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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After this entry I will almost be up to date..! I have mostly been working with BatAAr and some other shit, like garden work lol! I've also bought some cheap booze.

The weather has been nice though!

My friend Tobias turned 21 so we decided to drink more than enough, he drank the most and blacked out before we even went to the club. And we had the pre-party at another guys house, but we left him on the floor and hit the club around 11PM, haha, best friends ever. But it was a pleasant evening.

I also realized that I only take pictures of the same kind of food, so if you're reading my blog it appears that I only eat bacon, pizza, burgers and pasta lol.

I haven't actually played all the Resident Evil games before, so I decided to play the first game and I have to admit that I got a few heart attacks during my game play. And I decided to play as Jill. (Lock pick, more inventory space, she's hotter and because of Jill Sandwich). 

This was pretty OK for a first playthrough imo. The controls are so awkward, but I guess that adds to the horror atmosphere since you're more likely to run in a direction you didn't plan to lol. I ran in to a lot of shit like furniture and walls even thought I didn't plan to, since you press up to go forward in the direction of the characters face. 

So if your character is looking towards you, pressing up would make you go towards the screen (which today would be the same as pushing down on the D-pad). I hope my explanation wasn't too hard to understand, but if you've played games before the previous console generation you'll know what I'm talking about.

Me and Patrik watched the E3 together (or well, we keep contact during at least) and we wasn't amused by this year, not at all. Everything looked terrible, except for a few games. I'm looking forward to "The Last of Us" and "Watchdogs" but that's all. Sony wins baby. Microsoft is also the worst thing to happen to the video game industry.
Nothing says video games like watching television on your Xbox.

DAAAAMN, sure is video games in here! Look at those video games!

Stole report card from 4chan, but I agree on pretty much all topics. I didn't bother to write my own.
This was written before Nintendo, but Nintendo was terrible. Nintendo Land? Seriously.
And the Nintendo twitter/skype shit, I don't wanna cam with some random guy if I don't know where to go next, I go to fucking YouTube or google that shit, Jesus Christ Nintendo.

And in the middle of E3 I went to my cousins graduation and had a lot of food.

It was a nice graduation lol!

Patrik bought a USB-vinly player (Me, him and Linda split on the price) and I decided to pack my DUM SPIRO SPERO LP so we could rip it. Vinly still has the best sound quality by far, you can hear everything, but I don't want to over play my vinyl, and it's also a hassle to move it all the time so it's great that we can rip it and have it properly on the computer. 

We ripped UROBOROS as well, but it's much harder to rip vinly than regular CDs, since you have to do everything by yourself, and you have to try to put the volume as high as possible without the sound cracking, so there's a lot of trail and error, and when there's really silent parts you need to put up the volume to not make it skip recording that part etc. And you have to listen to the whole album since there's no way to speed it up, so it's a lot of work but the sound is amazing. 

You can hear every cymbal, you can even hear Kyo breathing, that's how good the sound quality is. it's almost too good, but it's amazing to be able to hear the songs in such detail. So if you can get your hands on a USB vinly player you should definitely get one!

BatAAr was going to have their first live streamed concert ever! So this was a very special event, and I think it's pretty cool that everybody could watch it all over the world, so we had two busy days ahead of us!

The control room and some video equipment, we worked with some really professional guys.

Sound check!

Day two, we probably worked around 10-12 hours/day to get everything done. And decided to wear something more comfy! (and have some wine lol, nice breakfast)

I was chilling out with a dog when I had the time off. Louise, me and Seb decided to do some vocal warm ups. Most of the vocal warm ups sounds really silly but it really helps you maintain your voice. It will hurt less and you'll be able to go on much longer, it's something all vocalists should do, silly or not.

The control room, the sound was GREAT!

And we're live! BatAAr will be releasing a few clips and eventually the whole stream.
Just click on the video below to watch them perform their song "REFRAIN FROM YOUR PORCELAIN" 
But the sound was great and we had a lot of great respons during the live stream!
I also did their hair but the clip is showing the last song so the hair is a bit messy haha.

