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Thursday, July 26, 2012


UppCon: XII
~part two~

The largest convention for East Asian popculture in Scandinavia

Saturday, day two, today was the day of the fashion show which I participated in. Though, the worst thing was that it was scheduled at 10 (or was it 11 AM..?) anyway, early. It felt like the fashion show was very devalued since it got such a shitty time. The sleeping lounges closes at 12 PM, though it's free to leave them earlier but because of this a lot of people probably still was at the sleeping lounges. And the second day is the longest and people usually go 'all in' and puts in cosplays etc so it obviously takes the longest time to get the people to the convention this day.

It was really empty when we got there, but it shaped up later on, but still a bit disappointed in the amount of people. Since most people at conventions don't care that much about the fashion show (or at least it seems like it), but it was alright. So a bit pissed, but it all went well!

I did the most boring and lazy outfit I've done, haha. Because I/we was working the day before we didn't get to sleep until 2-3 AM and then we needed to be ready at the con around 09AM, so it was very few hours of sleep because it was so early. And you need to fix yourself etc. 
And with little sleep my eyes looks really tired too, so I was mostly pissed about everything and decided to skip full make up and I didn't even bother doing my hair, haha. Fuck everything, so I went with a hat and shades instead. I've become very fond of hats lately, I need more hats.

But I really have to say that I admire the people who really put some effort to it, unlike somebody else. Hopefully they got to sleep earlier than I did. Almost everybody was wearing wigs, so the times has changed a bit. I remember five years ago when they started to have fashion shows at cons (which was only for lolita then!), nobody wore a wig. I don't even think I saw cosplayers wearing wigs, unless it was somebody that was really good (at the time) the cosplay standard now days is waaay beyond how it was when I started. (Oldfag here)

There was way more lolitas than I expected! I thought it was a bit "outdated" to wear lolita today, but I guess I was wrong. (Well, how should I know? I don't hang around with lolitas.) But, lolita was never really my thing, at all. Haha, but it was fun to see so many different lolitas and a few other styles as well.

Another thing that has changed a lot is that I don't know people any more, conventions are so much bigger now so I feel a bit lost. Felt like I knew everybody back in the days, now I just wander around like some shadow haha. But here's a group photo of everybody who was in the fashion show!
I'm also way to cool for that \o/ pose. 
The only people I know in the picture is EmiSagaRebeccaErika and Nicole.


Cosplayer's that didn't know I took a picture, and cosplayer's that did know I was taking a picture.

I worked at Apple Store and I also saw a princess..!

When I had a break I went to watch some Street Fighter (I had a friend who competed), everybody knows that real men play Street Fighter. That's a real fightan.

One of the weirdest things (and there's a lot of weird things at cons!) was that there was only Korean karaoke?! Not a single Japanese song was available, which made me very disappointed since it was one of the things I was looking forward to. And everybody knows that DIR EN GREY doesn't have any songs in korean so that sucked. Stupid K-pop wave.

Chillin' in the green room.

The Angst Book! A little book where people wrote down things that happened during the con that resulted in small or bigger amount of anxiety, and on the other side was for the opposite, the good things. (Which also happened to be much less) There was a few hilarious things, and a lot of things was just plain weird. 

I mean, if you have a kid that has social fobi and is/was suicidal and you let them go to an event with over 4000 visitors, it's going to cause problems, and it did. S/he looked herself in some bathroom and there was a lot of phone calls, stuff like that went into the book. Or emptying trash cans and get some nice garbage water all over your pants. The picture above is for those who knows this ancient dragon language.

Avatar-gurl, she walked around in only a G-string during the whole con. She must have been freezing.

Vidya room!

Versailles -Philharmonic Trio-
The girl to the left had nicer bangs than Teru lol! (Teru has terrible bangs, seriously)

Met Jack Sparrow (for some reason there's always a Jack Sparrow at cons) and EbbzzChan and her friend that I don't know the name of.

Sprit! Arufu got extremely ripped during the weekend.

My only warm meal during the weekend, had a romantic date at BK with Hyo.

Later we (Me, Hyo, Rebecca, Amanda) decided to go for drinks. We went to some sports bar that was located somewhere in a construction alley lol. But it was a OK place, not in the middle of the main street.
Emi and Nicole showed up later as well.


Det går bra nu.

Nothing much to say really, we sat for a few hours and had a few beers. Later on that night Sofia swung by for a few minutes. And a wild SEIKE appeared out of no where. We're very on/off about our friendship and it has been like that for the past five-six years for some reason. I don't really know why, but we had a great time and became friends again. So it's all good again haha.

