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Thursday, December 20, 2012

CXXXIV · Lucka 20

20. What do you want for Christmas?
Since it's almost Christmas it might be time to post some things that I want for Christmas (or anytime really, haha.) I mostly want clothing, accessories and shoes. But I also want an iPad and a huuuuge Rilakkuma that I can chill on, kinda works like a couch/bed!

You see the shorts that has a red arrow next to them? I've been looking for them/similar ones for over a year now. So i would really appreciate it if somebody knew what brand they are/where to buy. Or even similar looking ones would be OK. From the looks of it they seem to be leather cargo short. Mine doesn't have to be leather, but the more similar ones you can find the better. So if you know any palces that might have similar shorts please let me know!
(It's the shorts that Kyo wore during the TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS, mostly during the US tour. As seen on their latest DVD)

What do you want for christmas?
Please leave a comment below, take care!


  1. I want a tablet for christmas, but I highly doubt I would get one this year. Other than that, being able to travel a bit more than last year.

    As for your cargo shorts, molecule has some that look similar, and they are of good quality. (Well since I last bought from them which was 2 years ago. My brother still has his shorts) http://www.molecule.asia/shorts/cargo-shorts-men/
    and tornado mart used to have shorts but I don't see any displayed on their site.

  2. Hih..I'd love a huuuuge Rilakkuma too or a Totoro-sofa :D

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~