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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CXIV • Week 47

I've been thinking of smaller things that might be fun/interesting to put on the blog. Since I've been using last.fm for a while (over 135000 scrobbled tracks) maybe I should post what I'e been listening to during the weeks. So this is what I've been listening too the past week, I guess you know most of the artists already. And maybe I'll write about some of the music I've been listening too, if it's not all too well known / doesn't need an introduction.

But (I think they're the most obscure on my list) The Gathering is an amazing band form the Netherlands, I can't really describe their music, I guess it's a mixture of doom gothic and progressive metal with female vocals. I would really recommend their latest album "Disclosure" (which also happens to be a 2012 November release!). I would recommend the song "Heroes for Ghosts", it's a long song though, almost eleven minutes but I can assure you it's worth listening to.

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