And later some random guy in a suit named Bruno came and sat down with us and talked, nobody knew him but he was a nice guy, talked about some Starcraft and he bought drinks for everybody..! 
So we stayed until closing just chatting and having a great time.

I planned to only do two entries about UppCon, but I realized that I had so many pictures that it will become three entries anyway. So the last day + post-UppCon will be up soon!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


UppCon: XII

The largest convention for East Asian popculture in Scandinavia

At first I didn't plan to go to UppCon at all actually, since it was quite expensive (around 80€ for a ticket and a ticket for the sleeping halls) so as I've done for the past years I told myself that "I'll just go next year instead!" But this year was different, they announced that it would be the last UppCon ever.
And since the tickets was so expensive, I got encouraged by Sofia that I should work there.
Then I would be able to go for "free", you don't get paid for work and they didn't even have the money to give the staff free meals. (The economy is probably the main reason why this had to be the last one, since everything is nonprofit, it has never been and will never be)

But I decided to go anyway, it would be a great work experience and I would meet a lot of dear friends that I've known for half of my life but haven't seen in four-five years maybe. So why the hell not? It would be nice to be a part of something that have played a big part in my own life, directly and indirect. The impact UppCon has on me is bigger than anyone can probably imagen, probably bigger than I believe it is.

The first UppCon I went to was UppCon: 07, it was in 2006, and back then it was no way near as big and professional as it was today. It was still the biggest convention in Sweden, there was probably around 1000 - 1500 visitors and I was one of them. I got to hear about it from a manga/anime/japanese popculture forum that I hung out (even though I was mostly was into Japanese music and not manga/anime) and everybody talked about how fun UppCon:06 was.

So I HAD to go to the next one, and I did. I went to a lot of conventions between 2006 - 2007, probably.. five-six at least. And back in those days a mid-sized convention probably had like 200-300 visitors, the big ones had over 500 and UppCon was the bomb that had the most by far. And I remembering maybe eight - ten people meeting me at the bus stop. I took a plane to Stockholm then a bus to Uppsala (which also happens to be the home town of my favorite Swedish music acts; Watain and Veronica Maggio) the people who met me was people that I've spoken to online. Some of them were people that I met before this forum (called BCmanga.se) from another forum (which was dedicated for the manga/anime OnePiece simpled nicknamed "Kajutan", I was probably a member there as early as 2001-2002? I still have contact with people from that site on a daily basis)

This was also my first "big trip" by myself, even though it "only" takes about five hours with train (45 min + 1 hour with flight + bus). And I met all these people that I haven't met IRL before. It was my first time meeting them and everybody was really nice. And I still talk and have contact with a lot of them, probably all of them, almost anyway. And when I first arrived there was this huge line that went all the way around the block, and there was a lot of "funny looking" people there, and cosplayers too. I've never seen that before IRL. There was so much going on, and I didn't think there was that many people that actually had any bigger interest in Japan. I only knew about 20 - 30 people, and I thought I knew a lot.
I also saw that (this was really rare back then) people who had visual kei-resemblance, I didn't even know people like that existed here. So everything was just an explosion of everything Japanese, and it was awesome. And from that time I decided to start going to convention more often, and so I did. Sadly most of them was on the east coast, which is expensive and far away (I live on the west coast) but that was what I spent my money on. Going to cons and just hang out with friends. it was a great meeting point as well, everybody was there.

But that wasn't all, I later found more people who was into the music, there was a "crew" in Stockholm (SEIKE of Seremedy was one of them, haha, I wonder if he's going to kill me for announcing that?) that everybody who was into Japanese music in Sweden knew about, and it was through UppCon that I later on got to know them and during 2007, and gradually I stopped going to cons and instead I started to  hang out with my new found friends. So more indirectly UppCon was my access port to "Japan in Sweden", I don't really know how to put it. And back in those days everybody used a site called "Bilddagboken" back then (lit. the photo diary) which is a page where you have a journal in pictures. And it was through that site I also started to know these people. (I also started to know my later to be best friend(s) Patrik and Andrei from the same place.)

And from there on I finally found people with the same passion for Dir en grey that I have, and from there on I met quite a few amazing people along the way. There has been a lot of ups and downs through out life but I still got most of them left, which I'm truly happy for.

Oh, wow, I wrote quite a bit. But anyway, this was my reason to why I wanted to work for UppCon.
TL;DR - UppCon is a big part of my life.

And old picture from Christmas day 2007 which we spent together, Me, somebody who doesn't exist, Andrei and Patrik. Over five years has past since our first (with me) first raunch together which later become a Christmas tradition. I might post some more old pictures together with friends later on, but we'll see.

