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Sunday, September 16, 2012

CV · namu ▲ shopping

Late as always, this was from the night when I went to a club named "namu". Viivi got invited to some blogger event and she brought Alex along since I probably wouldn't understand shit lol. I just spent the whole day at home doing what I usually do, reading, watching some ゲームセンターCX and playing some Suikoden. But I left home around 22, and I decided for a "dressy classy" look in my favorite color.

It looks like you're going to a funeral.
Maybe I am.

I don't even remember where the pre-party/event was located at, just that it was hard to find. And since I got there late all the free drinks was almost out, so I had to settle for a vodka w/ sprite.

Showing of my incredible socialising skills.

They even got a (well two actually bus to transport people to the event, really neat! Although all I heard was drunk finnish girls screaming.

I only heard bad things about this place, but when I arrive I thought it looked really nice.

Free drinks are my favorite drinks!

We also had some reserved areas, it's always nice to be V.I.P.

And the biggest bottle of vodka I've ever seen! And it was BELVEDERE too, so it was really nice vodka. Not that cheap ass brands that I usually have haha.

Drinks everywhere!

Lol, the last picture I took. 
A couple of friends showed up as well and we all had a really good time that night.

Viivi got a lot of giftbags, she got some shower curtain so I finally got a nice mouse pad!

Do any of you play Diablo III? I'm still trying to progress through Inferno, currently at Act IV, Act III was really intense but I finally manage to do it. If you're playing just leave your battle tag in a comment and I'll add you!

I've also done some shopping, and I thought I might show you a little sneak peak of a few items that I bought.

This one was a no-brainer I believe, I got it pre-booked as soon as it was available, the deluxe limited ofc.

I've also done some cloth shopping, like this scarf!

And I didn't really have any good cardigans for the fall, so I decided to get this one. Pretty badass right?


And I also wanted a new cap so I got this one, wanted one for a long time now. Well, this was just a few of the items I ordered, 
and I will get back to it later when all my items has arrived!

I also decided to make a Facebook page, why? Well, since most people are using Facebook, I though it might be a great way to get in touch with people and an easier way to follow and keep track. There's also a widget in my sidebar of the blog, just click "Like" and it's all done (or just click here to get to my page), it doesn't even take you to a new window. 

And I would really appreciate your support, so please give it a click! And I will share information on my Facebook as well, might be some exclusive content and more direct interaction through Facebook than over the blog. So if there's anything you can just leave a comment on my blog or just write on my Facebook page!

Fall is coming, do you have any favorite piece of clothing for fall?
Any favorite stores / online shops that you would recommend?
Please leave a comment below, take care!


  1. that cardigan is just way too cool. I also love really big cardigans with overlong sleeves.
    I would recommend GADGET GROW, JACKROSE and MIDAS. lots of black cool clothing ^^

    You seem to enjoy Finland. I'm happy for that! you should visit bar called Bar Bäkkäri (meaning backstage). It's a rock bar !

    I'm happy everytime you blog something! have fun ~

    1. I've been checking out GADGET GROW, though they're in general to expensive for my wallet.
      I didn't know that JACKROSE and MIDAS has it, gonna check it out, thanks!

      Oh, haven't heard of it actually. I usually go to a bar called "Backstage" in Sweden haha, my local bar.
      I might check it out!

      I'm glad to hear that you enjoy my blog, take care! :-D

  2. heyy.
    i love that cardigan. where it is from?

  3. hey papi u sexy! ;) ❤

  4. If you start writing where you order stuff you order then yeah, I'll like your facebook page.

  5. I'm looking so forward to Rinkaku. Pre-ordered it too ;D
    great blog and style, gonna follow you.
    The cardigan is awesome, where did you order it? (or did you write the website and i was just too stupid to read lol)
    However, excited about your upcoming posts! Keep it up ;)

  6. That cardigan looks pretty nice! :D

    I've played Diablo right after release... but then I was so busy with exams that most of my friends played through all stages while I was studying so I was left behind... D:
    I was just trying to check my battle tag cause I don't remember it... but apparently my account has been locked for suspicious activities.... lol. Guess I'll need a new password then~

    1. Sorry for the late reply!
      Oh, nice! Well, if you find it I can always add you later haha!

  7. where did you get that necklace? please answer *u* btw, nice shoppings!