish it all in Veteran difficulty (very hard), though I'm not mainly a fan of FPS games. But this was really easy. Though the special Ops are hard as fuck. Way harder than in the second game.

TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism], they were so happy back in the days, haha!

This is my new scent! Gettin' all the hunnies.
And to the right: Some of the best chips out there, killer dip and some heat protection lol!


My latest Dir en grey T-shirt! This was very limited. It was only sold at one show (22nd January 2012) at OSAKA-JO HALL where Dir en grey did their final "UROBOROS show".
The whole print consists of notes from UROBOROS's songs. So it was really nice that I manage to get a hold of one of these rare T-shirts!

Some tasty and easy food.

Here comes the sun. | And my Rocky collection!

The PC needed a cleaning....

Meat, sauce and fries!

I started to play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, I haven't played it before. So far it's really good, and really hard to be honest. But the story is great. I also have Shadow of the Colossus on my "to-play-list" !

Very cheap and good soups! If you haven't tried them I would recommend them. And some pasta lol.

Denim devil. I also decided to start playing Diablo II since everybody else is talking about D3 haha. 

Some sushi and some snacks. There was 2 for 1-offer on blu-rays. Only 10€ for two movies! So I got "Full Metal Jacket" and "Shawshank Redemption"! Both are amazing movies, I would really recommend you to see them if you haven't!

I got some magazines too, men's egg and LEVEl. The image to the right shows CGI models!
It's Final Fantasy characters wearing the latest collection from PRADA, I think it would be really cool to use fictional characters as models for clothing, since it's actually possible now. (For those who've seen the new Luminous graphic engine know what I'm talking about)

Finally my soul is at peace.


  1. egg models are so skinny it scares me.

    1. that kinda skinny is appealing to you...? alright then. I still think it's gross.

    2. Yes, it is. Well, it's not for everybody.

  2. ARGH WAE DIS NO SHOW UP ON MY FEED! GOD DAMMIT! And dude, I used to spend fucking HOURS on watching that DIRU live! T_T ughhhhh those were the days.

  3. Health food yay! I still can't believe you are using JB's perfume! lol But i hope it's good, what happened to Platinum Egoiste? I agree, egg models are too damn skinny, but nowadays, egg is like the only magazine that sticks with the ~get wild & be sexy~ vibe.

    1. Yeah, but they're really short as well so they look even skinnier!

  4. lol your pc looks exactly like mine when i opened my comp. but i had double the amount of dust inside xddd

    1. Hahaha, well, it's my dads actually! But it was sooooo much dust

  5. I like your hair cut a lot and I listened to Dir en grey the whole week again (Haven't done it for a while) and it scares me everytime again how fascinating Kyo is.
    And chips. omnonom.

    1. Thank you! :-D
      Oh, that's great to hear! Which is your favorite album?

    2. still can't decide. Love Marrow of a bone and Withering to death. And damn, I want to see them live again!

    3. Ah, for me it's DUM SPIRO SPERO. But all of their albums are great, what I admire the most about THE MARROW OF A BONE is the legacy and how it changed their future sound to a more experimental and heavy atmosphere.

    4. Yeah! That is an important point, really!
      Did you see them live?

    5. I've only seen them live four times! So not that many times actually.

  6. I love that there's someone else who also values limited and rare items! I collect everything from my favorite bands and no one seems to understand why do I care if the item is limited or not. I used to be hardcore Dir en grey fan too and no one recognized my ain't fuckin' to die tshirt, everyone knew only the European tour shirts :<
    anyways, I really like your blog! just hope you would post more often. it gets abit messy when posting once a month, mix of so different photos :D

    1. Oh, you do? That's cool! I love to spend money on my favorite band, and rare items especially! Some of my friends (very few) understands why I do it, haha. But if you're passionated you'll understand it completely.
      My rarest shirt is probably my "JAPANESE FUCKER FAMILY" from 2002!

      Yeah, I know, I'm trying too! I have a lot of posts "on the way" it's just that I'm a bit lazy with the editing and to get started, but I'm trying to speed things up! So I'll be more up to date..! And be able to write more in-depth than I do now.

  7. They used FF characters... *dies* xD

    1. Cool right? :-D
      Square Enix are the best out there!