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Friday, August 9, 2013

CXLV • Thailand I

This years "main trip" was to Thailand, haven't been there in many many years so it was about time I go visit again. Have any of you guys been to Thailand?

The first flight was about less than one and half hour, to Helsinki for a change.

Then there was a ten hour flight to Bangkok, my screen was fucking around a bit...

But luckily I brought some quality entertainment of my own!
(can somebody guess which live DVD this is?)

Airplane food, not the best food I had. But better than starving lol.

"Here you can choose if you want to crash in the water or land"

Arrived in Bangkok! So here's a little selca (lol), also traveling outfit. And yes, it was warm.

Bad ass guy on the highway, just look at his shirt.

A common sign in Thailand, good fruit though.

Siam Paragon, my favorite shopping center. If you're going to BKK I can strongly recommend it, the shopping complex is a ten storey behemoth that has over 270 stores/services, south east Asias biggest aquarium at the bottom and a multiplex movie theatre at the top (including IMAX!), and there's also bowling alleys, karaoke, gym, art galleries among other things. And of course a lot of restaurants. 

The main floor has a lot of world known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, HÈRMES, Dior, Prada, Giorgi Armani, Cartier, Bvlgari just to mention a few. But there's of course cheaper shopping as well. It's one of those places that has everything. One of my favorite places in BKK, very easy to get there as well. Just take the BTS to Siam.

There was always a line outside of Luis Vuitton haha.

One of the many restaurants, a lot of beautiful places with food from all around the world. 

Siam Paragon lies next to Siam Center and Siam Discovery (other shopping malls under the same group) and next to Siam Discovery was MBK, a very popular "tourist shopping mall", a place where you get get a lot of great deals. But it's usually best to try things out before buying them since there's no refund or return. 

But they have a few chain stores as well, which might be a bit more pricy but then you know you get the real deal. I bought a a steelbook edition of "The Last of Us" there, it was about ~ $60 / €45 which is a great price for a brand new (special edition) game. back in Sweden it's probably about .. Maybe $110 / €80 for the same game. And the PS3 isn't region locked so you can by games from all over the world! 

And as you might notice, all stores aren't selling legit things hahah


"Why didn't they use Shindong instead?"

Lady Gaga's heartbeats (beats by dr.dre) - Best ear phones I've ever had!
 Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet - Finally a real wallet, haha, about time!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


For those who follow my twitter, instagram and has me on Facebook you probably know that I've been on vacation and that's why I haven't been updating. So make sure to follow for more real time updates!
This entry will be pretty picture heavy, since I wanted to fit it all into one entry. The pictures might appear a bit compressed, so please click on them to see them in better quality!


As some of you might know there was a flight strike in France between for three days, and I've never been to France before, but of course it had to happen on the dates when I was flying. So my flight was cancelled form Gothenburg, and naturally I panicked, I was looking for flights to London, to take the train to paris, flights from Oslo, Luxemburg, Frankfurt even planes that went from Moscov but luckily I found a flight on Thursday morning (same day as DIR EN GREY's show) from Stockholm, so I picked that one.

Originally my trip would've been about one hour to the airport and straight to Paris the day before. Instead I had to go with a train for three-four hours to Stockholm and spend the whole Wednesday there until my plane left around 06 on Thursday. And I "only" had to pay about €150 because of the strike. Pissed of course, but it was DIR EN GREY so cancelling wasn't an option.


I travelled very light since I was flying with RyanAir, only a handbag with necessary items and an extra hoodie in case.

Selca lol, and the obvious song choice for this trip!

I arrived in Stockholm around 16, I had a "fika" with Karo and later I went to pay Andrei a visit and just hang out for a few hours.


Later on I went to hang out with Sofia and have a few drinks, we haven't hung out since last year so it was about time. I also used an app so I wouldn't get lost. Funny thing though - It pointed me in the opposite direction so I was lost as fuck.

BUT, finally I met her a a few of her friends. Had a little chat and some drinks, good times.

Two-man party in Kungsträdgården!

After some exhausting waiting with little sleep and food I finally arrived in Paris at the hostel around 11 AM.

We got wine but no opener, we found a screw and a fork though! (it didn't work, we went and bought a corkscrew later)

It was rainy and awful all day, we just went to check out Chrome Hearts and accidentally I spotted this, which was nice since I didn't see it for the rest of the trip.

Room mates Yumika & Carin.

