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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today I'm proud to announce that I got my first sponsorship. I've seen a lot of blogs with less readers than me that has banners, but I haven't been searching for sponsors as I assume some have. (I even know some people who has banners to sites because it "looks cool" lol). But I got contacted by Shoppingholics, and they asked if I wanted to work with them and it was just in time. Since I felt that I needed to get new lenses so now I got a sponsorship from them. And I'm hoping for a happy relationship between us. 
(If you're interested in working with me there's a contact link on the top of my blog)

And now to my review!
I will try to explain how my "rating system" works, I decided to have three unique categories and then a final verdict. Enlargement is pretty self-explanatory, it's just how much more they enlarge my eyes. Design includes both the pattern and color of the lenses. (Or otherwise stated) and comfort is pretty self-explanatory too, just how nice they feel. The numbers range from 1 - 5.
And Overall is what the final score will be, but have in mind that this is a personal review and judge me and my only. So the review (maybe except for the enlargement) is very subjective. Keep that in mind.
(1 = Very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = OK, 4 = Good, 5 = Very good)

The picture to the right is taken from their site, so it's the stock photo. Just to give you a reference from stock photos and the actual product that you receive. 

Well, it's not about the packaging but I'm still gonna write a few words about it. Everything was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap inside a padded envelope. Very neat.

And inside there was a lens case, a box with the lenses and a little "Thank You"-card.


I tried to get as accurate as possible, so the pictures has no editing. (Except for me trying to adjust the white balance to make the pictures more accurate)

Design · 4/5 | Enlargement · 1/5 | Comfort · 4/5 | Overall · 3/5

Design · I really liked the design for the lenses, the color are very bright and they really pop, just as I like it.
Enlargement · Very weak, almost the same size as my own eyes. I prefer bigger eyes.
Comfort · Soft and very lean, no "edges" or anything that might irritate the eyes.

And a close up.

And because this is my first review I will also add their header in the entry.
And there's a discount on lenses at http://shoppingholics.com for my blog readers! Just check the sidebar of my blog and you get a discount. So invite all your friends to my blog to make me and yourselves happy, haha!

Take care!


  1. the lenses look really great on you! <3

  2. hah i love how purple the lens turned out when covering your iris ^^