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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CIV · 一年前

To be honest I don't really have anything interesting to say about these pictures, haha. It's nothing new really, though I've been doing some shopping lately so there'll be some new an fresh items up soon! This picture was taken before a party we had, or well, pre-party/drinking-get-together. I also decided to do a bit heavier make up than usual just for fun! The light indoors are extremely yellow, so I couldn't really get rid of it all, hah.

Decided to go crazy and get a bottle of rum and coke. Cuba Libre (Rum and coke) is one of my favorite drinks, very easy to make. 
Just add a little squirt of lime to it. It's supposed to be servered in a high ball glass, 100ml coke and 50ml rum. But I usually do the other way around haha. If you haven't tried it I would recommend you do!

Bolognese w/ Pappardelle @ Vapiano. 
I know that bolognese is supposed/usually served with tagliatelle or spaghetti but I personally like pappardelle the most so that's why I picked it. The bolognese wasn't as good as excepted. It was good, but not the best I've had. But the pasta was fantastic, if you haven't been to vapiano you should try it out. Semi-cheap food well worth the price.

I don't fuck around with the drinks when I go to the movies.

Taking a piss and watching movie trailers at the same time lol! Me and Viivi went to Vapiano (obviously) and then later to the movies. It's been a year already, time goes fast. I manage to get my will through and we went to see "The Dark Knight Rises", she was a bit sceptical in the beginning but she actually liked it, nice surprise! I myself as a Batman fan was a bit disappointed to be honest. It was a great movie, but not a great Batman movie. 
There was several plot holes and some things about the main characters where just stupid and hypocritical. So my feelings towards the move is very mixed, but for 165 minutes the movie was well executed, since it never felt boring nor too long. Everything went very smooth. But I will probably come back to it later when I re-watch the movie to write a review on it. It's a movie worth watching, no doubt. But the question is if it's a good Batman movie. My favorite in the Nola Trilogy is, surprise, Batman Begins.

Cooling down some chicken for a salad lol.
I've also manage to get Suikoden to run on my computer, and it took me about 24 hours to finish it with about 105 Stars of Destiny, heh. Great game, I've heard a lot of great things about this game series, especially from my closest, Andrei and Patrik. So it was about time that I played them, I'm currently playing the second one with my save file from the first one. 
And this game is even better than the first one, there's been a lot of great games that I have "missed", probably because they were out when I was too young and I didn't have any RPG-playing friends in my childhood. So I was pretty much alone when it came to roleplaying games. I had one friend who played Final Fantasy though. So now I'm planning to take up a  few games, the Suikoden- and Breath of Fire-series is on my list now. As well as Final Fantasy V.

Chillin' out at the centre, it was quite hot a few days.

Analia and some drinking game for children.

I realised I didn't take so many pictures during our parties, or well, pictures that should be public at least haha.
Niko and Marinka 可愛い〜

Some home made meatballs!

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  1. great pictures of you and I love Captain Morgan :D

    1. Thank you! :-D
      Haha nice! I think its really good and not that expensive either!

  2. I like to see posts about food (ofc because i get foodgasms always when i read your blog) but i also like your outfit posts. I really like your style and it would be great to see more of you eventhough you don't like to be photographed. :D

    1. Thank you, yeah I get a lot of "complaints" about not having so many pictures of myself haha. But I'll try to do it more often!

  3. What are the odds? I follow Vivii's blog and then I randomly found yours on it. I happen to follow you on Instagram haha.

  4. omg not analia ARABIA!!!