I went inside and sat in the back of the venue until they came up, I manage to get to third-fourth row right in the middle in front of 京 so I was very satisfied! The setlist was great, I'll mark some of my personal favorites, and I can assure you that manly tears were shed. (This does of course not mean that I didn't enjoy the other songs, everything was great, but this is more of a 'if I have to pick')

Personally it was the best show I've ever been to, and DIR EN GREY seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot too, 京 smiled a lot so you could really see on his face that he was happy about the show, he even said so on their official Facebook page. 

"Today, being away from Japan, I personally was able to really express myself. See you again.
 -Kyo, 13.06.2013, Paris"


SE 狂骨の鳴り

M5 輪郭 •

M9 罪と罰 
M10 かすみ • 

M11 霧と繭
M12 Unraveling
M13 冷血なりせば
M14 朔-saku- •

E2  羅刹国  
E3 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 •

We had to stop a few times because fans wanted to get a picture taken with Patrik.

Creepy neighbourhood. 

Patrik & Carin
Dinner at 01AM.

Tried escargot for the first time, loved it!

Frog legs, tastes a bit like chicken but had a "fishy" texture, good but nothing special.

"If you smoke you become gay and can't have sex with women"

Night stroll



View from our hostel, a five minute walk from the venue.

I stayed in Paris less than 30 hours

I had to hurry back home because I was going to fly two days later.

The merchandise was awful, except for the re-coloring of a Japanese shirt they had during the Japanese TABULA RASA-tour, and I got a tote bag as well. Everything else was really boring.

And in the next entry I'll start writing about my other trip, I just wanted to apologise to the people who wanted to get in touch with me when I was in Paris. I only had WiFi at my hostel so that's why I was hard to get a hold of. And one girl said she read my blog, sadly it was after the show and I was a total wreck haha. But it's always nice when people come up and say such things. Very much appreciated!

I hope to see some more people on further shows, did anybody else spot me / saw DIR EN GREY in Paris?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CXLIII · Finally, a camera.

I just wanted to reply and say thank you to all of you who mentioned things to see in Paris, unfortunately I couldn't see so much of it. I will explain it in the next entry why!

As I mentioned earlier I have bought my first camera, since I haven't really done any photography before and I wanted to get something that's pretty small but still able to take good pictures I went with a Panasonic Lumix LX7, what made me get it was that it's pretty small (thus making me bring it with me, I didn't want a huge DSLR camera since it would probably lay at home all the time). And the LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens gives me 24 - 90 mm (35mm equiv.) and f/1.4-2.3 which is really nice for a (big) pocket sized compact camera.

But keep in mind that I'm a beginner, so the pictures might not be super, but better than my iPhone 4 ones right? Haha. I shoot everything in RAW (for obvious choices) and I set everything manually, except for the focus since auto-focus are really good now days so the manual focus is just a waste of time and takes a lot of time. Especially when you just want to take everyday snapshots.

Centralstation in Gothenburg.

Found a bird on the street.


I went to meet up with my partner in crime, Patrik, this is the first time I¨ve seen him since he got back from Japan. (ironically the previous time we met was also after he got back from Japan)


There's no need for a mouse pad when you use a magic mouse, but a little wrist support is always nice!

The main musical influence AnCafe is on the wall.

I went to Art Clinic to do some plastic surgery consulting, I told them that I'll be away a lot during the summer so they'll call me at the end of summer and we can get some time to schedule my upcoming surgery. Life in plastic is fantastic, or so I've heard..!

Dehner just got of the plane from Milan. She had some model work there that she did over the weekend and we went to grab a "fika" (The Swedish word "fika" doesn't need an explanation right?) 
Patrik went a long too, but he sat next to me so I didn't get a good picture haha.

Jonas (and Simon BatAAr) also joined, haven't seen Jonas in a while either. 

Me and Patrik were invited to a little BBQ, (which automatically means grilled meat and booze),
some of the pictures are shittier than others since not all of the turned out good, but I figured what the hell and decided to include some of them in the entry anyway. (For those who have me on Facebook will probably notice some pictures here that aren't in the FB album haha)

 I also got the app Vine in January, so if you haven't followed me there yet you can just search for "VINUSHKA" and you'll find me!

Live long and prosper

> :C x < :C

Later that night I also ran into an old friend, Elsa on the tram. Haven't seen/talked to her in a long time. The world is such a small place haha.

And these are my gifts from Patrik that he brought back from Japan, big thanks!
So, what do you think, did my blog "quality" increase with some "real" pictures for a change?

In the next entry I'll cover Stockholm (!) and Paris..!