As always I pack until the last second, and I probably got like one-two hours of sleep the day before. "I'm going to bed at 8 PM, that's the latest I'm gonna be awake!" >01AM. And then I needed to get up at 3:30 AM to shower and all that shit, since I had a lot of time I took it easy. Which (as always) ends up in me being fucked. I forgot several essential things. I had planned to be kawaii is hell, but I forgot my lenses, straightener and perfume. And it was all fucked to hell. So i spent five hours on a train feeling terrible. Since all my plans was ruined, not to mention I was half blind!

This lady was staring at me when she was awake, I have no idea why. I had a lot of clothing though, draped so I looked a bit like I was wearing a tent or something. But it can't be THAT interesting? It was all black too so it wasn't that noticeable. And as most people she didn't know I could actually see her through my sunglasses. You can't see my eyes, but I can still you. So I decided to snap a picture. 

Long time no see Stockholm, and even longer time no see Uppsala.

The stage inside the big tent, the sound was amazing! I was happily surprised!

Some of the ID-badges for the staff, and all these people are working for free!

My badge, I was a low rank grunt but it was OK. I didn't feel like being in charge of anything anyway.

My battle station! And the work from hell. Somebody decided that it was a great ID to print 1200 tickets times six for all the different events in the big hall and we had to staple it all onto a piece of paper. Why the paper wasn't enough I don't know. But I decided to go and have my dinner so I could skip it, hahaha. This wasn't a part of my job I was just helping out, but I went 16 hours without eating anything so I had a good reason to go and eat!

The UC-logo, they had.. Three of these I think? They where huuuge!

A part of the video game room and a pizza vending machine! I've never seen anything like this before.
I wanted to try but the line was always like 30 people long. But it looked pretty awesome.

And the big day was here, Friday! The line was all around the market place, so many people. I felt really stoked about this tbh, something big was going on.

Found a picture of me and a part of my crew, it wasn't that as terrible as I thought it would be. I worked with great people and the time went pretty fast. And when you're bored you can always hang out / work some too. I worked a few hours more than I was scheduled because I'm such a nice guy.

I saw the cookie monster and deadmau5'5!

You should always be armed with a knife at a convention, you'll never know what crazies there might be. And the best job at the convention, sign holding! (It says "Wardrobe") since a lot of people seems to have missed where it was located.

From the opening ceremony which I missed, haha. But it should all be on YouTube!

It was about 3500 visitors! And tsunderechan and my boss to the right.

Hard gay \o/ and I also met Emi and Emilia! I've actually seen Emi before, I remember her from 2007, but we've never really spoken so it was about time we did now, Emilia didn't say much though. But she was still nice. It's always fun when you manage to learn some new people. They where both super short..! Haha, didn't expect that actually, but I was mostly surprised by Emilias age..!

The video game room again, or well, a part of it. Somebody found a camera there (I also worked with the lost and found) like.. After they let three people in. I have no idea how people can lose their stuff that fast, do people just throw their stuff?

Byo's outfit was gorgeous, dw.

SCREW! I was very disappointed actually, the sound was a complete mess. The drums was OK but the guitars just sounded terrible, it was so muddy and plain awful. But they put on a pretty good show. Since I was working I decided to just waltz right in haha. There was some more problems though, Rui's bass strap went off for some reason and his second bass went straight into the floor and he had to change to the other one (which had a different tuning) so it was all a mess.

 Too bad they didn't play any old songs. Their newer songs are way to "Gazettish", PS Company is the cancer that's killing visual kei. I wish SCREW would go back to their roots and do some proper music again. 

They also had a signing! So I decided to go just to speak a few words with 'em.

 My favorite member, he was also the funniest of them. I decided to speak Japanese with them for obvious reasons and they smiled and got really surprised haha! Byo also said "久しぶりね!" (Long time no see) which was kinda funny since it was the first time I met him, haha. But we had a few laughs and I just said that it was a while ago. Funny guys, wish I could've chatted longer with them!

Erika and Amanda, haven't seen them in a while either. Erika also did a lot of design work for UppCon. She's a great illustrator. And to the right was something that I forgot to buy, wanted to buy that pin for Patrik. :-(

UppCon was huuuuge.

And later that night there was some rave going on! It was a great day, everything went way better than expected to be honst, haha.

And all the pictures without stamps are taken by Carl Oscar Aaro "Kalaspuff".
This concludes pre-UppCon and day one.
To be continued...

I also noticed that this was my longest and most personal post yet, I've only written very superficial before. I hope this is appreciated, give me some feedback of it if you like!