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Thursday, August 16, 2012

CI · サヨナラ

If you haven't noticed, I passed 100 posts on my blog a few entries ago. And I decided to change the titles with the number of the entry and a little title to make it easier to navigate (if somebody would do that for some reason). And I wanted to make a little "mysterious" entry but I guess that won't work since my location probably is known to most of you already, haha.

chillaxin', maxin' all cool.

Been reading my favorite book as well, I always bring it when I travel. It's also my guide to life.
Does anybody know which book it might be?


Yes, I went to Finland. The flight was very smooth, I always travel straight. I don't like all the extra work a plane change includes, and there's never that much cheaper to make it worth the trouble. I've been here for almost two weeks now. And this is just the "first part" of my stay. I really need to step it up. 

But the first week has been very nice, mostly staying at home. But that's what I like. Just chillin'.

This is probably one of the most depressing things I've ever seen.

And as always there'll be a lot of food pictures. I had a very nice bagel!

Aaaww yeaaah, some beef and criss cross potatoes.

Viivi's special deluxe garlic bread creation.

And on Wednesday we met up with SiniAlex and Tuomas and went on a iMac hunt. Sini wanted one so we decided to go around town and to God knows where to find one. But as always I only took pictures of the food. (Food > friends)
We went to Fonda del Sol and I had a double cheese burger. It was a really neat burger, very juicy and 100% angus beef as it should be. The home made french fries was great too. And there was coleslaw but that was a fucking disaster. It was pretty much just cabbage. There was no "slaw" in it. But besides that it was fantastic. 

While waiting for the food I spent my time thinking about their brand name and interior design. Since I don't speak Finnish I get a lot of time for myself lol. I still wonder why it's called "Fonda del Sol" since that gives me a Mexican feeling, and the place was a beef/burger place. Not to mention that they had a bull for their "mascot" which gives me a very south American feeling, felt more like Texas than Mexico. Maybe somebody has an answer for that? Haha.

Mountain fucking dew.

I also went to Stockmann to do some necessary shopping, in this case underwear. I bought a pair of plain black underwear from Tiger of Sweden, one of my favorite brands (when it comes to underwear). It's not super expensive (I'd love to try BACKBONE THE BASIS or Chrome Hearts underwear, but they're around ten times as expensive lol). 

And know I'm going to give you an insight in my underwear philosophy, or guide if you will. I always buy plain black, pin stripes at the most for my underwear. Since I'm not a fan of "silly" underwear. And I always by black for several reasons, they're black, I like black. It gives a neutral color as well as the color rarely fades/looks old. And the same goes for socks, I always buy black, thin socks. It's extra important when it comes to socks since if you have all the same you can always "pick another one" if one would get lost for some reason. Which makes it easier. And they look less dirty since they're black. I don't want to have those terrible white/dirty tube socks. And the thin ones usually feels good over time too. Tube socks/thicker socks usually feel harder after a few washes so that's why I stopped using them several years ago. 

And for underwear I recommend buying some "fancier" brands, Tiger of Sweden, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss etc. Why? Because they're better. Not only do they look better but the material is of higher quality. Cheaper underwear tends to get stiff after a few washes, and over time the stretch in the fabric greatly loosens and they don't fit properly. While the more expensive ones feels like almost new every time, they don't get stiff or anything after you've been washing them and the stretch in the fabric holdes a thousand times better. Good underwear is important, at least to me. So instead of getting a pair of 5-10€ underwear, go for the ones that are around 20-40€ because it's worth it in the end.
And remember that there might be some "mid-fancy" brands, like Björn Borg, but they're shit as well in my opinion. Go for the ones that a related to bigger 'fashion houses'. That's where the good stuff is.

And if you would be hooking up with people, you don't want to stand there in your H&M Spider-man undies.

And now back to food! The burger I had before was so good I had to make burgers at home haha.

And now some fancy pictures of me.

My hair is a bit different, or well, maybe not that much but I'm growing one side of my hair anyway.

For some reason the images are not the same size as I scaled them in, so now the entry looks like shit.

Shoes: Roshell | Pants: Cheap Monday | Shirt: Deepstyle  Jacket:  Vintage | Accessories: Glitter, Overseas

That was all from the first week, and I will be staying here for a while so I'm going to be frequent and update as much as I can, I have a few topics that I want to do as well. Some new items that I've got and also a sponshorship..! So stay tuned!


  1. like your outfit a lot.
    and all the foodporn...

    1. Thank you! Haha yeah, food seems to be the only thing in my daily life that I seem to care about taking pictures of haha

  2. Yesss I totally agree with the socks & underwear! Socks (low cut ofc) I don't mind not being a quality brand since they're just there and easily disposable. But underwear, after I started using CK I feel like I'm letting myself down if I end up buying something else. That brand is perfect for undies.
    American Apparel are also really good for more cheaper ones, but can't compare to CK and they also stretch too easily and become saggy after several washes. :<

    1. Ikr? Socks are usually good even if they're cheap, I usually get some cheap 10-pack of socks, since they'll eventually break anyway. I tried some brands that were cheaper ones, or well, semi-cheap but they got very stiff after the first wash and the stretch wore off way to fast so now I always go for the brands I know work. Tiger is a bit cheaper than CK and they're really good. I think it was about ~35€ for a 2-pack! (at Stockmann)

  3. ahh american psycho ♥ one of my favourite books as well.