SETLIST 2012.06.07
Live Streamed Concert, Top Floor Studios




The crew after the gig! Everybody was really happy and everything went great.
Can you spot me?!

Then it was time to leave and go back home. I heard some weird music and I looked out the window and saw this lol! And a little tip, if you're using a laptop, get a tray, it's easier to move your laptop and it won't get over heated. (You can have it in the bed etc). At least that's what I've done for a few years now haha.

And some work, I realized there was a hole in my boot. But it was a bit too late..

I also saw "family parking spaces" for the first time, at least this wide model. They're about twice as big as normal ones since some people decide to get stupid kids who slams the doors into other cars. It's very easy to park so I like it, haha. I also found heaven in the freezer at the local super market..!

I wrote a bit more than I use to this time, I hope it's appreciated and not so annoying.


  1. It's really appreciated! Not that i don't like your pictures, but is also nice to read what you have to say!:D And i always thought that you just eat bacon, pizza and stuff like that! And my god, those legs;D lol

    1. I think the problem is that I write so long after it happened so I don't really have as much to say about stuff haha.
      I hope the legs is a positive thing? haha!

  2. Hey ! it's nice to see make updates more often !
    i like when you take food picture, i ate the same when i lived alone, haha ! but i try to avoid your blog when i'm hungry, now~~ x3

    I never could play RE : too scaaary !!! DDD: Do you know "Resident Evil Rebirth" ? It's a "new " version (released in 2002, i think~) of RE1, with improvements of the graphics, new bonus, etc... Despite it's been released 10 years ago i think it still beautiful ; maybe you should try it ! ;D

    I've been very disapointed about the E3 me too.. "the last of us" seems very interesting, indeed ! But i often heard on (french) TV or websites that Sony was very disapointing too : except for 2 or 3 games ("the last of us" is one of them) there wasn't anything very interesting~ i don't know what's going with the other consoles, but Sony seemed be especially disapointing~ o_ô
    ....i wish i could go to E3 to make my own opinion, but i aim to agree with the idea that E3 2012 will not be memorable...

    I like your coord with your pants ; it still quite rare to see men in "sarouel" in Paris (< french word meaning the type of pants you wear, i can't find it in english, sorry :( ), so that's nice to see it there ! =D

    ps/ it's been a while i'd like to say it to you, but did you know "batar" is an insult in french ? xD (well, it's not exactly the same spelling than 'your' band "Bataar", but it's almost the same)
    "batar" in french means somewhat "bastard" or something like that~
    So, it always makes me laugh when you talk about it, haha ! xD

    1. Ah, yeah I know which game you mean! I might get it, I still own a game cube!

      Oh, you did? I think Sony did the best, Microsoft, EA and Nintendo was the worst by far! Sony actually showed some GAMES hahaha. I have no idea what next year might have in focus, hopefully some games and not all this other bullshit that they showed this year.

      Oh, thank you! It's "harem pants" in English! Nobody in Sweden wears them either, I've seen like.. Two other people here wear that kind of pants hahaha. No one them was a guy.

      Haha, I know! But it's "BatAAr" with a long vowel to not sound as the French "batar" ;-)

  3. damn I'm jealous of that vinyl thingy, sounds so awesome !
    it's actually funny how you always have photos of pasta, pizza etc and then the next photos are about games :D don't want to spend that much time on making food when playing games haha

    1. It was actually pretty cheap! It was about 80€ / $100!
      Hahaha true! You don't wanna miss any gaming time!

  4. where ya working? i thought you were a student only :o

    1. I do a little bit of this and that!

  5. I just wanted to say that I really like your blog! You seem like a great person and your outfits and pics are super nice :) Finally decided to become a "real follower" (sounds like something to do with a cult lol) since I've been reading your blog every now and then for a while now.

    Keep up the awesome work! Love from Finland!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you like my blog. And it's always great to get in touch with readers! :3